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Doctor, etc.

May 31st, 2013 at 11:41 pm

I went to the doctor this morning. When the PA took my blood pressure, it was 150/106. Yikes! That is SO out of normal for me. The doctor told her to take it again in ten minutes - more normal this time - 120/80. I told the doctor how fatigued and icky I've been feeling, as well as a couple things I thought it might be. One of them possibly being a generic Syntrhoid. She emailed a scrip in stating NO GENERIC. So hopefully that will help! She also gave me a couple extra tests other than the thyroid - including a CBC count. Will have to wait to see the results.

She asked me if I was exercising, and I told her that yes I was - around 30 -50 minutes 4 or 5 times a week. She wants me to increase it to a min. of 45 minutes. I'd love to if I had a willing walking partner!!
I really think I am going to upgrade my phone. If I upgrade to the 4 or the 4S then I can use the GymPact Anywhere function - this way I could use my elliptical on days when walking partner decides to not walk, and still be motivated to exercise for the GymPact. Or I could walk/run in the gym and still have it count. With 3rd grade co-worker leaving, I have a lot less chance of having a willing walking partner - especially one who's willing to do more than the bare min. of 30 minutes. Ugh.

The visit cost me $69. $35 Co-pay plus a $34 balance from the last visit (blood tests.) I'm supposed to go back again in 3 months.

After the doctor I was on the SBs site and got nearly 200 points just from the McDonald's app. Cool. Smile I had planned on going in to the school during the morning, but just did not feel good. I finally made myself go a bit after noon. I thought I was going to have the help of my summer school assistants for a couple hours, but only had them for an hour. That was barely enough time to divide the kids into groups and classify them loosely into ability levels. I spent a few more hours printing out games/worksheets - but will have to go in Sunday to make sure everything is really put together and ready for Monday.

I got an email today from restaurants . com telling me that a place I'd bought a certificate for a few years ago is no longer participating. Since I hadn't used the certificate, I could exchange it and redeem it for $25 credit. I'd bought the certificate so that I could take my dad and grandma out to a Chinese vegetarian place in Loma Linda, but we ended up not going. So I'm going to use the credit to buy certificates for IHOP and another place in NE. I've asked NE to look at the possible places and tell me what would be a good choice.

I think I'm going to skip church tomorrow and just try to sleep. I'm also going to try to get off the phone/Skype by 11 tonight (we have our date start at 8 my time, 9 his time.)

The co-worker who is leaving in the morning Frown gave me back my dad's laptop today. She'd been using it to hook her wi-fi router into at her house. It's good to have it back, although I'd rather still have my friend staying here. Frown

My barclay's account is funded and vetted now. A month from now I'll see how much difference that .15% makes. Smile

Dinner Out

May 31st, 2013 at 03:36 am

Tonight my two walking buddies/co-workers went out to eat - two of us were treating the third who is leaving on Saturday. Frown With tip, the meal for the three of us was $50. Gulp. Oh well, it isn't like someone leaves all the time that you want to take out. The food wasn't that great, but that doesn't matter that much.

I opened a Barclay's account and am now just waiting for the test amounts to be able to transfer money into it. I'll be putting about 70% of my savings there. I don't know how much difference an extra .15% interest will really make .. but every miniscule bit helps, right? Smile

Tomorrow I have a doctor's appointment for bloodwork and hope to also see the doctor to talk about my tiredness/icky feeling that doesn't seem to go away. I'm wondering if it has to do with upping my dosage of thyroid meds - or if it has something to do with taking a generic of Synthroid for the last three weeks or so (although the icky/fatigue started before I started taking the generic--- I picked it up on the 14th? on my way back from CO and it didn't dawn on me that it was the generic until I was in my car and I decided one month of it wouldn't kill me ..)

So ... NE and I are doing well. Smile He'd said something on Monday night that confused me as to what he meant, and I asked him to clarify about it last night. Which he did. Smile I found a couple of neat websites - one where you can send virtual flowers (name of site is just that - virtual flowers com.) And then this other one with funny/dirty/scandalous ecards for all sorts of occasions - some ecards (no spaces.) I sent NE one of the few that were funny without also being dirty - if you check it out, it's the one about pigs and bacon. Smile He got a kick out of it.

