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2018 Grocery Goals

In order to attempt to get my grocery budget under control, I am setting the following goals:

This is just for what I spend on groceries for myself - my husband will sometimes eat some of it too. He is an Omni and mostly eats at work. We budget $300/month for groceries. He mostly buys his own food when he wants to eat at home (meat, pizza, processed foods ...)

Money left in the grocery budget at the end of each month will go to the EF.

$60/month for stock items /stocking up

Stock items are things which last multiple weeks. i.e. oatmeal, nuts, beans, sauces, flaxseed, canned goods, pb, nutritional yeast, etc.

$20/week for produce (fresh fruits /veggies / frozen fruit /veggies). If any leftover money - it rolls into the following week.

I eat a plant based whole foods diet and am trying to eliminate processed foods.

So January - 5 weeks. A budget of $160. Let's do this!

Week 1 (shopping DEC 30 so can avoid frigid temps on Sunday /Monday!)
Stock up budget - $73.70
Produce - $20.10

$93.80/$160 - $66.20 remaining

Week 2

Aldi's - $18.80, produce

112.60/$160 - 47.40 remaining