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How My 60 Day Challenge is Going, etc

September 27th, 2014 at 07:19 pm

So I'm now five full days into my no eating out challenge. And the news is ... I have been successful at it so far! Smile The really interesting thing though is that other than needing to buy bananas on Wednesday, I have managed to do it with just food I already had on hand.

On Friday I picked up a couple quick/easy/fast vegetarian cookbooks that I plan to look over and pick out a few things from for this week. Then I'll be making my meal plan and doing whatever shopping needs to be done.

I think I have saved at least $30 this week from not eating out or stopping somewhere for a soda/candy/etc. Probably more. It was getting pretty bad. (Especially since when I would stop in for a soda/candy, etc. I would get something else so it wouldn't look like I only came in there for the junk ...)

I had an interesting Friday night with NE - towed my first car! You can read more about it here if you want to:

Text is and Link is

We also had an interesting situation happen here with regards to tailgating last Saturday - I've been hearing some sirens today, and am hoping it is not part of the fallout;
Text is and Link is

I have now been at my new job for 8 weeks. Most of the time I really like it. I definitely like my boss K. She is such a fun person to work with. I've had the office manager C tell me she's really glad I'm there - that I have such a good attitude. Smile This definitely is not something I want to do for 25 years, but if it is what makes it possible to retire in 10 - 15 years, I think I can handle it. Smile

Oh, I was wondering if anyone has tried Bing Rewards today. What do you think? {url][/url]

My first sewing class is on Tuesday! A needle and thread will be on my shopping list tomorrow. Smile

What is the price of gas where you guys are? I was reading about how prices are expected to fall below $3! It's around $3.20 here right now. Do you think they'll really fall that low?

Changes and Day 2 of Challenge

September 23rd, 2014 at 11:25 pm

So I deactivated my profile on the dating site. NE and I got together on Sunday night at IHOP and had a good long talk. Our waitress I think was getting antsy for us to go... But the end all and the be all of it is that neither one of us really want to let go so easily of our 11 years of friendship. He is willing to try counseling to see if we can figure out how to get past some of the issues that caused the break.

He came over again on Monday night and we had a very nice couple hours together. Before he left he totally shocked me by saying that if I'd like to, we could play cards on Wednesday night. He is NOT a big fan of playing games. However he knows how much I love playing games. I've tried to get him to do it before with no luck. So ... there's other things he's doing as well that are showing me he's really trying.

I think the break from each other gave us both some perspective.

I'm still going to do the plans I had been making related to my list of ten things I want to do. I'm just going to add him to my list. Smile

Today was already a temptation to just stop and get something. I was SO tired and so hungry coming home from work. But I soldiered on and managed to wait til I got home to eat.

I didn't do my grocery shopping on Sunday like I'd planned, but I think I can make do without getting anything other than bananas. (will have to do that tomorrow)

I really need to go to bed early tonight. Tomorrow there's a health fair at the local Public Works department that I get to go to. I would like to be alert for that. Smile

I completed a survey for Pinecone, so once I'm credited for that, I'll have enough to redeem $6.

I cashed in bing points yesterday for 500SBs (which will either become Paypal cash or Amazon gift cards.)

Starting a 60 Day No Eating Out Challenge Monday

September 21st, 2014 at 09:32 pm

If any of you read the YNAB blog, you may have seen Jesse's latest post about obliterating debt. He'd been heavily criticized for his previous post with people saying that since he was young, college educated and white that he had no clue what he was talking about.

So among a variety of things, in his last post he said that he and his family are going to do two things - move into an apartment for 3 months and do no eating out for 60 days. Here is a link to his post:

Text is and Link is

I have been lamenting the fact that I have been eating so horribly and spending so much money on takeout and fast food. Being here so near temptation has had a very bad effect on my spending and on my waistline.

While I don't have any debt to vanquish, I do have savings goals! So I decided to take up the guantlet of the 60 day no eating out challenge. Here are two links to Bubblews posts about it if you're interested:
Text is and Link is
Text is and Link is

I am also planning on *really* doing the ten items only shopping list. (I'm only going to count food items on my list.)

So far on my list:
frozen veggies
Peanut Butter
shredded cheese
whole cantaloupes

That leaves me with 3 things I could pick up if needed later during the week.

Tonight though I am doing one last meal out before starting this challenge - heading to IHOP! NE is going to meet me there ... we're testing the waters at trying for a friendship *only.* One of the things we'll probably discuss tonight is exactly what that means ...

In other news, I finally completed my profile last night by finding a full figure shot. Now it's just a waiting game I guess.

$50 in 14 days :)

September 15th, 2014 at 01:34 am

Thanks again everyone for your comments on my previous post. I'm working on rewording my responses so they fit in the 600 character limit, and then I have to find someone to take a full length photo. Smile

As my title suggests, I am kind of excited because I made $50 (well, actually $49.78 at the moment) in 14 days on Bubblews! I don't know if I'll be able to keep up that pace or not because I'd really like to spend less time on it, but I am excited to know that if I really needed to, I could make an extra $100 or more a month doing that pretty easily.

