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A Phone Call and the Talent Show

May 1st, 2005 at 04:30 am

Wow! Just Wow! I'm not even totally sure where to begin. Last night after I wrote here, I wrote an email to my ex-bf Scott. Then today when I got back from church and checked my email . . . there was a reply from him! At the end of the email he mentioned that it had been a while since we had talked on the phone and he'd like to call me sometime. I replied back and at the end of my email told him that if he did call, I wouldn't hang up on him. Smile

About an hour later or so, I got a one line email from him asking if I was awake. I replied that yes, I was awake. About 20 minutes later or so, he called me! We talked for over 4 1/2 hours - not our longest conversation, but one of the longer ones. He was telling me about school and how it runs in five week cycles. Then he asked me again when the end of the school year was for me and my dates for moving. I told him. Then he mentioned to me that there is a mid-term break that same weekend that I am going to be moving. I was like, oh, what a coincidence. Smile ---In my head I was going, oh my word, I just bet he is going to ask to come here and see me again! -- About three and a half hours into our conversation he refers again to his mid-term break, then says that he might want to take a little road trip during that time. And would I be willing to go to dinner with him!!! --I KNEW it!!! -- I mentioned that that weekend I would be moving, but it would be a nice break to go out to dinner with him. He then told me that he'd be willing to help me move. Smile ---Oh, almost forgot - he asked me if I was dating anyone -- I told him about the two characters who'd emailed me from the singles site, and also told him that no, I wasn't dating anyone. BTW - he'd be driving 600+ miles one way.

Ok, guys, now my heart is skipping a beat. I don't know if I'm reading too much into this or not. I'm not even sure exactly WHAT I want this all to be. The last time we saw each other was in October. We parted as friends, and have since then stayed in minimal contact, until the past month. There really isn't anything bad I can say about him, except that maybe when we dated he wasn't really quite ready for it - needed to see the other side of the fence so to speak.

If he is in fact coming here to try for a second chance, I already know my heart's answer. My brain on the other hand is a bit more cautious. I've only broken my rule of giving a relationship a second chance once - and lets just say that didn't turn out very well at all. He and I have so much in common, and are so much alike in many ways, that it's almost scary (in a good way). I think that if I were to give him a second chance, I'd have to insist on taking things very slowly, so I can be sure he's here for the long haul. He has to know that he can't just snap his fingers, and have me come running.

Of course, I *could* be completely off base, and he really is driving 9+ hours one way to spend a day with a friend. And he only asked me if I was dating anyone because he was curious.

Ok, now on to the Talent Show. I arrived tonight at the same time as Nick and Tammy and their two children (two of my favorite youngsters in the world!). As we were walking over to the school, someone driving by told Tammy that someone had caught what they thought was a mouse and let it go outside. Tammy was horrified because from the description of the mouse, it sounded just like one of their class's pet gerbils. So, all five of us began a hunt for the gerbil. I honestly thought there was no way that we would be able to find it. Before we even started the hunt, we went to her classroom, and discovered that not just one gerbil was missing - but both gerbils were missing! Amazingly, we were able to not only locate the gerbil who'd been let outside, but also capture it, with about five minutes of searching. Then we decided to search her classroom for the other gerbil. Tammy and I started opening up the closet doors. I opened up the last one, which, lo and behold, was where the other gerbil was hiding! It took a few minutes of patience and an offer of food, and the second gerbil was rescued! These gerbils were not only classroom pets, but they were on loan from the daughter of the Spanish teacher and were just babies. So, if they'd been actually lost and not found, it would have been a disaster on many levels. God has his eye on the sparrow --- and the little baby gerbil! Smile

Once the mission was accomplished, we all made it to the vespers part of the program just as it was starting. We had to go get a bunch of chairs because there wasn't enough set up for everyone who was there. There were 5 kid acts and 4 adult acts. The kids ALL did a MARVELOUS job!! I personally wanted to give each and everyone of them a prize. All of the adult acts were great too, although the one I enjoyed the most I think was this guy named Larry who did a stand-up commedian act. Let's just say his remarks were so rude (not in a crass way) so bad, that they were laugh out loud hilarious. Smile

