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What a day

March 1st, 2005 at 02:07 am

55 days to go - 55 days to go. I can't say that I was happy to be back with my kids. Some of them had made me sweet cards, but the first 20 minutes reminded me why I can SO hardly wait till May 24. Not to mention that during staff worship today I found out that our ONE sub has been enticed to fill in for the church secretary who's out on maternity leave for the next SIX weeks. So, that basically means that not only can none of us teachers get sick, but also that I have NO AIDE whatsoever for the next SIX weeks!!!!! When I heard that I just wanted to cry.

My new boy has some major issues. He's a well behaved child in general, but he has some social/cleanliness issues which his mom had been called on at his old school, and is why she pulled him out. So now I get to deal with them. Nice.

The kids were really hard to manage today. Probably my being gone for two days didn't help any - getting out of routines, etc. Ok -enough about school.

After school I went to TT and got some grapes. They were on sale 10/$10. Smile Mmmm I love grapes. Smile Then I went to WMU and got my grocery money for the month. Then I stoped at Albie's and got my payday gas. Last but not least, I stopped by CVS and picked up my prescription (allergy meds) and the $25 gift card for a transfered scrip. Smile

Ugh. I've gotta call the new kids mom to tell her about the incident today. Yup, just the way I want to start a relationship with a parent. How many days till its over again?

OH! Forgot to say that I took one of my new pairs of shoes back to Payless. The ankle strap was just too tight to be comfortable. I couldn't find the receipt, so I got store credit for it instead.

Spending Log:
CVS: $16.00 -- (meds)
Albertsons: $6.90 (gas)
Tom Thumb: $4.20 (grapes -yummy!)

Grocery Spending so far: $4.20

Keeping It Frugal in Texas,

March Goals

March 1st, 2005 at 01:44 am

Okay, I have the feeling that this is going to be a spendy kind of a month -- with my dad's trial, spring break, and Monkey being at the vet for dental work.

I think I made too many goals last month. I'm going to simplify this month.

1. No Spend Days: 12 (I'm keeping the # low because I'm just not sure what all this month is going to bring.)

2. Finish current Real Estate course. Begin next one.

3. Drink very little to no soda.

4. When thirsty, drink WATER.

5. Let God handle whatever happens before, during and after the trial.

6. Think PMA (Positive Mental Attitude).

7. No more than one FF visit.

8. Use frozen pizza if a craving hits - not Pizza Hut!

9. Limit CC debt/charges to only new real estate course.

Keeping It Frugal in Texas,

February Goals Updated

March 1st, 2005 at 01:34 am

These were my goals for February:

anuary 30 - February 26
Financial Goals:
1. 12 No Spend Days (4 more than January) -- DONE 17/12

2. Except for Milk, Juice, Fruit, Veggies and bread, eat from my stockpile.
-----Not quite. Did buy a lot of stuff for stockpiling.

3. Grocery/Gas budget is set for $150 -- my goal is to spend no more than $90.
--------Well . .. . I didn't go over budget, but I sure went over the $90!

4. No new charges on credit card.
------Almost made this. I had to put my students field trip on my card -they required it to be paid in full two weeks in advance. I'll get money back from my kids and put it back to the CC.

5. Find out if you can get a loan reported to Credit Beaureaus. (sp?
--- Not yet.

Personal/Health Goals:
1. NO Fast Food stops - that means DQ, TB and BK!!!
----------- Well, I almost made it. Just one.

2. NO Soda!! I went over a year without drinking soda and am getting back into bad habits.
----- Not quite - but I did much, much better this month.

3. When I'm thirsty - WATER. When I'm hungry - WATER!
----- I did much much better with this.

4. Do the Chicometrics video at least 8 x (2x a week)
-----nope, not even once Frown

5. Go for a 30 minute walk at least 8 x (2x a week)
---- umm. . . did twice Frown

6. Complete 25 lessons in Real Estate course.
---- I'm not sure exactly how many I did, but I think I came pretty close to this.