One of my most recent bubbles (posts) was inspired by seeing one of the DVDs on sale on our local FB garage sale - The Invention of Lying. I've had some interesting comments - if you'd like to read it, here is the link:

Text is and Link is

I got five hours of overtime today - which will equal roughly 8 hours of banked time. This was due to my working the streets alive program - basically a two mile stretch of downtown was closed off for people to walk, bike, skate, etc. We were there giving out loads of free stuff.

One kind of downer thing that happened ... I left my water bottle on the bus (one that I specially bought from Walmart for water) and someone decided to walk off with it. Frown

Oh well. It happens. It was only a $3 bottle anyway.

One thing I haven't mentioned ... I got my haircut! 7 inches!! I hadn't quite meant for it to be *that* short, but I think I like it. Now I just have to figure out how to style it right.

I'm going to put up a picture here, but don't know how long I'll keep it up. Smile

I cashed out for $50 from Swagbucks this month - $25 in PayPal and $25 in AGCs.

I have made progress in my apartment - such as getting my piano set up (and even playing it a bit) but still have not gotten the pictures or mirror put up. I was going to ask someone at church on Sabbath, but after Sabbath School I couldn't get in a word edgewise with the leader, and then I didn't make it very far during church. Kind of got one of those tearing up jags that keep hitting at weird times, but somewhat less than a week ago ...

So this week I'll be visiting the local no kill cat shelter and having my third women's bible study group. Then I think it is the next week that my sewing class will start! I'm looking forward to it. Smile

Looking For Your Opinions

September 14th, 2014 at 01:23 pm

So I was talking with my mom a little last night, and she asked me if I had thought about joining a certain singles website that caters to ONLY people of my faith. I told her I had not thought about it, and that it seemed way too soon.

After we stopped talking though, I thought about it more. I realized that both times before when I was in a serious relationship, I gave myself YEARS afterwards before looking again. I'm nearly 39. I don't really have that luxury of time anymore.

So I decided that I may as well create a profile and see what happens. I have done everything necessary except for submitting a full length photo - will have to find someone to do that.

Anyway, as people who have read a lot about my life and thinking over the years, I thought maybe some of you might be able to offer me some pointers or insights into what I put into the free writing sections.

I especially would like feedback on the "What I don't want" section. (I only have 600 characters for each of these sections, so if you can think of ways to condense some of what I'm saying so I can add more ... Big Grin )

What I Want in a Partner:
I want my best friend. Someone I can laugh with, play with, be serious with, share all the good, bad and in-between events of life with, knowing that no matter what we are there for each other. I am looking for a partner - someone who understands that a relationship is a two way street, and wants to learn and grow together in studying God's word. At the same time understands nobody is perfect. Someone who can be happy staying at home, but also enjoys going out and being active together. Someone who understands the importance of family, but also prioritizes our relationship.

What I Don't Want
I do not need someone who holds on to grudges for a long time. I do not need someone who is content to be at home anytime they are not at work. I do not want someone with a nighttime work schedule. I do not need someone who thinks that making fun of others is humorous. I do not need someone who does not see how vandalizing another person's property is wrong. I do not need a food critic. I do not need someone who is ultra-conservative in their faith.

What I Offer a Partner:
I am a giving, caring, generous person who loves with her whole heart. I am a good listener and will be your biggest cheerleader. I love going walking in the woods and spotting animals, or doing bodyweight exercises. I love animals and children. I volunteer at the local no-kill cat shelter, and have taught Primary Sabbath School before in a previous church. I just recently moved to where I am, so am still looking for ways to get involved.

Intro Note: (The first thing they see - have lots of characters left on this one.)
Hi, If you are seeing this then this must mean that we share some interests. If you like to make people laugh, enjoy going for walks and talking about life, and would like a partner to enjoy life with, then give me a look. Smile

My relationship with the church and God
My dad was an SDA minister for 34 years. When I was 9 I asked to be baptized, and he convinced me to wait til I was 11. I have always known in my heart that God is a loving Father - it is something I have never questioned. What I have struggled with is my relationship with the church. I grew up going every Sabbath. Then some events happened with my family and it caused me to stay away for several years, going sporadically. Now I go much more regularly, having recognized its importance in my life and walk with Christ.

So ... what do you think?

My list of Ten Things ... and other stuff

September 6th, 2014 at 06:45 pm

I decided to not go to church today. It probably isn't that good of a thing isolating myself .. but I just didn't feel like dealing with people today.

One thing that I've been thinking about now with having ended the relationship that brought me here, is ... Thanksgiving and Christmas and my birthday ... I don't have any vacation time allowed until after February 1. So it isn't like I could go anywhere for the holidays. I had thought I'd spend them with NE, but obviously that isn't going to happen.

Maybe I'll have made a friend by then here. It just feels like yet another stinky consequence of my move here. Don't get me wrong, overall I still believe the move was a good thing. I guess I just didn't really consider how holidays/birthdays would be if things didn't work between NE and I.

Just feeling really low right now.

I did make my list of ten things I would like to do in the near future or a bit further. The local community college has a great continuing education program, as well as online courses - which is where I'm thinking of accomplishing some of this. In fact, that idea was given to me because of a school catalog that was left on a bus on Tuesday.