After the talent show was over, I went with Nick and Tammy and family to Marble Slab Creamery. We all got a little ice-cream - Nick treated. I told Nick that my mom was wanting him to play at her wedding, and he said they'd have to figure out exactly when they were going to celebrate Tammy's mom's birthday. Tammy had a really bad headache and felt like she needed to get home soon. Before we all left though, Destiny (2 1/2) needed to be changed and Nicholas (4 3/4) needed to go to the bathroom. Nick changed Destiny, and I took Nicholas into the Creamery to the bathroom. It was kind of funny to me, because the last time I took Nicholas to the bathroom was when I babysitted for him and Destiny about a year ago, and when he went he proceded to remove ALL his clothing and kept saying "Lorla! Lorla! See?! I'm a big boy!!" Fortunately, he has learned to use the restroom now without removing all of his clothing! Smile

I am seriously considering going to the regular expensive theatre tomorrow and seeing "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy." As fearful as I am of them doing a major injustice to both Douglass Adams and to the book, I feel as though I must see it. If I see it at the matinee time, it will only be about $5, as long as I don't get any snacks - which I usually don't do anyway. I guess I'll see how I feel in the morning.

Oh - today was a no spending day. Yay! Smile

Keeping It Frugal in Texas,

16 days left!!!

April 30th, 2005 at 02:56 am

The morning went really pretty well. I only had 10 of my 13 students there, due to a death in one student's family, and two of the others leaving early for an Adventurer's campout (similar to Boy/Girl Scouts). The afternoon went okay - there were a few moments that could have made me very upset, but somehow, I didn't let them get to me. Maybe it's cuz I know the end is near. Smile Smile I stringently tried to ignore M's off the wall behavior as much as possible, and then the few moments he was doing really well, praise him to high heaven. By the afternoon, he had actually settled down somewhat, unfortunately, the other boys took up where he left off. By 3:00 I had 5 students left, and by 3:03 I had one student left. I guess all the parents were anxious to get started on their weekend. Smile

After work I went to Kroger's and picked up some mailing envelopes. I know I could do it much cheaper by picking up a whole box of them from Office Depot or something, but well, I didn't. Smile Then I went home and wrote out the addresses of the four auction winners on notecards which I attatched to the envelopes, and put the books in. While I was at the post office there was a lady ahead of me with two small girls, probably 3 and 4. They were very cute, but not very well behaved. I still have two auctions awaiting payment, otherwise I would've mailed those off too.

Oh yeah, I stopped at Schlotsky's for supper. Smile Then of course, I really really wanted some soda, so I stopped at Kroger's again and picked up some soda, along with a few other items. Today was payday, and normally I would get my car filled up, but I was only down a 1/4 tank since last payday fill-up, and the cheap gas station was out of the regular gas, so I decided to wait till next payday. Smile

I've been thinking some more about my dad and I's livinig arrangements. Right now, I think it's kind of frustrating to me because when I come home and he's here, there really isn't any space that is really "his" space. So, when I walk in and he's in "my" space, using my computer, or having made a mess in the kitchen making his bread machine bread (or more accurately, not having cleaned up the bread crumbs/flour from making bread 4 or 5 days ago), it can be frustrating.

Once my dad finds a place, which will be a 2 bedroom place, and hopefully a 2 bathroom place, I think some of these issues will be resolved. For example, my computer can go in my bedroom, and he can have his computer in his bedroom, as well as all his other stuff. Also, once he hopefully starts making sales, he will be able to contribute to grocery costs. Yes, I am pretty good about getting good deals, and am happy to share what I have, BUT two people consume a stockpile much, MUCH faster than one, and right now he's not even here for meals everyday.

Kashi asked me whether or not I have a choice about living with my dad. Yes, and no. Yes, I could get an apartment all by myself, although without a current job, I'd probably have to do a bit of haggling about a deposit. That would be the most comfortable choice for me in a way - wouldn't have to make any concessions or changes. But, in reality, I don't really think I have a choice. Due to some really stupid choices my dad made a few years ago, he is now facing some tough consequences. He needs a place to call home during the day. He needs to feel supported by family. I know he is a good person, despite the stupid choice he made, and I feel it is only right that I offer him all the support and help that I can. He was tremendously supportive of me when I was going through some tough financial times four or five years ago. So I guess in a way I also feel like I owe him quite a bit.

