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Fitbit, etc

November 29th, 2016 at 02:07 am

My Fitbit one's cover for the metal piece has been missing for months. It wouldn't be an issue if it weren't for the holes it's making in some of my clothes.

This weekend after making yet another hole, I decided it was time to look for a replacement.

I had been thinking about upgrading to the one with GPS, but just don't want a watch like gadget. So, sticking with the One.

I started looking at replacement clips - $15 on Amazon for a non-knock off.

Hmm... do I really want to spend my fun money on that?

Then I decided to call the CS for fitbit. After I explained the situation, the rep checked to see if my One was under warranty. Nope. But then she said that as a one time courtesy, they would send me a new clip!

Sweet! A ten minute phone call saved me $15 (and from more holes in my clothes!)

On Friday I accidentally left my CVS card at CVS. I only realized this when I got an emailed receipt.

Someone had decided to take it and use it. Frown

I went to CVS on Sunday and was able to use up a number of coupons/extrabucks so the so honest person with my card couldn't use them.

Today I spent about 15 minutes on the phone getting my old card deactivated, and my new one ordered.

What a pain!

So I attempted to vacuum on Sunday and proceeded to have a melt down. The vacuum's hose was totally blocked.

DH came to the rescue - although it ended up with him dismantling half of the vacuum.

I have always hated vacuuming. This vacuum has made me hate it more.

It was a wedding gift, which was timely due to both of our vacuums dieing ... but it's not up to a pet household.

So ... we are bidding on a Rainbow vacuum system with an aquamate attachment. For a short stint many years ago, I tried my hand at selling Rainbows. They're good machines - and priced right when bought used. If its hose gets clogged up, it won't require a cordless drill to dismantle it!

By the time the vacuum was unclogged and reassembled, and I'd vacuumed the upstairs, I had two hours before I had to return the Rug Doctor. (Partly why the melt down.)

It took over an hour to just do 3 rooms and the bathroom. Ugh.

I'm not really even sure it was worth it or not. Maybe once the carpets are completely dry it'll seem more so.

Oh - as I was leaving to go get the RD, I had put a load of laundry in the washer. I was in my car, ready to pull out, when I remembered that I had clipped my Fitbit to my nightshirt! Which was in the wash.

I don't know the last time I moved that fast. Smile

The shirt was towards the bottom, so it was a miracle that the Fitbit still works!!

DH asked me last night if I have a reputation for being absent minded at work too... Smile

Sick Kari :( ,Rug doctor?? etc

November 26th, 2016 at 03:44 am

I took my cat Kari to the Vet today. She has another UTI. Frown The vet said that sice it's her 2nd one in a short time, that we should start using only distilled water, give her l-lysine pills, and switch to Iams or Science Diet. He said that if it keeps happening, then we'll have to go to a prescription diet.

I hate it when my furkids are feeling poorly. Frown

Question - What is the best way to have a continual source of distilled water? I bought 3 gallon jugs tonight, but that probably won't be enough or more than a week! I'd hate to be generating that much trash st for water.

We are on the lookout for a rug doctor, or something of similar quality. DH says the ones in the store are way subpar to the ones you rent. We need to be cleaning our carpets at least once a month ... renting a RD will get old fast.

Any suggestions?

Also - we almost bought a snowblower today from Tractor Supply, but DH found out that the engine was made in China, and the warranty isn't being honored. He wants electric start and self propelled? The ones he was looking at on Sears and Ace was a $600 Craftsman. But he feels worried about the engine ...

DH made his first turkey - a 14lb one we got for "free" using grocery store rewards points.He was very happy. I got a tofurkey roast. Ugh. Won't get that again.

I did do some shopping today - got e clothes at Goodwill's $.99 sale, got my oil changed at Walmart (shopped), used a $10 survey reward at CVS to get some freebies, etc. Basically what I would've done Saturday night if I hadn't had today off.. Smile

The Concert / The Leaves

November 19th, 2016 at 04:19 am

So ... the TSO concert.

I wish we'd left before the end of the intermission. Then I'd only have positive things to say.

DH had told me TSO was a metal band with a penchant for Christmas music. I'd watched a youtube video of one of their shows - which actually was exactly what they did for the first part of the concert. I had liked it well enough to put up with the guitar riffs, etc.

What neither DH nor I were expecting was the second part of the concert. No Christmas related music at all. In fact, most of the songs sounded a lot alike..

