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Tried on Mrs. Clause suit today ...

December 1st, 2011 at 02:28 am

This Saturday I'm going to be playing Mrs. Clause at our community dinner. I'll be handing the gifts to the multitudes of community children who come. It's supposed to snow Friday and Saturday ... but irregardless, we will have crowds of people show up.

Today one of the mission staff brought me my costume. It really goes all out -- down to even the little glasses (which really are a bit too small for my head ... I hope I don't break them!)I look ... interesting in it. I need to figure out how to wear the wig properly - didn't look quite right. Smile

I think I may want to wear long johns under it - but all I have are pink. I'm not sure if they'd show through the white nightgowny dress and petticoat or not. Will have to ruminate on it.

A Catholic school in Chicago who have sent groups of volunteers here previously, made 205 blankets for our school. We've lost around 20 students from the beginning of the year, so we had enough blankets for all the teachers, staff and students. I chose a pink one with hula dancing monkey's in honor of my late cat Monkey. I'd have preferred blue, but pink is good. Smile


I sure got a good workout in this afternoon! Today was our second day (of 4) of getting ready for the community dinner. We had two truckloads of boxes arrive (after the two that came yesterday, and another should arrive tonight or tomorrow.)The men had unloaded all the boxes into the foyer of the chapel where we needed to set up a shoe "store". So all those boxes needed to be moved out into the gym. Guess who moved 90% of the boxes? Big Grin Much preferred to sorting out what was in the boxes and taking it to the proper tables. I got some big accolades from the K teacher - she told me she thought I was a very hard worker. Gotta do what it takes to get the job done, right? Smile

Remember how I said I wouldn't spend any more money on books ... unless it was paid for by gift cards? Well ... I spent my giftcard today (from mypoints.) One of my 7th grade girls told me she'd really like some anime books and also Maus. Well ... I'd considered getting Maus (as well as Persopolis) for the library before, but wasn't sure if anyone would be interested in it. As for the Manga/Anime, I wasn't sure if there were any appropriate titles. The majority of them have more mature themes than what the American society generally deems acceptable for young teens. --- So I sent the question out to my librarian listserve - most people who responded asked for a HIT, but a couple gave me some good ideas.

I ended up buying Maus, Persopolis, and the first three Legend of Zelda books (and something else too I think - Ranger's Apprentice bk 1). I told the student I had ordered them, and she seemed quite happy. I imagine they will be popular with more than just her - at least I hope so.

I have a bit less than $5 left of giftcard money.


I was approved for the Judy Freeman seminar in Albuquerque in January!! If anyone is in the area then, let me know. Big Grin I'm getting to stay at a pretty nice hotel the night before. When I put the request in, I thought the hotel cost $100/night, but I found out today when I made my reservation that with the group discount, it is only $79/night. More than I would spend on a hotel, but I don't mind it if someone else is covering!! (The money that covers this is Title 1 money. If it doesn't get spent (specifically on seminars and conferences) it is lost.)

I'll have to stop at Target on my way back again -- the only place I've found here that carries Morningstar corn dogs. Big Grin


Today I had my fifth grade girls do a book scavenger hunt. The fifth grade class as a whole is probably the worst offenders in creating havoc on the shelves. So I made up four lists of ten books that they had to find within fifteen minutes. One each list, three of the books were misplaced in one way or another. (shelved on the wrong shelf, shelved with the spine facing the wrong way, haphazardly laid across some books several shelves away, etc.) When the girls came back to the table at the end of the time, I asked them what they thought the point of the game was. One of them piped up right away, "So that we know we need to put the books back properly!" Don't you just love it when they get it? Big Grin We'll have to wait and see if it has any kind of a lasting effect on them.

Thanksgiving, etc.

November 29th, 2011 at 02:45 am

I had a nice time at my mom's for Thanksgiving. It was a little weird being around her and her current bf (especially after she told me she is trying to get the courage up to leave him ...)

I attended two different churches on Saturday - the one I attended the prior two years, and the one I attended when I taught at my last school. On Wednesday afternoon I'd called my friend T and found out that her daughter was being baptized -- there was NO WAY I could miss that with being in TX!! My mom went with me - she wasn't so sure she wanted to, but in the end she was really glad she did.