I think what really frustrated me yesterday was that he was pretty much unwilling to consider the inexpensive places - even though I'd told him upfront that I really wanted to keep my expenses to a bare mininum - and honestly I would think he would too, since right now he is basically being financially supported by his younger sister until he gets his sales going.

My life right now, really is NOT what I pictured it as being like when I got close to the 30 mark (7 months away). I pictured myself as a wife and a mom. Happy and content. Not as a directionless, jobless (though by own choice) singleton with a horrible credit score. I can't say that I am UNhappy really, though I am NOT content with my life. I know God loves me. I know my family loves me, and I know I have friends whom I can turn to when I really need to vent. I really don't want to find myself turning 40 and still not have my dream of my own family. Again, it's not that I'm UNhappy with being single. It does have it's positive side for sure, and I feel that I can be alone and not be lonely. But, I don't feel content being single forever. God formed Eve from Adam's ribs for a reason. People aren't meant to be alone. I've dated two Adam's, but have yet to have found MY Adam. Smile Frown

Ok, sorry for the melodrama. Todd, my ex-bf, says that I'm way too hard on myself. (This was after I apologized to him that almost everytime he IM'd me to say hi, it turned into a woe is me rant from me.) Maybe he's right, I don't know.

Spending Log:
Kroger's: $2.56 (6 mailing envelopes)
Post Office: $9.56 (4 pkgs; Media Mail +Delivery Confirm)
Schlotsky's: $6.15 (sandwich plus chips)
Kroger's: $6.71 (banana's, soda, granola bars, etc)

Keeping It Frugal in Texas,

17 days!! 100th Post!!!

April 29th, 2005 at 02:09 am

Wow! This is my 100th post! Smile

Today was really a pretty good day overall. M's mom dropped him off, and asked me what time the field trip was. I told her it was at 10:50 A.M. She was like, what will I do till then? I suggested that she would be welcome to stay in the classroom till then, and that I'm sure M would love it. That's what she ended up doing. Smile The kids were amazingly well behaved. Hmm... I wonder if it had anyting to do with M's mom being in the room??? Smile LOL

Chuck E Cheese went well. Unfortunately though, I had miscalcuated how much each child should pay for thier part. I ended up having to chip in $20 of my own, without getting anything myself. One kind of annoying thing: One of the parents who came apparantally didn't understand that each child was to get TWO pieces of pizza, THEN if there were more, we could let people who wanted more have more. She let her son have at least 4 pieces that I know of for sure, maybe more. But really what could I say??? Then I had a bit of an incident with M. It was just about time to go, and M as well as another student went off into the game area. I started to round up the kids, when two of my girls came up and told me that M and the other student had taken a bunch of tokens off of a table. I found them, and found out they had only spent two of the tokens, and then had them go back to that table and put it back. I figured out that that table was where one of the employees had been sitting. I went over to that employee and explained what had happened, and apologized profusely. She pretty much told me to not worry about it, but she appreciated me telling her. I decided to let it rest with that, and not tell M's mom. Later I told Vicki (my principal) about how I'd handled it, and she agreed with my decision as the best. Right as I had all the kids lined up ready, guess who shows up in the lobby with a fistful of tickets which he started throwing up in the air??? Chucky himself! Of course as soon as the kids saw the free tickets, they went deaf to teacher telling them that we HAD to GO! I finally got them back, and we left and arrived back in the school just in time for Chimes.

I love my dad. Really, I do. But I think I'm already getting really, really tired of sharing my space and time with him. This afternoon when I got home, he was here. He had weedeated my backyard, which needed it badly, and I REALLY appreciated. But, I don't know exactly what it is, but I feel so anxious for him to LEAVE almost as soon as I get home. Then of course he's telling me about the places I'd found for him to look at which was in our price range. He liked the places themselves, but didn't like the neighborhoods (I won't go into details, cuz I don't want to offend anyone.) He did find some houses in a neighborhood he liked, which of course was WAY out of what I feel comfortable with paying.