Today was the 3rd payday for May. I had actually forgotten about it, but then I stopped by the office to ask the secretary something and saw the paystubs on the table (we have to sign a sheet to show we picked up the paystub.)

I'm kind of nervous about next week/summer school. Without a real curriculum to follow and needing to fill two weeks with "fun" educational activities ... (while also attempting to spend NO money) ,, It's been a few years since I've *really* been in a classroom like this. (Yes, I've been teaching in the library/computer lab for the past two years - but that is with multiple different groups for no more than an hour at a time. Lots of times I can just basically repeat the same lesson for different groups with a few tweaks ...)

Wow ... Net Worth, etc.

May 28th, 2013 at 09:15 pm

So yesterday I had my babysitting job. It went well - about 5 hours for $40. It was worth more than the cash to me though - I really enjoy taking care of the girls. Of course, by the time I got home and got something to eat, it was just about time for my Monday phone date with NE. Smile So I didn't get much done on Monday other than a walk with my co-workers, babysitting gig and a 5 hour phone date. Not that I'm complaining. At all. Big Grin

After another walk with my co-workers this morning, I decided that instead of going into town and spending money (which I'd been contemplating) that I'd sit down with YNAB and do a fresh start and see where I'm at money wise.

In November after buying my car, my Net Worth was around $48k. Today, mostly thanks to one particular stock (hit $110 today!!) my NW is grasping at $95k!! That number is seriously hard for me to comprehend that I've actually got that kind of money available to me. (Of the individual stock I own, approximately 90% of them were inherited. So, unless they drop down to $30/share, I'm not messing with them.)

Tomorrow I need to start preparing for summer school in earnest. It starts on Monday.

Good friend/co-worker is leaving on Saturday. Frown A couple of us are taking her out to eat Thursday night (3rd payday of the month - dinner out is being timed for the payday ... my 3rd payday will mostly be going into savings - such a different mindset.) She has a possible job offer in the area she'd like to relocate to, so that is good news. I'm still really sad to see her go though.

(I had a lot more to this post, but had to restart it due to a browser hiccup before I had a chance to save ...)

Lazy Weekend

May 27th, 2013 at 02:37 am

Haven't done much this weekend. Yesterday I went to church in the morning, but was so tired that I went straight home (didn't stay for potluck.) I slept pretty hard for a few hours, and then gave J a call (the lady I lived with for a few months two years ago.) She's a month out from her second knee surgery and is recovering pretty well from it. She was happy to hear about NE and I. Smile Then it was time for my weekly call to grandma. Pretty much same conversation per usual. Big Grin

I slept a bit more, then got up and caught up on about frugal forums (hadn't read in over a month!) Did some laundry too.

** Oh, I had to fill up before heading to church. I was on fumes again. Last tank was 34.4 mpg, even with the fast driving. $37.39 for 10.489 gallons

This morning I was supposed to go walking, but both people wimped out on me. I was going to make ableskebers for my two sometimes walking partners this morning, but shortly before heading over to Ns place to make them, I realized I didn't have buttermilk, good butter (all my tubs were dried out ...), salt or sugar!! So I had to go to the expensive mom and pop store and pick that stuff up (no buttermilk, but did get lemon juice --- didn't quite achieve the right results using rice milk ...)About $10. Ouch.

The first two batches didn't turn out great, but luckily by the third batch they were working out better. The ladies told me that it was my practice run for making them for NE. Smile (I hadn't made them in practically 3 years .. so was a little rusty.)

I redeemed swagbucks for a $15 AGC yesterday. Now have enough for my June 5 $5's.

Tomorrow I have a babysitting gig. The mom wrote me to let me know that her dh won't be going on the trip he was thinking about doing, but they'd like to spend some quality time together tomorrow. Smile

I can't seem to shake this tiredness, no matter how much I'm sleeping/lazing. I will be seeing my doctor again on Friday for retesting bloodwork (thyroid.) I'm hoping she can offer me some ideas on what is going on. Tired of being tired.