I talked to one of the mom's whose son I tutored right before moving to NM. I'd helped him on a big summer time essay about mythology/greek Gods based on the Percy Jackson books. A subject I knew about as much as you can fit on the tip of a pin head. He got a 95% on it. Smile His teachers were really impressed, and now this year are expecting much more out of him -- and he's meeting their expectations. Big Grin Good for the ol' ego.

Towards the end of the day my mom and I went to see her former bf who wanted to give me some money towards books for school. He also gave us both a red rose with one of those water things on the end of the stem. We couldn't take them home, so were discussing whether to throw them away or not. I suggested finding a couple of women in a parking lot or something, and giving them the roses. Pretty much that is what we did - we stopped at a gas station and gave one to the attendant and one to a customer. It seemed to brighten both their days. Smile

I shopped at Half-Price Books on Friday afternoon -- $175!! Mom's friend gave me $100. So ... after taking the money given to me off, I came under budget. Umm... yeah.

I updated YNAB tonight. Absolutely NO more buying books - unless I have a gift card. (I got a $50 Amazon card in the mail today from Mypoints, and a $5 Amazon gc from Swagbucks yesterday.)

I added up how much I've spent *just* in October and November on books for the library ... roughly $1000!!! Seriously cannot continue this way - I need to keep in mind my numerous savings goals.

I still had a Target gift card from graduation which I hadn't spent. While I was at mom's, I got to use her nifty blender/food chopper. The one I have has been leaking. So I stopped by Target (heh - was about 8 miles out of my way)on the way home Sunday. I picked up a Ninga blender/food chopper and a combination food steamer/rice cooker plus a bunch of groceries.

I'm really hoping that I can cut down on my food expenses as well. I've been spending *way* too much on food. Lots of junkfood - not good for belt or wallet.

This Saturday we are having a community Christmas dinner. Anyone in the community can come for a free hot meal (turkey, stuffing, potatoes, etc), clothing, blankets, and toys. It starts at 10:30, but people usually start lining up around 8 a.m.

Snow is predicted for both Friday and Saturday - but one way or the other, the dinner will proceed.

I had signed up to be a server, but today was asked if I'd like to be Mrs. Clause instead. Big Grin The person who asked me said they thought I'd make a good one because of how I smile all the time and am so friendly and good with the little ones. It was funny when he was asking me what size costume I would need - he sounded so uncomfortable asking. Big Grin

I think this should be fun. Smile

Another busy week gone

November 20th, 2011 at 03:27 am

This last week I stayed late at school 3 days - Mon, Tue and Th -- though Wednesday was also a bit of a late day. Why? Monday was our staff meeting, but both Tuesday and Thursday I stayed late to give the 7th and 8th graders the opportunity to finalize their projects during after school study hall. Quite a few took advantage of it - though some I think saw it more as an opportunity to listen to youtube while "working." We are very lucky to not have youtube, etc., blocked at our school -- I let the older students listen to videos ... as long as they are working AND with the caveat that I *will* check the lyrics at any time. Smile None of them have abused the privilege .. yet.

A very disconcerting thing happened on Thursday. One student who is in a group of 3 opened their groups presentation to work on it. It was completely blank. She and I searched for 30 minutes to see if we could find another copy of it with no luck. I felt so bad for her ... she's a new student and on the quite large side ... kids this age don't need a reason to pick on other kids... I alerted our school counselor so she can keep an eye out for any repercussions. I also spoke to all 3 girls and let them know that I'd grade their project on what I'd already seen completed plus whatever they are able to reconstruct before Tuesday (when it is due.)

Computer gremlins ... or a mean student with some technical know how ...

I had some great happenings with kids and books this week. Smile It is so addicting when you see a kids eyes light up when you put a book into their hands that they're excited about. It's why my savings aren't quite growing at the rate I'd hoped ....

This week while I'm in Dallas for Thanksgiving, my mom and I are going to Half Price Books. I'm giving myself a limit of $150 --- cash. I can get quite a lot for that amount ... and then I'll force myself not to buy *any* in December. (although ... while I'm in CA I may check out SA or Goodwill ....) Ugh! I'm hopeless. Smile

I realized that it probably is a good thing I'm going away for Thanksgiving ... otherwise I'd probably spend most of the break working in the library. There sure is plenty to do!!! I won't be getting back til late Sunday night, so I'll need to be prepared for my classes before I leave. I envision a long Sunday in the library, as well as a long Monday ... We have a staff "stuffing party" where we stuff bags of goodies which have been donated for the kids/community members on Monday ... then I'll probably have to spend some time finishing up lesson plans. I want to leave right away after school on Tuesday.