He told me that he'd be willing to pay more than half once he got going with his insurance sales. But, I really don't feel comfortable with that idea at all. I hate betting that he'll be making enough money to cover more than half the rent of an expensive place. I built my financial plan on not spending more than a certain amount for rent a month, plus other expenses. I think I'll probably be able to get a job soon enough, BUT I don't KNOW that for sure, and would rather live in a so-called "less desirable" neighborhood and have a little bit more financial security. I don't want to end up going through all my savings to pay a more expensive rent because my dad has had bad luck with sales. I also don't really know that I want to go less than half on expenses - that it wouldn't feel like I was really pulling my weight financially.
I really am not sure what to do. And I don't have very much more time to really figure it out.

My Ebay sales continue to do well. Three of my four auctions which ended today have already been paid for. So, tomorrow I will need to mail those items out. All but one of my remaining auctions have bidders. Woo Hoo! I need to put up some more auctions!! Smile

Oh! I am so annoyed! Thanks to Bush's speech, all the programming was pushed back an hour. So, my usual Thursday lineup: Survivor, CSI, ER, is not working tonight. CBS showed Survivor, and now CSI. NBC though skipped whatever shows are at 8 and 8:30 normally, and is showing ER. So, that means that CSI and ER are on AT THE SAME TIME!!!!!!!! As much as it pains me, I decided to watch ER instead of CSI. Hope it's worth it tonight. Frown

Spending Log:
Chuck E Cheese: $20 (making up difference)
Dad: $15 (repay of shipping costs)

Keeping It Frugal in Texas,

18 days to go -- The END draws nearer!

April 28th, 2005 at 02:19 am

Today was a so-so day. I am really hating Social Studies. It seems like my boys think that SS class is a time to goof off and be rude to others who are reading. I'm almost thinking of having them go back to going to the rug, if maybe that will put it a little more formal with them - though being on the rug causes problems of its own. Only 7 more SS periods to get through.

I almsot forgot about the meeting after school today. One of my second grade girls had made up a Computer sign up sheet, and my kids were getting to explore it's novlety after dismissal. They were playing so well, that I let them stay in the room taking their turns till nearly four pm (can take them to lunch room at 3:45). R, the teacher who has thrown his name into the hat to be principal, did a pretty good job of stating his vision for our school, as well as answering questions. I do think that he'd do a really good job, but like others expressed, am concerned that he'll try to overdo and burn himself out.

On Monday we are supposed to have another meeting like todays with a different cannidate. This person has a Phd. It should be interesting.

Dad called me today and told me that he had mailed off my package for Ebay. It cost $15 for shipping, instead of the 8.50 that I had charged. He ended up shipping it first class instead of Parcel Post because they wouldn't use the clear tape to attatch the address notecard for PP (which I think is REALLY whack!) It cost an extra dollar and some odd cents. What great customer service. NOT!

My Ebay sales are going really, really well. Smile I'm as pleased as punch. It really may be a reality for me to fund my "getaway" just from my Ebay sales - which would be just awesome, since I hadn't counted on any Ebay money in my caculations.

Dad also told me that he actually got serious today and started looking at some houses/apartments. He looked at that one house I'd found for $600/mo, but told me that the neighborhood was ... umm.. questionable. He is extra anxious now to get a place that is closer to Cleburne, becuase he found out today that my mom's fiance is ultra insecure about him using my mom's house to shower and change clothes at. Honestly, to me, some of the things he did make me think he sounds like a control freak -- i.e. changed the code on the entry gate to the driveway AND refused to tell mom what the new code was (she has an entry remote, but still!) disabled the satelite runnoff in the room my dad has been using to change/relax in, etc.