Then there was this one song where the lead male was singing very weirdly. Another song where the female backups were doing some weird chant like thing in another language.

The piece de la resistance though came towards the end (good thing it was the end) when on the video screen they had these scenes of multiple women in white slip dresses doing weird dances ... and then the tarot cards showed up.

That was it for me. (I realize that a number of people on SA use tarot cards. For me personally, they are something that makes me completely turned off from any musician, movie, book, etc containing them.)

Definitely was a two-time visit. (first and last)

DH wasn't too thrilled with it either.

Oh well, overall it was a nice evening out.

I was at Planet fitness walking on the treadmill when DH called me. He told me to not be surprised when I came home to find the leaves in front of and on the side of our house (and our neighbors house) cleaned up.

Great. I had tried to casually suggest to DH a few weeks ago that we needed to do something about the leaves. That our neighbors were going to complain.

DH's response was that the leaves were great fertilizer, and besides our yard wasn't the worst one in the area....

We never got any kind of notice or warning, but the only logical thought is that the city came by and cleaned it up. And will be sending us the bill.

I suppose I should have just pulled up my big girl panties and cleaned up the leaves myself .. but DH does so little as it is ... maybe it was a little passive aggressive on my part - to just say, fine, we'll do it your way. I was expecting a warning or notice or something so I had something concrete to show DH - yes! something has to be done or else we'll be paying an outrageous amount for somebody else to do it!

Now all that's left is to wait for the bill to arrive ...


In other news ... we had our first snow flurries of the 2016-17 winter season this morning. None stuck of course. Smile (More urgently need to get a snowblower! Something we were going to get once we had a vehicle in which to carry it ... which of course has not been bought yet. We also need a ladder so the gutters can be cleaned out - and possibly so that I can get up on the roof and clean out the chimney. Of course we have no way of getting a ladder home ...)

Interview, Soy Curls, Concert!

November 17th, 2016 at 03:22 am

I had my interview on Tuesday afternoon. I ended up NOT changing clothes because by the time I found a parking spot, I only had time to put on makeup and skeedaddle.

There were two interviewers - my potential boss and a potential co-worker.

The job sounds so way up my alley! I *think* they liked me ... hopefully my many "you knows" and "ums" didn't turn them off. Frown

I'd have to learn a lot of new computer programs - one of the aspects of the job is being a Jill of All Trades - so I could take over any responsibility in the office if someone's sick or on vacation.

I sent both of them a thank you note today (handwritten) through Interoffice mail. Smile (Hoping that wasn't a faux paux - using IO mail to send a note ...)

About two months ago I bought an 8 oz package of a product called soy curls. It sat in my cupboard till about three weeks ago when I finally decided to make something with it! I did a recipe called "Barbeque'd soy curls"

I made the mistake of telling my DH that they tasted nasty just plain and rehydrated. He wasn't willing to try them, even after I told him that the recipe was decent, when you added some mustard and cheese ... Smile

I ate 3 meals out of it, and then froze the rest. This past weekend I reheated it and ate a 4th meal of it. There was still a good bit left (plus some broccoli.) I'd planned on eating it tonight for dinner.

So tonight I came home, fed the cats, cleaned the litter boxes, put my lunch together for tomorrow, got the dry ingredients ready for my smoothie, emptied the trash in the bathroom and office, started a load of laundry ... and then opened the fridge to get my dinner.

Only it was missing!

My DH apparently saw it in the fridge and wondered what it was, and then ate a few bites ... and the rest was history. Smile So, I guess I will be getting some more Soy Curls. Smile (I had planned on not getting them again.)

Tomorrow night is the Trans Siberian Orchestra Concert!!!!!! I'm just a *wee* bit excited. Big Grin

We're going to be in a hurry, so will be doing a quick stop at a Hardee's for dinner. It will still be a treat, because L town has no Hardee's. (I love their Mushroom Swiss burger w/o the burger. DH teases me he's going to contact them to find out what the sauce is made with - I told him NOT ON HIS LIFE to ruin it for me like he did with cornbread stuffing (uses chicken broth ...) For some things, I'd just rather not know. Smile

I forgot to mention - I won $9.67 in my Stepbet, and just started a new one on Monday. It's amazing how motivating losing $40 of my limited spending money motivates me to get my steps in! Big Grin

Chicago Trip

November 12th, 2016 at 08:28 pm

DH and I got back around 9 pm on Friday. The main purpose of the trip was to buy a car.