7. Sort books (home). Take some books to Half-Price Bookstore. List some on Ebay. Pack the rest.

8. Go for at least TWO 7 mile bike rides. There is a perfectly good 7 mile round trip bike trail less than a mile from my house!

9. Get back into doing personal devotions on a DAILY basis! Worship before school with colleagues DOES NOT count!
---- did for awhile, but pooped out

10. No more than 75 minutes on the computer per weekday (not counting time working on Real Estate course.) No more than 180 minutes per weekend day. (Time not on the computer may NOT be turned into extra TV consumption!)
------Sort of - though did really bad on the weekends

Keeping It Frugal in Texas,

Belated Sunday Entry :)

March 1st, 2005 at 01:23 am

Sunday was registration day. It also was the first day I'd been back in my classroom since Wednesday. Let me tell you, it reminded me once again why I have very rarely taken sick days. Ugh! One of my baskets with about 8 washcloths/socks that we use for cleaning the individual marker boards had completely dissapeared. The only thing I could think of was that it had gotten knocked off into the trashcan either on Thursday or Friday and no one had noticed it -- and it got thrown away!

I got most of my lesson plans done before registration. I'm still not sure why I even had to be present there during registration. I pretty much didn't DO anything for two hours. What a waste of time!

After registration I finished up with my lesson plans, etc. Then I cut out the coupons from the paper. Next I went to Albertson's and took advantadge of the double dollar coupon extravaganza. I wish I had brought my $5 coupon off $50 - but I didn't think I'd get up over $50. Frown

I read one of my books that I'd gotten from the library. It was SO good! It was Nicholas Spark's "Suzzanne's Diary for Nicholas."

Spending Log:
Wal-Mart: $3.62 (Sun Belt Granola Bars)
Albersons: $19.68 ($62.xx worth of groceries!)
Taco Bell: $5.10 (I know, I know, -- but it was the last day of the month, and I had some grocery money left. )

Total: ~$28.00

Keeping It Frugal in Texas,

Early morning call

February 27th, 2005 at 05:31 am

This morning I was rudely awakened at 7:30a.m by my friend/colleauge. Well, I didn't really think she was being rude - just I hadn't gone to bed till 2am so was still kind of konked. She was so sweet, wanting to know if I needed her to bring anything over - or to bring me something for lunch. Such a good friend. Smile

I slept most of the day again. Then this afternoon when I finally got up, I worked on my finances a bit. I figured out I'll have enough in my Slush Fund to live on till August without having to hit my Long Term Savings or my Contingency Fund. So, if I manage to make a sale in the first three months (and close it) I won't have to touch those monies - maybe even add to them. Smile Smile

I think I must have spent a couple hours on that. Then I worked on my Real Estate course for a few hours. Finished a whole section. It was really interesting seeing how you figure out the market value of a property. I'm hoping though that whomever my broker turns out to be will teach me how to do the market anylsis a bit more throughly. It was somewhat confusing.

Albertsons is having a double dollar/triple to .75 day today and tomorrow. I thought about going there tonight. I still might -it's open 24 hours. It's been a cold and drizzly day though, so haven't wanted to go outside much. I also don't really have much in the way of coupons right now. I haven't been buying the papers unless I see there's more than two or three coupons I really want. I probably ought to get the double tomorrow though - am hoping for some Green Giant cpns -especially since March is "Frozen Food Month."

I'm going to try to be at the school by 11 tomorrow. That'll give me a couple hours before registration to get my lesson plans done. I wish I could skip out on the whole registration thing.

Oh! I checked my mail tonight. I got the flyers I was supposed to get on Tuesday and Wednesday today - weird. I also got my next two DVD's from Blockbuster. Will probably have to wait till next weekend to watch them though.

My goal is to finish my Real Estate course by March 13 (before Spring Break and the trial). I realized something last night. My dad when he is staying here before the trial - he's going to notice a piece of furniture missing. For my 15th birthday I got a Roll-top desk. I loved it, but it really was very impractical - the drawers were so narrow you couldn't fit normal files in it. So last month I donated it for the garage sale one of the classes was having. I had kind of been hoping he'd never have to know - if you know what I mean.

