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School Again?

August 26th, 2018 at 01:46 am

So I've posted a few more applications unsuccessfully - not even an interview. It got me to thinking - what could I do to increase my chances?

Well .. I think since it seems as though my career track is in the business world, it might be good to have some business related courses!

At first I was looking at the business administration program, but it looked too mathy to me.

Then I saw the Office Professional program - perfect!

I'm meeting with the department head on Tuesday to see what classes I would have to take. I know I'll have to take accounting, but most of the general courses will hopefully be waived.

The whole program can be done online.

The city will pay up to $1243/yr for graded classes - I figure that will equal 1 class per quarter which is a slow pace, but good enough for me. Smile

The next quarter starts in October.

I have also started back with piano. I paid for a year's access to the app SimplyPiano, and am using it plus some piano lesson books I already had. I'm playing at least 30 minutes most days quite happily.

If only I'd done that when I was young taking lessons …

I am also working on French. Im using Duolingo and Tinycards apps, as well as Pimsuler French audio lessons.

I may sign up for Conversational French at the community college too - starts in October.

All this is in prep for my possible trip to France. Smile

We have hired someone to clean up our yard - remove some structures, remove the dozens and dozens of volunteer trees, clear up the weeds, etc.

When he's done, hopefully it will be something we WILL keep up with ourselves.

He is supposed to start Monday. I really want this done before I leave for my cruise.

I've made a goal of increasing my side income to $300/month (to help with saving for France trip.)

One thing I'm doing is getting back to eBay.

I listed 3 items this week, and one sold soon after being listed. ($15.95)

Two weeks from now I'll be in Houston!

Cruise 3 weeks Away

August 14th, 2018 at 01:07 am

Mom found a really good rate for us going from Houston to Galveston and back - $100 cheaper than what she'd previously found.

I bought a new swimsuit and dress for the cruise.

I'm really looking forward to 8 days away from it all.

I've applied to 4 jobs in the last month. Today I heard back from one - thanks, but no thanks.

Low unemployment my foot.
We're getting estimates for having some yard work done. 3 summers of mostly being neglected other than mowing and some weeding have taken their toll. If we can get it back to a manageable state, then hopefully DH will keep it up.

One guy who gave us an estimate backed out once we said we'd go with him. A second try tomorrow … Sigh.

My brother and his wife might be coming in October. I'll believe it when I see them … but that's part of why I am insisting on getting the yard in shape.

We're having the sneezes run through our cats. DH found a country vet about a 40 minute one-way drive that is very inexpensive. It's helping our pet funds stretch further - even if it's very inconvenient.


I'm at a bit over 4 weeks of being back on track with my whole foods plant based, no added sugar, low oil/salt eating plan.

Not much movement downward on the scale, but at least the upward movement is quelled.


I dropped the cats bowls on my left foot tonight - I was trying to mix Pepe's meds into a bit of wet food and had the bowls balanced on top of the fridge door. I ended up cutting one of my toes …


I sold the majority of my T3sla stock when it was in the 370s. Am in discussions with DH about the remainder - would mean ~$4k in cap gains taxes if we do.

Ok, going to try to catch up with ya'll.