Almost forgot - got a call this pm from one of my walking partners about the loose neighborhood dog who always comes with us on our walks. She (the dog) has been accused of biting a child. Witnesses (all kids under ten ..) say that it was actually the child's dog that bit her after being sat on by the child ... but the child claims it was neighborhood dog. Frown Only consequence right now is that nd is going to have to be tied up all the time (which her owners have tried to do, but she constantly gets off the tie out.) The owner asked if we'd write a note to animal control stating that nd is NOT aggressive. She isn't - so I will be doing that.

Wish I hadn't Asked / Last Day

May 24th, 2013 at 05:55 pm

So today is the last day of school. Last week all the teachers and assistants were given evaluation forms to complete for all the special teachers. Today I asked the principal when we were going to get to see them - she handed them over to me.

The majority of them were 1's and 2's (Outstanding, High Satisfactory.) A few of them had names. Only one of them had a comment to explain one of the scores. I wish I could focus on those ones, but the ones that stood out to me were the ones with the 5's - Unsatisfactory. There were 3 of those for classroom management. No name and no explanation. I also had two 3s (low satisfactory) for collaboration/connection to curriculum/getting along with teachers. Again, no comments or names.

I'm totally befuddled. No teacher has come to me to say anything of the sort. I know there are some groups I have a more difficult time with than others, but for the most part I feel like I have a good handle. As for connecting curriculum ... I'd LOVE to do more of it if they would TELL me what they are studying!!! And yes, I do ask.

All this has done for me is to sucker punch me in the gut. It has done nothing constructive because I have nothing to base figuring out a fix or a solution. All it makes me do is want to say I have had enough. I have tried to do a good job. I have tried to reach out to the staff. I have tried to make the curriculum interesting and relevant. I really don't know what else to do.

I feel like a failure in some ways. I just can't seem to hack it in any job .. and I've scr@wed up most of my relationships too.

Sorry .. this is mostly a self-pity party of one. Part of me knows that it is impossible to make everyone happy. The low scores themselves aren't really the most upsetting part of this, it's the not knowing *why* they were given. The not having any way to figure out what the perception/mis-perception is - is it that the person thinks kids should be silent in the library? If that's the case, then it's a matter of differing opinions. Is it something else? With nothing to go off of, how is a low score at all helpful??

Oh yeah, I got a couple 3's also on making up classes/leaving lesson plans. Arghh!! All anyone has to do is ASK ME if they want to make up a missed class period! Anytime someone ASKS, I do everything I can to figure out how to do it. And for lesson plans .. I leave them, they just don't seem to get used!


Gotta go pick up nurse. Off to ABQ.

Almost to the End of Second Year

May 24th, 2013 at 03:16 am

This week has been busy with end of the year activities and trying to recover all the checked out books (with one day left, still have 43 out!!)

I am still sad about my coworker leaving and my other coworker finding out about cancer, not to mention a third coworker who has decided to look for another job as well. Both of my walking partners may be gone next year. Frown However, a 3 hr Skype convo with NE and a sweet ecard the next morning, did a lot to lift my spirits. Smile

NE ... I knew he was a gem before, but he's showing himself to be a diamond. I had no idea what to expect with rekindling our relationship, but I am SO glad I jumped off the ledge and helped it along.

Today was field day. I got a bit of a sunburn supervising the Great Wall of China station (two kids stand in the middle of the playing field and try to catch all the other kids as they run back and forth.) It went pretty well from what I could see, and the kids had fun. TG our principal had told the kids yesterday that if they had books still out that they would miss one event for every book. At that time there were 30 kids with books still out! Today 22 kids had to sit out. I hated to do something so negative like that, but come on! It isn't like the kids aren't aware that the books belong to the library. I have a plan for next year which will hopefully alleviate this problem.

After work today I helped 3rd coworker scan a bunch of documents to apply for a different position. Then I went into big G and stopped at Walgreen's to pick up a thank you gift for my assistant. I ended up getting a few other things as well (of course.) About $24.xx or so altogether.

I had to get gas as well (both because I was running on fumes by the time I got to big G and because I'm taking the school nurse to the airport tomorrow.) I was truly on fumes - 10.458 gallons it took (at $3.49/gallon.) I had to switch pumps though because the first pump I was at wouldn't start fueling, even after I had one of the cashiers come out and look at it.