Some of my coworkers were wanting to go see the new vampire movie tonight. I counter suggested seeing Happy Feet. There were no takers. Smile Just as well ... I'm enjoying staying in .. watching the latest Person of Interest, maybe watching a Netflix movie, catching up on my reading, etc. Big Grin

Tomorrow I hope to be at school by ten. I have a good number of new books to catalog (roughly 25) and then of course working on the week after Thanksgiving plans. I also need to create the video/project evaluation forms for the plagiarism project. The 8th graders present on Monday - their homeroom teacher will be coming to check them out. Smile I think her coming has motivated them more than any grade I may give. Big Grin

Oh! Something really cool for Jeff Kinney fans! On the library list serve I'm part of, there was a notice a few weeks ago that Jeff Kinney was doing an author talk at a school in New York City. The School Library Journal partnered with them to make a live streaming video, which then was archived. I of course registered for it Smile but due to time differences (and SrN wanting me to watch the presentation first ...) we didn't see it live. The archived version went up on Friday, and I've already watched it. Big Grin It was pretty interesting, and even included an appearance from two of the main movie characters. There is a 3rd Wimpy Kid movie coming out on August 22(? I think that's what he said.) And of course, the newest book came out on Tuesday. (My copies arrived on Thursday - I rushed over to the PO on after my last class and was back in plenty of time to wave the buses off. I offered the teachers first dibs at the copies, and quickly had two takers.) Big Grin

-- On my way back from church today I was running on fumes. I found a gas station and filled up for ....

$2.95/gallon!!! It's been a long time since I've seen gas under $3!!!

Relaxing Day - Car stuff

November 12th, 2011 at 05:50 am

Today we had the day off for Veteran's Day.

I couldn't sleep in, as much as I wanted to, due to both Kari and the sun streaming in my window. So I ended up getting to the car place by 9 a.m.

I had them change my oil and check my coolant. They also changed my license plate for me. Big Grin (I'd only had it sitting in my car since August ...)

It cost a bit over $40 for the oil change!!! The guy was very apologetic about the cost. He said that the price of oil had gone up significantly in the past few weeks. That if I'd come in a month ago, it would've cost $25. Ugh - procrastination is a killer.

In other car news, I was told that I probably need to get my coolant flushed and new hoses. That my hoses look to be the original ones. And that I should get it done before it gets colder. I was like "colder than 14 degrees??" Yep, much colder than 14 degrees.

He said that it would probably cost around $200, and that they could pick up my car from the school, and drop it off there as well. Nice. Smile They have to order the parts, but probably the Monday before I take off for Thanksgiving, I'll have them do it. Won't even have to wait around at the car place.

(This place comes highly recommended by many people at the school.)

After I was done at the car place, I headed into the big town. On my way there, I stopped at a Denny's and ate breakfast. I really wanted an IHOP, but the closest IHOP is nearly 200 miles away ... The usual happened when I ordered French Toast ... I told the waitress emphatically to *please* make sure it is smothered with powdered sugar. When it came, there was a light dusting. Ugh! She brought me more. Smile

When I got to the big town, I stopped first at Big Lots. One of the main things I was looking for there was some kind of black out curtain for my bedroom (re: morning light streaming in + window blinds not exactly perfectly closing {[i.e. privacy!} ]. I found some maroon colored ones for $10 - it fit perfectly on my bedroom window. I put it up with a couple of nails. Big Grin Susie homemaker I'm not.

I also found some great items for the library prize box - including a Diary of a Wimpy Kid puzzle. I'm curious if the kids will go for puzzles ...

Then I went to Family Dollar (ostensibly to look for tickets ...) and found more good stuff for the prize boxes.

Between the two I spent around $50 (but no tickets ...)

Then I went to Walmart. I found some great small posters for $1 each, as well as some cool inexpensive sticker sets. I also bought 3 Dork Diaries (we didn't have them ... and I am hoping they'll be popular at our school.) I also got groceries. In all, about $88. The lines were atrocious.