I got an email from my best friend in academy - Charity!!! She also sent me a link to a photo album of her family. She has a little 3 yo boy who is adorable. Smile It's really funny because at the same time I had decided to try to find her again, she was doing her level best to find me again -- even got my uncles email address in CA (but didn't email him because she found me on classmates first). LOL!! We're connected I tell you, connected! Smile

I now have more than enough spots for my kids for our field trip to Chuck E Cheese tomorrow. Yay! It looks like two of my kids won't be going though -- 1 - because his step-dad's grandma died, and they're attending her funeral -- and 2 - because she and her mom are having some problems, and I guess her mom is taking away the field trip as a punishment. So, right now it looks like it'll be 11 kids, and 3 or 4 adults. Oh, really good news, M's mom will be driving, so guess who I'm TOTALLY putting in charge of him???? LOL!!! I'm going to allow myself to spend $5 on Ski Ball. I absolutely LOVE that game, and don't really get to play it that often. Smile Smile

Today was a no-spend day (I'll reimburse my dad tomorrow for the shipping). Smile

Well, I think I may actually have time to do a little bit of reading (an off-line book, btw!) before heading off to bed. Though, I really should probably be doing some GRADING! (Yes, unfortunately the SAME grading from last week, with several more days worth of work added on.) Frown

Keeping It Frugal In Texas,

19 Days!!!! Oh Yeah!!!

April 27th, 2005 at 03:09 am

Today really overall was a pretty darn good day. Smile I had my aide for as much as I was supposed to, and even though she for some reason thinks that it's okay to be READING while she's in the classroom or supervising kids on the playground ... she does help keep the fires out enough to make my day more manageable. M wasn't too bad today at all - he had his moments for sure, but nothing terribly memorable.

After school I went straight home so I could get the rest of the books in the set that somebody bought from me last week. I could only find 6 of the 9 book set!! I was going crazy! I went back to the school, and found our secretary who happened to have a key to my filing cabinet which was the only other place in my classroom I could think of (remember, my set of keys is lost - on that key ring was a key for said filing cabinet which some littel industrious sort locked on me!) The missing books weren't there. So I went back home and started tearing my house apart looking for them. I even had my dad move out the freezer so I could look behind it (it's under the stairwell where I do have stuff stored). No luck. I'm totally going out of my mind wondering where the missing books are - thinking that my Ebay rep was about to get its first negative. I make dad and I supper (if you call warming up corn dogs and GG frozen veggies, supper - LOL) and I'm still fuming about where those books are. My dads about to leave, and I decide to look in one more place - the area where I have all the boxes of teaching materials of my mom's that I've slowly sold on Ebay -- Guess what?? There I found my books!!! Yahoo!!! I packed the whole set in a box that was just perfect for it, and asked my dad to mail it tomorrow, since the PO was already closed for the day. He told me he would. Whooh!

Oh, in case you're wondering why I couldn't mail it myself tomorrow? Well, today Vicki told all of us that tomorrow after school we are going to have a meeting with one of the Ed Superintendants (not the one who doesn't know how long I've worked here - a different one) because our 5th/6th grade teacher has put his name in the hat to be principal next year. I guess we can ask him about whatever concerns or suggestions we might have. The only concern I'd have is how he'd continue with the Athletic's program which he pretty much spearheads, as well as do all that's required of a principal - not to mention if his wife is already not happy with how little he's home now -- Smile I'm not sure that I'll really say all that much though, since I won't be around next year. So, who knows how long the meeting will last. Hopefully not TOO long. Ugh.

My Ebay auctions are going tremendously well! I put some more books up this afternoon (after finding the lost books!). Out of 15 auctions that are up, 7 of them have bids. Smile Smile One of the books is bid up to within just a few dollars of what you could get it new!

Last night right after I had finished up here, I got an IM from my ex-bf Todd. We had a pretty good conversation (about an hour or so). One of the things he mentioned to me was if I'd be interested in getting my Prop and Caus license, because he's probably going to be needing a secretary/assiatant in the near future. I told him that is sounded like an interesting idea, but I wondered how his fiance would feel about it. He told me that his fiance was good friends with two of his ex-gf's and he didn't think she'd mind.
One really good thing about it would be that I already know that I get along well with the boss! LOL I'm not really how serious he was about the idea, but it sure did give me food for thought. Smile

Well, since I didn't mail out the package today, I ended up not spending any money. Yay!