Spending Log:
Today: $0.00
No Spend Days: 17/12 (actual/goal)

Keeping It Frugal in Texas,

At Home again

February 26th, 2005 at 08:09 am

Ok. So this morning I was feeling somewhat better, but still not quite well enough where I thought I could deal with my 12 little munchkins. So I called in sick for a second day and emailed lesson plans.

After feeding kitty (who was begging pityfully by the time I was done with lesson plans) I headed back to bed where I slept pretty soundly till about 2pm. I went to the library and got the 4 books on hold. I asked what number I was in line for he Grisham book and was told #9. That'll be awhile for sure. Then I stopped at Albertsons and picked up a couple of items - no, they weren't totally necessary, but I decided to go ahead and get them anyway. I was really wanting a pizza again, and decided that getting a $5 frozen pizza (Portobello Mushroom California Kitchen) was better than spending $14 on a delivered pizza.

I talked to both my mom and my dad for about an hour apiece. Mom and I talked about living arrangements during the trial. I told her that I had a doctors appointment the first morning of trial, and wouldn't be able to be there till the afternoon. My dad asked if he could stay with me from the 8th till before the trial (maybe the 13th). I told him he could. It'll be very strange having another person in my place - will have to adjust some habits of mine (especially early morning ones).

It was good talking to both of them. My mom did worry me a bit because she was talking like she was thinking of quitting her job because she "is just SO stressed out about everything." Hello! I'm feeling pretty stressed out myself - having to deal with the same things she is, not to mention other things, - do you see me cutting out on my kids? Ok, ok, so I will be leaving this job, but not til the end of my contract term, and not to just plain NOT work (which is kind of what I think she's talking about - trying for disability.)

I'd filled out this interest form for an extended car warranty place - just to get a quote - a few days ago. This evening I got a call from them. It really sounded quite interesting to me. It was a warranty that covered 100% parts/labor with a $100 copay. It covered all the major systems (a/c, cooling, electrical, transmission, brake, etc etc.) It also included Roadside Assistance, Car Rental ($35/day - 5 days), and Travel Intteruption (100 miles away from home and car breaks down, they cover hotel and food up to 3 days). The warranty is for 4 yrs/49K miles.

I have a 97' Honda Civic with about 72K miles on it. It's in pretty good shape, but it's not been without a few glitches (for example, three years ago my a/c went kaput on me -- in JUNE). I plan on keeping this car for at least another 3 or more years, and know that something COULD happen to one of the major systems. I thought about it a lot. I realized that I would save $160 in four years from canceling the Roadside and Car Rental from my Car Insurance. I decided to go ahead and make the down payment (totally refundable.)

They'll be sending me paperwork to review, and I'll have 30 days to either decide to keep it, or cancel and get my money back. If I decide to keep it, it will cost me a total of $1508 - $245 downpayment, and $105.25 *12 at 0% financing. When I had my a/c fixed I got a deal at $600. Last month I had my car in for 60K service, and replacing the CV joints - and it cost me ~$1400 ($700 for CV alone.) So . . if I would have had this warranty when my a/c broke and last month -- it would have already paid for itself.
I'm anxious to get the materials to be able to read more throughly about the whole plan/program.

Ok, it's now extremely late, and I really ought to be heading back to bed. I didn't check my mail today(Friday), so I don't know if I got any or not. Will check that later this (Saturday now) afternoon.

Spending Log:
Albertsons: $10.37
Car Warranty: $245.00

Total: $255.37 Ugh - what a big number. Frown

Keeping It Frugal in Texas,

A Day At Home - Spelling Police

February 25th, 2005 at 01:05 am

This morning I woke up feeling like death warmed over. I got up and got dressed and even tried to eat some breakfast, but I still wasn't feeling at all good by 7am. So I called my principal and told her that I wouldn't be able to come in. I wrote out my lesson plans and emailed them.