Well the past two nights the trailer has been very warm, almost uncomfortably. That's better though than last year where it became this way by the first week of May. I'm hopeful they'll set up the swamp coolers soon so I won't have to swelter too much. (I do have a fan, it just doesn't work that great.)

I am planning on taking it pretty easy until Tuesday. Then I'll have to go into uber prep mode for summer school. I'm totally refusing to spend any money on it this year. Just cannot do that again.

Not a good day :(

May 21st, 2013 at 02:56 am

This morning I found out that my good friend and co-worker's lung cancer has returned. Frown Frown She'll be having surgery the last week of June. Curses and multiple bad words.

Then after our last staff meeting for the year, I found out that one of my favorite people here and one of my regular walking partners has decided to not return next year. Frown Frown Frown Frown Frown

Dealing with both of those today hit me like a ton of bricks. I barely made it home after the staff meeting before bursting hysterically into sobs. When I'd calmed down a little bit, I called NE. He was so sweet, just listening and asking a few questions here and there. Then when he saw I was calmer, he started doing his best to make me laugh. Smile He is such a good man.

I briefly saw what happened in OK today, but after getting the hint of multiple dead children, decided to not look into it too far. Had enough to handle already. I will probably read about it later tonight though. Frown

Some of us got our contracts today, and the rest will tomorrow. That includes me. Days like today ... I wish I was in NE and not here, or NE was here ... Why do adult friends have such a hard time giving each other a hug? Or even a light touch on the shoulder?

Frown This place is going to be so dreary for me next year without my teacher friend. She is truly one of those one of a kind type of people who *really* know God on a personal level.

Car updates

May 19th, 2013 at 08:18 pm

I forgot to put this in my post yesterday. I called the local mechanic to find out how much he'd charge to add cruise control or possibly a combo cruise control/remote starter to my car. He told me I really should call the dealer. So .. I called the dealer in the G town. Long and short of it- they don't make anything like that for my model of car (2010 Toyota Yaris) and this particular dealership doesn't have the right equipment to even install after market parts. Huh?? Maybe the dealership in ABQ would though ...

I plan on contacting the local mechanic again to see what he thinks. I hope I don't have to go all the way to ABQ to get it done, but if I do, then I guess I do. Having cruise control will be very helpful in avoiding speeding tickets on the 16 hour drive .. (plus help with gas mileage too.) Oh yeah - speaking of gas mileage. My car averaged around 36 - 37 mpg on the trip - even with going up steep inclines.

I'm possibly taking the school nurse to the airport on Friday, so if the only place to get it done is at the ABQ dealer, then I could drop my car off on Friday. (maybe they'll have a loaner car or drop me off at the mall or something while I wait)

Not feeling 100% today, so kind of taking a lazy day. Though I really need to do some laundry and dishes..

Updates :)

May 19th, 2013 at 02:11 am

Hi everyone. It's been a busy week here in the desert. NE and I have spent hours and hours talking on Skype (no thanks to my two year old computer that freezes up, or the Internet that drops the connection...) spent a few hours on FaceTime with my brother too (talking about who else but NE and also *the* electric car stock..)

8th grade graduation was Thursday night, and Preschool on Friday morning. More drama of course. It really makes me sad/sick to my stomach. It should *only* be about the kids - not about protesting not getting paid for doing things off the clock (like attending graduation!) Contracts are supposed to start being handed out on Monday ... will be interesting to see how much more drama this will create. (As in those who've been doing the stupid silent protests may not be getting the raises they think they deserve...)

One of the teachers took a personal day on Friday, but hadn't mentioned that they were going to be gone to their students. So Friday afternoon I had 4 of that teacher's students come in to the lab visibly upset asking to print out cards/brochures for their teacher. The teacher asst. for whatever reason decided to share a text from the teacher stating that the teacher was past ABQ and on the way home ... This made the kids who are already pretty fragile about the whole teachers not staying for long thing, assume that this teacher had left for good without saying goodbye. Ugh. I tried to reassure them that their teacher would be back Monday, but I don't think they believed me.

Stock ... wow! I decided to sell enough shares to recoup my initial investment from 3 or so years ago (plus a bit more.) I paid $28.xx/share then, and sold for $95/share! At my income level (as far as I can figure) I won't owe any capital gains taxes. This money will eventually be used to pay off my car. For now though, I'm going to enjoy seeing a nice fat bank account. (Looking at my net worth increase in the last two weeks makes me have heart palpitations - an increase of nearly $30k!!)