I didn't sleep very well at all last night - I think I got too out of synch with my normal sleep schedule. So, hopefully tonight I'll be able to sleep better.

Well, that's all folks. Hope you had a great one! Smile

Keeping It Frugal in Texas,

ETA: I was getting worried about not having enough drivers for the field trip to Chuck E Cheese on Thursday. But today I think I snagged a driver who can take 6! Then if my aide goes and drives the other aides van she can take 5 and I can take the rest! I really hope it works out -- I love Chuck E Cheese's -- Where a kid can be a kid! Smile

A qucik Yahoo! :)

April 26th, 2005 at 11:29 am

Morning y'all! I have to go eat breakfast and finish getting ready for work, but I just had to share this! This morning I checked my Ebay auctions . . . and . . . ALL of them have bids!!!!!! Yahoo!!!! I'm gonna have to get busy and get some more auctions up -- hmmm, can I find another $200 or so worth of books to auction??? Smile

Have an awesome day!

Keeping It Frugal In Texas,


April 26th, 2005 at 03:27 am

Ok, I really, really need to be getting shower and going to bed right now. But I am just SO frustrated!!!

I downloaded a different browser "Fire Fox" a few months ago. I have LOVED it - especially the tabs feature. I didn't have any trouble switching between it and Internet Explorer for the sites that can't handle FF. Today though, I decided to go ahead and upgrade to the latest version of FF. I think now that that was a BIG mistake!!

The new version works just fine on my computer, with one big exception. ALL of my security settings are on hyper mode where they won't let ANYTHING through, and neither IE or FF will let any of the changes I make to the security settings stick!!!!

The way I found out about this was when I decided that I wanted to download the music from the movie I saw yesterday -- "The Wedding Date" - it had an awesome set of music. I wanted to have it on my Mp3 player. So, I went to Wall-Mart.com to search for one of the songs. Of course, it said it wouldn't work in FF, so I had to switch to IE. Well, it wouldn't work in IE either, because the little Privacy Icon thing kept popping up!!! I tried going through yahoo.music.com -- and would you believe it, that didn't work either!!!

I'm SO frustrated!!!

In other news, I got absolutely nothing of value done today. Didn't do lesson plans. Didn't grade papers. Didn't do a lick of cleaning. Just plain vegetated all day in front of the computer. Nice huh. My feeble excuse is that it was raining most of the day. :roll eyes: :sarcastic:

I did do some checking into various hotels in San Antonio and in Fredricksburg. I was going to check some more prices on KOA campgrounds/cabins, but never got around to it (got distracted by the whole trying to download music thing). I think I've almost decided to go with this one hotel in San Antonio - it's a suite, has a microwave and fridge - it's within a reasonable walking distance of the Riverwalk - it has a complementary breakfast - and it gives you a complementary entrance to the Bally's fitness center across the street! It also is about $100 less than what three nights in the least expensive B&B would have been. I'm seriously, seriously considering it. I'm really not sure that I want to go camping by myself, and also don't know that I want to borrow all the various equipment I'd have to, and worry about getting it all returned in good shape. Will still have to think about that I guess.

Maybe I could fund my get away with my Ebay sales? I just checked my auctions, and 4 of my 5 auctions are selling right now. Between the one I sold last week (on Thursday I think) and these, I'll have a little over $120, maybe more if the other auction gets bid on. I have a lot more books I can put up. I think I'm hitting it at the right time of year - just when teachers are getting their new assignments for the coming year, and student teachers are trying to begin their teacher resource library.

I'm getting a little bit annoyed with 123 Ink Jets. I bought a new ink cartridge from them on the 10th, and it was shipped on the 12th - but it still hasn't arrived. I've bought from them before, and it's never taken this long. I can't be without my printer this long!!!

Ok, I really really ought to be going. /begin TV AHolic/ One more thing before I go - if any of you watch Everwood, you'll know what I'm talking about -- Ephram, are you out of your mind????? /end TV Aholic/

No spending today - yeah, cuz I didn't leave the house! Frown Smile

Keeping It Frugal in Texas,