I did a lot of sleeping, some tv watching, and a little bit of computer time. I am feeling better now, and definately plan on going to work tomorrow.

4 of the 5 books I put on hold are now in at the library. I'll have to make sure to stop by there after work tomorrow to pick them up.

I went to check the mail today. There wasn't any. This is kind of weird - I didn't get any mail on Tuesday, not even the circulars, and I didn't get any mail today - usually get the Albertson's flyer on Thursdays.

I'm not really looking forward to this weekend. We have registration on Sunday, which is going to cut about four hours out of my day. Not to mention the possibility of parents asking me about next year - and me not wanting to say anything if theres a chance of the kids hearing it just yet.

I had made a post on another board I frequent. Apparentally I had misspelled ONE word. One of the ladies who responded said, "I hope you don't teach spelling!" I've seen other people get lamblasted for their misspellings, and have always felt that it was quite rude. But today I experienced it for myself - and I've got to tell you, it left a sick feeling in my stomach. And it made it hard for me to read any of that particular poster's other posts without a bit of color to it. I admidt, it does annoy me sometimes when I see "lose" spelled "loose" but I would never call someone on it. I also would never heckle someones profession just because they misspelled ONE word, or made some grammar mistakes. Of course, I now do know how to spell that word without any question, so maybe that in a way was a good thing.

Oh well. Guess I better head back off to bed.

Spending Log:
Today: $0.00

No Spend Days: 15/12 (goal/actual)

57 days to go. 57 days to go. 57 days to go. Wink

Keeping It Frugal In Texas,

Wired Kids

February 24th, 2005 at 02:18 am

58 days . . . 58 days! Oh me oh my, what wired kids I do have. Oy vey! From the moment they walked in the door this morning, till the moment I brought the remaining 4 to the lunchroom after school - wild, wild, wild!

My second graders finished their Math unit today, and started the next one. Hee. Smile While we were out for PE the 3rd grade class came out (they were my kids once) to explode their volcanoes. All my kids wanted to watch of course. They were amazingly well behaved. Amazing how kids can behave when they're getting to do something they really want to do. Smile

After school we had a staff meeting. First one in a while. One of our teachers said that he still needed $200 to be able to buy some water bottles to sell for a fundraiser. A couple of teachers piped up and said that if we all (10 of us) donated $20 he'd have his $200. In my head I'm going "no way! But I guess I'll take the $20 out of my tithe money, because I'd look like a gimp if I ddin't contribute. Don't you just love it when other people volunteer your money? NOT!

I stopped by Albertson's to get some milk, and ended up getting some of the oatmeal that was on sale. While I was out my mom called me, but I didn't hear it till it had already gone to voicemail. I called her when I got home. She'd had a great time on the cruise with her friend - and had miracuously (sp?) stayed out of the casino - if I can believe her.

We were talking about the next time we could get together, and I mentioned Spring Break. She told me that that week is when my dad's trial is going to start (if it actually goes to trial). I'll have to miss the first day because I already scheduled a doctor's appointment for that morning. I really don't want to spend my spring break in a courtroom. I have so much packing and decluttering I need to do, not to mention getting stuff done on my Real Estate courses. I know I'll end up going anyway, cuz thats what families are for, right? To support each other in good and bad times.

This morning I hit my head hard on the edge of my bed. All day long I've had a massive headache and felt nautious. By the time I got home and got off the phone with my mom, it was almost dark. So I skipped exercise today. Will NOT skip tomorrow.

NYPD Blue last night was just so awesome. Andy's in charge of the 15th now. Ahhhh!! I so called it. Smile Only one more to go. Frown

I got my new electric bill today -- $53.07 -- down another $4!! Smile Smile It's kind of funny seeing the average temperature dropping each month, and the average billing amount dropping as well.

Spending Log:
Albertsons: $7.58 (Groceries)

Keeping It Frugal in Texas,