NE .. Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin I just can't say how happy I am. I'll be going to stay with him in NE for most of July. I found someone who will take Kari into their home while I'm gone. Will be driving out, and probably stopping in Colorado Springs again for the night. I know myself - no way could I drive 16 hours straight.

Any of you connected with me on FB can see a picture of NE and I. Big Grin I don't want to post it here for a variety of reasons though.

Only one week of school left!! This coming week I won't have any media classes. I'll have my work cut out for me working on cleaning, sorting and a variety of projects. Not to mention preparing for summer school!

Ack! I'm just so happy. Smile

(PS - I decided to not take the babysitting job I was emailed about. The thought of leaving here no later than 6:30 a.m. for two weeks plus all the driving ... made me exhausted just thinking about it. Plus it would have ended up maybe being $5/hr after taking out gas costs. Not worth it.)

Home :D

May 15th, 2013 at 12:19 am

I got back last night from my weekend adventure. Boy am I ever tired!!

The way to Colo Sprgs is pretty much a straight shot - 25 to 40. Unfortunately I ended up taking a "shortcut" which led me through the mountains of Taos, etc. on the way there. I was able to cut 30+ minutes off the drive by sticking to 25 to 40 on the way back. I am going to need to get cruise control installed in my car sooner than later though, otherwise that route is probably going to cause me to receive some speeding tickets sooner than later ...

(filled up w/gas a total of 3 times at a bit under $100 total)

Yes, I will be making the trip again, although this next time all the way to where NE lives. Big Grin We talked a lot about a lot of things and cleared the air about other things. Friday night a few hours after I arrived, we officially agreed that we were back together. We are both determined to be more open and forthcoming with any concerns or issues - this is especially on my part. So far, so good. Smile

We visited Pike's Peak, although we weren't able to get all the way to the top due to a recent snowstorm. It was quite beautiful, and even snowed for a short while. (It was outrageously expensive though - $12 per person just to drive the road!!) We also went through the Cave of the Winds. It was good, but I don't know if it was quite worth $18 pp for a 45 minute excursion. We also saw Iron Man 3 Big Grin -- It was his first 3D movie in a theater. ($12 pp!) I took care of the meals and outings, and he took care of the hotel. It was pretty even.

He's asked me to come spend a few weeks this summer with him in NE. It really makes a lot of sense. If he came here, he'd have to stay in a hotel, and would only be able to here for a few days at most. While if I go out there I can stay at his place and stay for a few weeks. The longest we'd ever had together in person previously was about a week, so it'd be good to have some length of time in the same zipcode!!

I figure I can bring my desktop and some planning books and work on the website/activities, lessons and Swagbucks while he's at work. That way I'll still get stuff done. Maybe I can also check out the local university library for book ideas, etc. I'm thinking of taking Kari .. it'll be a test to see if she can get along with other cats. He has 5 (two of whom he had when were together before.)(Will need to get some kind of sleep aid/relaxing agent for Kari. She can barely tolerate a 30 minute drive - can't imagine how overly stressed she'd be with a 16 hr one!!)

He was so sweet. Smile The first time he asked me to be his gf back in 2005, he met me with a rose. I'd mentioned to him in an email that I still had that rose (dried.) He gave me a new rose this weekend. Roses aren't my favorite flowers (snapdragons are) but they are still a special flower. Smile

My car ran with no problem (other than not having a lot of horsepower on some of the mountain highways.) I listened to my music off my phone via the mp3 plugin on my radio most of the way there and back. It was SO nice. Big Grin

When I got back here, there had been some drama due to a decision made by the mission office/principal. Of 50 staff members who said they were coming to a barbeque (staff appreciation) only 20 came. This was some lame protest. Ugh. I'm actually kind of glad now that I wasn't here, it would have just made me sad.

Oh! I also got a cool email from the lady who's asked me to babysit her girls a number of times this year. She is needing someone to take the girls to and from summer school because her mother in law is doing poorly and her husband is going to be going out to be with her for a few weeks. She told me that she'd prefer to have me do it over any other babysitter in the area. Smile That made me feel pretty darn good.