While at Walmart I also decided to pick up some more Allegra D. I'd gotten a ten pack over two weeks ago (24 hour variety) and was out. So I asked at the pharmacy for as many packs as they could give me. I could only get one. I asked why I could only get one ten pack!!!! The pharmacist told me it had nothing to do with the quantity of the capsules, but with the amount of milligrams?? of whatever the regulated ingredient is (the one to make meth). It is SO aggravating! I have to drive 30+_ miles to get to a place that sells the only allergy medicinethat works for me ... and I can only get a ten day supply. Oh, and she wouldn't answer me when I asked what the limit was every 30 days ...

I really need to get a doctor's appointment so I can get a prescription for allergy meds again -- cheaper (in many ways) and SO much more convenient.


I got home and put my purchases away, then watched the Monday episode of DWTS. I was going to watch the latest Peson of Interest also, but it wasn't up on yet. Then I relaxed with a good book ... using the Kindle Cloud Reader. Oh yeah, before all that, I catalogued (except for barcode labels, etc) the books that came in on Thursday (Percy Jackson Series plus some others) and the Dork Diaries. Big Grin

It was funny this morning before I left to go to the car place, Kari got into the mood to do 'fetch' again. She hadn't done that for awhile. It was almost as though she was trying to keep me here. Big Grin I played with her for about ten minutes before she got tired. Smile

I went out with some of my co-workers Thursday night and saw "Tower Heist." It was okay - not one of my favorites, but it did keep me entertained most of the time. I didn't like the ending.

However, during the previews I got to see my birthday present (i.e. Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible 4 coming out in December) Big Grin and I learned that in May I'll get to see yummy Robert Downy Jr on the screen again ( can't remember name of film, but he's playing Ironman in it. Yum!) I told my coworkers, "They're making us wait til May for this?" One of them thought I was talking about Taylor Long???? (from Twilight I guess). They guffawed when I asked who that was. Big Grin Yeah, Twilight, etc. SO does not interest me.

I rented Cars 2 from itunes, but will have to wait till tomorrow night to watch it due to watching DWTS this afternoon. (It was taking forever to download, so I decided to watch DWTS instead.) I decided to rent it because one of my coworkers was talking about getting Cars from Netflix and never having seen it ... so when I saw it for just $2.99 ... well ... Big Grin

(some of the $1 posters I got today were of Speedy McQueen.)

So today I did quite a bit of shopping, etc., but it was a good day. Big Grin

*I read "After the Fire." It was very good - a little over the top romance novely in places, but it had a good story and plot that made up for the spots I skimmed over. Big Grin It was a free Kindle download a month or so ago (Pixel of Ink for the World!!)

Put A Smile On My Face :D (Library related)

November 8th, 2011 at 04:13 am

Today we had school, even though major snow flurries fell intermittently throughout the day (though not much was sticking ...)

So ... I had my 8th graders. Big Grin In the first section there was a boy who had at least three different times this year mentioned to me a series of books that the library has the first one of, but not the rest. Last year's librarian had told him she'd get the rest with bookfair money ... didn't happen.

So today I got the pleasure of telling him that I had the third and fourth book in the series here and ready to be checked out, and the second one should be here by Wednesday ready to be checked out. Big Grin He got the biggest smile on his face. He went ahead and checked out 3 and 4, and asked me again if he could come by on Wednesday and check out 2. I told him of course. Big Grin

I'd gotten books 3 and 4 from book closeouts and they came in last week. Book 2 I'd gotten from Amazon, but the first time I ordered it I sent it to my old address and was unable to cancel it even though I realized my mistake 20 seconds later. Ugh! So I got that refunded (after it was sent back to Amazon) and reordered.

Then in my afternoon section I had the distinct pleasure of informing an 8th grade girl that the second book in a series had come in and was waiting with her name on it. We both got big grins on our faces == another girl that was nearby asked "what're ya'll so happy about?" I told her, "Books, of course." Big Grin

I found the book on Amazon for $3, along with a 4th book I hadn't know existed in the series. We had books 1 and 3.


I also gave very quick booktalks on about a dozen books to each of the 8th grade sections today. The books that flew out of my hands (after talking about them) were "The Graveyard Book", "Among the Hidden", "How They Croaked (Stories of Famous People's Death's)", "Charlie ??? Guide to NOT Reading" (I had two copies of this one which both were taken) Big Grin, Trickster Tales (graphic novel format), and another graphic novel -- The Magic Pickle. Big Grin

I also had an 8th grade girl ask me if I had another copy of the book "Smile" which I'd put out with the sixth grade class last Friday. (It's about a girl who loses her two front teeth in a freak accident and all the orthodontia nightmares and personal angst that follows - in graphic novel format.)