Guess what? We didn't buy a car. We looked at a grand total of .. drum roll please ... 1 car. On the way home in Davenport, Iowa.

We even spent an extra day there than we'd planned - due to neither of us looking forward to driving back Thursday night. Good thing too, because both of us were in bed sound asleep by 9 pm on Thursday ...

We accomplished two things - DH bought a sub woofer (focal something or other) which he says he'll make 3x what he paid (assuming he ever gets around to actually *Selling* anything ...) and I had the privilege to meet one of our Chicago SA'ers. Smile (I forgot to ask you if it was okay to say we met!)

That almost made the trip worthwhile by itself.

So ... we spent a total of about $300 on our 3 day trip - 2 nights at a below average Motel 6 where we had to PAY for wifi - which only worked on ONE device, eating out, and gas.

We both started the trip out a little bit on the sleep deprived side - me due to staying up late watching the election results (gag!) and DH just couldn't get to sleep. We were both pretty fried by the time we had to do another 8 1/2 hour drive back home ...

I am so completely tired of the car search. There's no way I'm going to do another trip like this - where we're spending all our time either waiting for Craigslist people to email us back or call us back ...

And it may be that I won't be able to take any more vacation days nor sick days for 6 months or so ...

I got a call for an interview for the library office specialist position!! It's on Tuesday at 4.

Now I just have to figure out how to get away from the office an hour early ... I'm not sure if the doctor visit excuse will work because my supervisor knows that I had a doctor's appt on Wednesday morning.

Also, I really would rather not lie. I'm going to try just saying I had an appointment come up unexpectedly (which is true) - but knowing her, she's going to want more info.

This is the only day I can do it, because she's going to be out for a week and a half with her husband's hip replacement surgery.

.... If I can get away for this, I'm planning on getting a haircut at an actual hair salon and probably a manicure too. I'm also trying to figure out how to deal with my wardrobe. If I go to work dressed nicer than usual with makeup, etc., AND have a mysterious "appointment" that will be a dead give away.

If it's meant to be, it'll work out.

Anyone have any idea - if you are switching positions, but still within city government, you start a new 6 month probation. But I'm not sure if that probation is the same as when you are hired initially? For example, would I lose my health insurance for 3 months??? And my retirement benefits? etc? I obviously can't ask this of anyone I know in the office ...

A Few Days Left of Stepbet - Learned Something

November 5th, 2016 at 02:40 am

Just 3 days left of my Stepbet. It's looking like the earnings will be around $10. I'm planning on doing another one, but not until after DH and I get back from Chicago.

Yes, we are officially going to Chicago next Wednesday and Thursday. Driving. Partially to buy DH a car, and partially for a quick get away. I'm thankful Friday will be a holiday for me. Sleep!

Something sad at work today. One of the new employees who I really liked was let go. She was within her 6 month probation period. Frown Not sure why.

At work I learned something else today - about copiers.
When you put paper into the drawer, you should do it "seam side" up. (the seam referring to the paper covering the ream of paper.) You also should do something called "fluffing" the paper (i.e. adding air pockets.)

All to avoid something like this:

(Kind of beautiful in its own way I think ...)
Still going strong on the no soda ... though I had a real test a few days ago - the first day the bus routes changed. STRESSED OUT! But I persevered and bought some carbonated water from family dollar instead. (and ... chocolate.)

Only 13 days till Trans Siberian Orchestra!!

The other day we had a backpack come in to Lost and Found, and inside it was a Nevada Barr book - one I hadn't read!

I picked it up from the library today. Big Grin (on CD so I can load it on my phone to listen to while walking or in the car.)

I bought some parsnips today. I plan on making them for dinner on Sunday. Smile I've never had them, so it should be interesting.

I also bought a bag of fresh cranberries last week. I put about 1/4 cup of them in my smoothie on Wednesday. Blegh! Yesterday and today I only put 3 or 4 ... much better. Smile

DH emptied out the transmission fluid from his Honda (which he drove through high water last May?) in an attempt to get it working again. It didn't work.

So now he's on the hunt for a used transmission. He thinks he may have found one two hours away for $150. He just needs to find out if it's vtech or not?

If he can get the car going again for $500 or less, then it should be worth it. Otherwise, he may be ready to sell it. (It's a 2001 Honda with around 149k miles.)