The yearbooks are selling pretty well - nearly 40 sold out of 76. So maybe we'll be rid of most of them ... (Somehow some of the staff/teachers got the idea that they get a yearbook for free. I have NO idea how they got that idea - didn't last year!! NE got to hear me be annoyed at the idea when I got the texts from my asst. about the whole thing. He was impressed at how seriously I took my job. Smile )

I forgot to take a camera with me to take pictures. Luckily NE took his. He's going to email me the pics we took. It was funny thinking back to 2005 - he'd taken pics back then too (and he had kept them! He brought them along to show me.) Only back then he sent me copies of the photos after having them developed, and now they can just be emailed.

I am so tired - haven't got much sleep this past week or so. Either too excited/anxious, too much to talk about, or overtired. I need to give my brother a call, as well as my aunt - they both want updates. Smile Probably will hit the hay as soon as I'm done with those calls. (Am going to attempt to catch up on blogs here too.)

EEKK!! Tomorrow!

May 10th, 2013 at 03:22 am

Sorry I've been a bit MIA recently. Been busy with school, getting ready for my trip, and doing a lot of talking on the phone. Smile

Wednesday after work I went to the hair salon that a co-worker recommended to me. I hadn't thought to ask about the price beforehand ... So when I found the place and saw it, I worried that it was going to be one of those $50 haircut places. Thankfully I was completely wrong. The lady did a great and quick job, and only charged $15!! The lady who did my manicure also did a nice job, and also charged $15 (fairly reasonable, although I've had better ones for less.)

Tuesday afternoon we had our annual Faculty vs. Mid-School Volleyball game. I played ... made three out of 7? serves actually over the net. Smile Also provided some good chuckles for everyone when the ball sailed onto the roof (and came back down) as well as when it sailed way to the left of the net (twice!) Anyway, we won. Smile Better yet, we had fun.

The yearbooks finally arrived this afternoon!! I didn't get a chance to look at the whole yearbook, but the first few pages looked good. My assistant and the journalism kids will be presenting it on Monday. I hate to not be there, but ... well .. plans already in place take precedence. Smile I'm just so relieved it arrived before the 8th graders leave. (Monday is their last official day of school, then they graduate on Wednesday night.)

I'm all packed for my trip except for a few toiletries, etc. Kind of been driving AL crazy this week at school. Smile Glad she's willing to put up with me. Smile

Ooo boy! Have I been liking the electric car stock news this week. Big Grin I teased my brother that I was going to sell so many shares and pay off my car. He of course came back with, "be patient! It's only the start!!" Smile

Not really looking forward to the 8+ hour drive tomorrow after I'm released from the in-service day(may be less or more w/traffic.) So glad for a working radio w/CD player (must remember to bring CDs!) Am really looking forward to the end result. NE observed that it kind of feels like we're meeting each other again in person for the first time, just with a lot of history/knowledge to go with the meeting. He's right, it does feel like that.

Within just the first 9 days of May, I already am within 300 SBs of my June 5 $5 AGCs. Made goal all 9 days, so will get at least the 7 day bonus, and perhaps the 14 day bonus when I get back.

Ok, going to try to catch up on the blogs so I don't have a ton to read on Monday to catch up. Smile

Life is Short :(

May 6th, 2013 at 03:23 am

This morning I went to brunch at the 3rd grade teachers home, along with several other of my coworkers. While there I learned that on Saturday morning the 29 yo mom of one of our 4th grade girls was killed in a car accident. Frown I had just helped this little girl on Friday create a Mother's Day card and can vividly remember what she wrote in her note - it showed such a special relationship. Frown

You just never know.


This afternoon I volunteered at the photos for smiles event at my church. It was pretty slow. We only had around 60 groups show up. Although I think if we'd had as many as we had been expecting, it would not have been good. We really didn't have enough waiting area space and two hairstylist/makeup people would not have been enough. People seemed to appreciate it though. I am glad I put in a few hours helping out.

After I finished there, I went to Walmart and did some clothes shopping. I got several pairs of capris, a pair of sandals, a dress and a couple other items. I also replaced my two water bottles. It was over $100, but I so rarely spend money on clothes and I was needing some newer items for the summer .. If I could find items at Goodwill or the thrift shop in my size, I'd check there first, but it usually is like looking for a needle in haystack - especially if looking for something in good shape AND cute.