So ... today left me with a pretty darn good smile, if I do say so. Big Grin

Oh something else cool. I'm starting a program where every week that a kid brings back *all* their library books they'll get a "ticket." Then every other week I'll draw 5 names from 2 - 5, and 5 names from 6 - 8 for prizes. The prizes include posters, bookmarks, stickers, books, and Dibs tickets. Dibs tickets are where a student can tell me the name of a school appropriate book they think we need, and when it comes in, they get first "dibs" on it. Big Grin

When I was explaining this to the 4th grade Mon section today, one of the kids came up with a free prize --- a ticket for an extra checkout!!! I almost hugged her. Big Grin

I told the kids that if any of the I-Spy books come back (with our stamp) that they'd be worth 3 tickets. Our catalog says we should have 7 of them ... and there are 0 anywhere to be found. They are a frequently requested item too.


So all of this made my 6 plus hours of cataloging yesterday WAY worth it. Big Grin

Although I didn't get my lesson plans turned in today ... oops. (Of course I heard from various sources that the computer teacher last year *rarely* turned hers in .. if she ever did. Not that I'm going to follow suit, but a day or two late is probably not going to get me in too much trouble.) Smile

Snow! Nice weekend; Second Vet visit (mind wanderings)

November 7th, 2011 at 04:02 am

I took Kari to the vet on Thursday for her second round of shots. This time there were no escape artist stories because I used her new carrier (plastic kennel). The vet had her file marked as "will bite." Frown I was annoyed at that, because she'd only snapped at the person, not actually bitten!

I asked if they would weigh her when I got there, but apparently the vet or vet tech forgot. I mentioned it after they gave her her shots - and she said it wouldn't be a good time now ... Isn't weighing a cat supposed to be part of a visit?? They didn't weigh her last time either ... I'm not really sure how much I like this particular vet clinic ... it is so different from the vet I took Monkey to when he was a kitten, and even different from the place we took Buddy to when he was getting his puppy shots ... I don't know - just not very customer/pet oriented?? Trying to get me in and out as quick as possible - do bare minimum?

I don't know if it was me putting Kari in her kennel 3 days in a row when she got near my food, or if something else is going on ... but the past 3 days I've been able to eat my meals in peace without having to put her in the kennel.

However, today I noticed she didn't eat all her breakfast - not even the canned stuff (which I picked up before I left so it wouldn't spoil.) Maybe the dry food is too stale?? I hope she isn't getting sick - her appetite today is probably 35% of normal ... Her appetite yesterday was normal though.

Will just have to watch her and see if this continues.

Friday night I got to experience a bit of the blustery wind that happens here quite often. The window in my back bathroom doesn't shut tightly because the crank handle is broken -- it needs to be duct taped shut or something. (need a ladder to reach it) Anyway ... the wind was whistling and howling through it, and then making the window rattle and bang most of the night. Then along about 4 am or so the rain/snow started. We got maybe an inch or so.

Big Grin

It was pretty much gone by noon.

We are predicted to get 3 to 5 inches on Monday. I kind of half hope for a snow day, but in reality I really really don't want one -- I need the class time with the 8th graders!!

Today I spent over 6 hours cataloging books at school. I managed to get nearly 60 books done, other than taping. I didn't get anything else done that I was planning to do there - such as complete lesson plans (my week to turn them in), check out/test the video camera which was donated to us (for the kids plagiarism projects), and figure out book talks to go with a selection of books ... plus make sure I'm ready for my other classes. Smile Cataloging took much more time than I was planning on. It was after dark when I finally left -- in fact, the tech lady texted me and told me to go home. Big Grin (she saw my car at the school when she drove by)

I bought some more books today from Amazon ... I know, I know ... I said a moratorium on buying books ... but, but, but ... I'd bought the wrong book (one we already had) to complete a series I got a student into, so I had to get the right book ... and of course a few other books wound their way into the book cart... I'm so good about not buying books for myself, but so weak when it comes to buying books that I think will put a smile on my student's faces ..

I've realized that I'm not going to stop doing this ... so I've given myself a budget of $100/month. ONLY after buying 3 shares of stock and putting $100 in my ROTH.

Of course when I go home for Thanksgiving, I'll probably visit Half Price Book Store ... will probably ship a large box of books back - cheaper than a $25 charge for a suitcase -- maybe.