Here are the links to my posts about the list:

Items 1 and 2

Text is and Link is

Items 3 - 5
Text is and Link is

Items 6 - 8
Text is and Link is

Items 9 - 10
Text is and Link is

There are other things I'm thinking about too, more financial wise, but that is for another time. The items above are more for a mental/social/emotional well being standpoint.

Dealing ... and other stuff

September 6th, 2014 at 02:40 am

Thanks again everyone for your supportive comments on my last post. It's been really difficult the last few days to not call him up to share this or that. I think he's finding the same thing because he emailed me this morning a link to a story about his next door neighbor getting burgled. This is the longest we've gone without talking to each other in 16 months.

Today for some reason was almost harder than Tuesday.

It'll take time I guess.

In other news .. I got a package from Pinecone! This is the very first time I have ever received a product to review. I wish they'd sent me an email or something so I would've known to go to my PO box and get it.

Well, I have it now, and now need to use it. Smile

I cashed out for $25 PayPal from Swagbucks today. Thanks to all the spending I did on moving expenses, new matteress, etc, I had plenty of Swagbucks for both the PayPal and the 5 $5 AGC's.

Thursday night I did one of the things on my list of ten things I want to do - I attended a women's Bible study group. Kind of hard to really call it a group though - only three of us were there. Bit uncomfortable. But maybe it'll grow, and maybe the small size will help me to speak out more .. although one of the ladies has a really strong personality and likes to talk ... I tend to clam up around people like that.

I started writing out my list of ten things, but then realized it was getting pretty long as I added my thoughts/reasons. So I decided to make it into several posts on Bubblews. I'll post links to them when they are all posted. (Speaking of Bubblews, I made $16 since Sept. 1.)

After work today I stopped at a local store called Open Harvest. It is kind of a co op store. Kind of expensive, but it did have some really good deals on some things. I'm considering paying to be a "member" because it is really close to where I live, and has lots of veggie foods I like. It would be $25/year and there are discounts at the store itself, as well as at other stores in town.

I'm thinking about it.

I think Kari has fleas. Probably got them at NEs because they were scratching a good bit before we moved out. What flea meds could I get without seeing a vet that aren't expensive but work well?

over :(

September 2nd, 2014 at 02:18 am

We had one of our silent tiffs Friday night. I was pretty much ready to call it quits then, but knew he was working Saturday and Sunday nights. I cleaned his place as kind of a goodbye gift I guess.

He didn't contact me until 6:30 Monday night - via a text. He came over at 7:30 and within the first few minutes as he was trying to put it out there - I told him that it seemed like we'd both reached the same conclusion.

Have it finished before we started hating each other.

Even though this is something I knew needed to be done, I still feel so bereft. So sad. So much like maybe I'm just meant to be alone.

We exchanged house keys. He'll be bringing over my dad's computer sometime next week - I've been letting him use it to post ebay photos.

Now I've got to figure out how I'm going to get my mirror hung and the table put together. Oh well, that's the least of it.


It's a good thing I guess that I don't have any sick days I can use right now. Need to keep busy.

Got some stuff done today :)

September 1st, 2014 at 10:44 pm

This morning I bought three things I found from the online FB garage sale: a table, a camera and a paper shredder.

It was quite interesting getting the table home in my little Yaris. Bungee cords were involved.

I did a good bit of unpacking and organizing. I did manage to find places for most of my baking glassware. There are just a few pieces I have nowhere to put except the linen closet in the bathroom. I figure I can always give them a quick wipe before use. Smile

I haven't come across my cordless drill yet - which I need for hanging pictures and for putting together my new table. So that will have to wait.

I did laundry here for the first time - there are 3 washers and 1 dryer ... Good thing I don't use a dryer very often. Smile

I cashed out for two $5 AGC's from Swagbucks.

I have about 8 boxes of books and office related stuff I need to figure out what I'm going to do with. I only have two bookcases left that are in good shape (I broke one on last Sunday.) I am considering ... gulp ... letting go of more books. Some of the books I have kept with the intention of having them for my kid(s) later on. That dream I think is passing away quickly. Plus by the time a kid today would want to read them, paperbacks probably won't even be known anymore. Smile

There are around 4 or 5 boxes of pictures and decorative stuff. I think I can do most of that myself, but really hope that I can get help with the mirror ..

Tomorrow I need to get my rent check over to the landlord's (and set it up to go auto-magically from Cap One so I don't have to think about it again.) I also need to call the utility companies and make sure my accounts are set up properly - haven't gotten anything in the mail, but lights and gas are both on.

I've decided I'm going to go with CB's routine of ten items per week buying at the grocery, etc. Even with all the food I ate down before coming out here, I still have PLENTY. I just need to use it!

I want to figure out how to use my rice cooker to make quinoa and steam veggies (it's supposed to do both at the same time ... never used it, owned it 3 years?) Then I'm going to try making sweet potatoes in the crockpot. YUM!

I also have a lot of sweet potato noodles that I bought that I need to use up. And the list goes on.