Five days. Big Grin

Making plans and spending money

May 5th, 2013 at 05:02 am

This coming weekend will be doing Pike's Peak and Cave of the Winds for sure, and perhaps something else.

NE found a hotel for $40/night which is within walking distance of Old Colorado Springs. When NE first mentioned CS as a location, I thought the name sounded familiar, but wasn't sure why. After reading some of the hotel reviews and seeing the name Old CS, I am thinking that it may be near where I attended a Pathfinder Camporee (similar to Boy/Girl Scouts) in 1985. My favorite memories from that camporee include seeing the "Huxtable" kids, the obstacle course, seeing an old friend from Iowa, and walking around in the downtown area of the nearby town - where I found an awesome fancy hat (but didn't buy). I also lost a camera there. If it is the same place, I wonder if the hat shop is still there? Big Grin

(At first NE found one for $70/night and I thought I could find a cabin or something at a KOA campground or the like for less. But everything I was finding started in the $90 range. Neither of us have any camping gear, so that wasn't an option either.)

I got a pedicure on Friday afternoon. The lady doing it asked me if I wanted her to use the slougher (not sure of exact term, thing that takes off dead skin). I told her that was the main reason I was going for a pedicure!! Wink With tip, it cost $33!!! I usually don't pay more than $30 for a mani & pedi combined. If I do this again, I'll have to do more research on other places (with hopefully better prices!)

I stopped at the grocery store afterwards and picked up 5 items - bananas, orange juice, treat, and two other things I can't remember. $15.xx (forgot my savings card for Safeway)

I also had to fill up with gas - $33.xx. According to my Gas Cubby app I got 34.2 mpg this last tank. Nice. Smile

I was SO tired this afternoon when I got back from church that I took a 4 hour nap. I didn't really want to get up, but I knew I needed to if I was going to get a good nights sleep.

Funny Smile When I was walking with my two co-workers this morning, one of them told me that the preschool director (who is a Sister) had asked her about how my Sabbath works - because she'd seen me out walking at 9am on the past 4 or 5 Saturdays. My coworker let her know that my church service doesn't start til 11:30, so I have plenty of time in the morning for a walk! (Just a taste of what it's like living in a neighborhood where 30+% of the residents are co-workers, and about 30% of the student population are also residents.)
Tomorrow I'll be volunteering at the free portrait event at my church in the afternoon, and also need to put together 4 days worth of morning worship activities (my 3rd morning breakfast/worship duty this year.)

I also need to find a place that details cars in big G (and work on getting my car cleaned out ..) Smile

Six days. Big Grin

Counting down :)

May 2nd, 2013 at 01:31 am

Tomorrow's payday, the first of three for May. I am thinking about sending it all to the car loan, or maybe 70% of it and then let the other 30% be used for upcoming extra expenses. It still would be a good chunk gone.

Made appointments to get Kari's nails trimmed (tomorrow), pedicure (Friday), haircut and manicure (Wednesday.) Smile 8 days and counting til Colorado Springs. Big Grin

Old bf (NE) told me that he'd been thinking along my same lines, but just hadn't found a good opportunity to bring it up. He was glad I did it. Funny how after so long we both got the same feeling/idea.

Yearbooks still have not arrived. Frown With less than 3 weeks of school left, I'm a little worried that we will not sell many. Today we sent home "pre-order" flyers so parents can at least start sending in money (best at beginning of month!) From what old principal told me last year though, this tactic isn't too successful. Most don't buy til they see the actual yearbook. Ugh. Next year I want to have the yearbook finished a week ahead of deadline .. and maybe I can find a second person to back me up in case I get sick again.

Cashed in for first two $5 AGCs from SBs today. Also got my $15 AGC put into Amazon account. I made the monthly goal everyday for April (SBs) but have the feeling that will be the last time it happens if things work out with NE. (Can't exactly say, um.. I know these are the only two days we'll see each other this month, but I really need two or three hours to make my daily goal on SBs...) Oh well, it'll be worth it. Big Grin

That's about it for right now that I can think of anyway.