I watched a good movie on Netflix last night. "I'm Reed Fish" It was a different movie - with a bit of a twist about 20 minutes in ... really enjoyed it though. Very minimal language - which I'm always happy to find.

I'm debating on whether to look up some booktalks or watch another movie on Netflix tonight ... or maybe read a Jodi Picoult book someone lent me ..

If we have a snow day tomorrow, I brought home the bag of 60 books that need to be taped ... and I have Netflix of course ... and I have the JP book to read. I wouldn't be able to use my phone much because I left my charging cord at school (oops!)

I'm going to go check the thermostat - it's getting cold in here!

RIP Andy Rooney Frown

Better Day today

November 3rd, 2011 at 03:46 am

Yesterday when I got home I laid down on my bed just "for a minute" and the next I knew it was nearly 6 p.m.! I'd been a bit cranky with a couple of my classes too - over tired I guess.

We had an All Saints presentation by all the various grades yesterday, whcih cut short one of my favorite classes. But I enjoyed it, and even was asked to read a bit from the Bible -- the Bible on my phone to be precise. Big Grin Sr N came up to me an said "You know the Bible pretty well, right?" "Would you know where it talks about feeding the hungry/clothing the naked?" I had a good idea of where it was, and Google helped me find out for sure. Big Grin

Today was a really good day. First, I had an awesome parent volunteer who was whipping through the donated books finding out lexile and test info for me. Then, I finally!! got in touch with someone who told me how to take off the barcode filter ... and I then preceded to catalog 5!! books Big Grin Big Grin I can hardly wait to see my third graders on Monday so I can tell them all about these books - they're on their level.

Even better though, when I got home tonight I had a call from my brother! Not a 5 minute one, but nearly 45 minutes long. Big Grin His birthday is on Friday - he'll be 31. He's loving his new job and proving his worth -- in fact, if any of you are in the Napa area and get the local winery magazines ... you may just see a picture of him and his girlfriend on a back cover. Big Grin It's an advert for the new place he's working at - as Marketing/Advertising/All Trades ...

Today was my 3rd day doing morning duty/prayer. It went much better than the past two mornings. (Monday I blanked on doing the sign of the cross before praying) and Tuesday I totally messed up on the attention signal. I was complimented on my choices of prayers by the Kinder teacher - even though they've had nothing to do with the actual feast/Saint days occurring this week. They are all prayers of being thankful/showing God appreciation.

Even though it went so much better today, I will not be sorry to see Friday and 8:15 a.m. come (end of duty.)


Today I actually managed to impress my fifth grade girls - really almost shock and awe. Smile They'd been working on a PowerPoint project about Fall. Today I showed them how to use a computer microphone to record themselves reading their paragraph. It was priceless seeing their faces as they heard their own voice being played back. Big Grin The only caveat is that I only got through 3 girls because the front microphone line didn't work on any of the 4 computers I tried it on - so ended up using the circulation computer.

After school the tech coordinator and I figured out that the mic plug in the *back* of the computers worked. Whew! I'm glad I figured this out today, and not when I had my 8th graders on Monday getting ready to do final prep on their presentations!!!

Speaking of the plagiarism project. Frown I found out yesterday that one of my mid-school students was caught plagiarizing a classmates essay -- word for word. This was after having spent at least the past six weeks focusing on plagiarism and its consequences. She failed the essay assignment, and is now being watched with Eagle eyes by all her teachers. It makes me sad to not be able to trust her. But even worse, to know that all we've discussed and pounded in, has gone in one ear and out the other.

I bought my ticket to CA for Christmas tonight - $285. Not too bad if I do say so. Smile I won't be going to San Jose this year - just LL. I've also limited my time to 8 days. That way it'll give me time here to have actual "vacation" and maybe do some projects in the library ... Smile My dad really wanted me out there the whole Christmas break ... I love him, but that is just a bit too much time to fill -- plus, I'd really hate to leave Kari that long. (I need to find someone to care for her while I'm gone at Thanksgiving and Christmas.)


I found a flyer today for a Children's Librarian seminar in ABQ on Jan 18 with a pretty famous (to school librarians) facilitator/presenter. It would mean missing a day of school, and one nights stay at a hotel. I plan on talking to SrN about it tomorrow - I really hope she agrees that it is a good idea!! I may be able to have my way paid for/reimbursed from Title 1 funds (professional development.)