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Packing Cleaning Day 3

May 26th, 2005 at 03:12 am

Woo Hoo! With the exception of a few items here and there, I am completely PACKED!!! One day ahead of time!!! Thanks be to my mom and her fiance!!! Between the three of us, we got everything packed in the matter of about 6 hours of real work (didn't really start till nearly 1, then mom was on the phone for nearly an hour, etc).

So that basically means that I have all day tomorrow to do some things that needed to be done, but I didn't think I'd have time to do them. Also, I might just take in a $1 theatre movie. And, I might also get a mani/pedi done, as well as my hair cut/highlighted. I'm not doing this just because Scott is coming - though that is maybe part of the reason. Smile I've really been wanting to get my hair trimmed/cut for awhile, and I know that highlights *do* look really good in my hair, and it's been nearly two year since the last time I had highlights. Also, the mani/pedi is something I *really* like to get, and haven't had one in over a year, and of course it's the beginning of summer, so it would be nice to start summer off with good looking feet and hands. Smile

I am *so* happy! I've put up probably ~45 auctions in the last 6 -8 weeks, and all but one of them have sold, or is selling right now! And that one auction has a watcher, as well as 3 more days to go - so it's fairly likely that that will be sold as well!!!

I really truly am looking forward to the next 7 or 8 days. Moving to a new place, whatever may happen with Scott, my Fredricksburg trip . . . Wow!

Spending Log:
Scholotsky's: $9.10 (took Mom and Dave out to thank them for help packing, etc)

Keeping It Frugal in Texas,

Cleaning, Sorting, Throwing, and Packing Day 2

May 25th, 2005 at 04:14 am

What a long, tiring, frustrating day, though with a good end. Smile

I mailed out a bunch of Ebay packages this morning. One person won 11 auctions, but hasn't paid me yet, so I put all their stuff in one box and had it weighed. Then emailed them two different shipping options. Still haven't heard back from them yet

When I cleaned out my big storage cabinet, I managed to give 90% of it to Tammy and Nada. They both were pretty surprised by how much teacher resource books I had. But I think the thing they liked the most were the big books. I have two more brand new big books here at home that I'm going to bring for them tomorrow. I put all of the books I was giving
Vicki into the two storage containers she'd bought, plus two more file crates that I had. I think at first Tammy felt a little put out because I had told her she could have first pick - but I'd been telling her and telling her for awhile, and felt like I needed to get the books moved out -so when Vicki said she'd take whatever I was gving away - I gave it to her! I did keep out about 40 or 50 early reader books for her little boy Nicholas - she wants to teach him how to read this summer.

Dad called to come meet him almost as Tammy and Nada were finished going through all my books, so I told them to please just turn the lights out when they were done. Then when I got home, dad and I got most of the clothes out of my closet and loaded them into his Jimmy, as well as all the pictures/artwork I'd taken down last night, and some kitchen stuff. Then we went to Kroger's and got some more boxes. Then we got sandwiches from our favorite sandwich place - Schlotsky's. Smile

After he moved out the freezer so I could get under my stairwell, he left to take the load to our new place, and to get to an appointment. Then I went back to the school and started working on the inventory. I had to pretty much do a new inventory for the 2nd grade, because the previous one didn't have any of the the teacher editions or textbooks listed. Then I did the first grade one, went pretty fast since I'd done it the past two years. I then tried to burn both of them onto the correct CD's but apparantally, since we've gone on a network, we can't burn CD's anymore. Would've been nice if they would have told us this before I wasted 30 minutes getting frustrated trying to burn a CD!

After printing out the inventories, I started on the book orders. The union had put the textbook list on a CD Rom. Nice idea, in that it saves paper, but it also is quite frustrating. I liked being able to highlight the books I needed to order so I could be sure I was writing the correct order #'s, and I liked being able to read the #'s easily, -- I also liked being able to read the *entire* textbook list! I'd gotten through about 80% of my order, when the CD (Adobe Acrobat) decided that there were too many errors or something, and shut down on me! I retried about four times, and it kept producing the same result! So, I decided to just write down the names of the books I needed, the quantity, but not the price or ISBN #, and call it a job. I also did call Vicki (since at this point I was the only one there at the school). She never called me back.

Next, I moved on to report cards and filling out the blue book. That went fairly smoothly, thankfully. But then I moved on to the cumulative folders. As soon as I sat down to start them, I realized that I had forgotten to ask Bambi for the cum cards and the blue reading cards for the new students and first graders! I looked for them, but they are most likely in the locked file cabinet. So, I decided that I would just write the same info on index cards and put it in their folders. Things going smoothly. THEN I realize that I am *completely* *missing* TWO student's folders!! I make up two new folders for them, and put what I can in them. But, for one student I have absolutely NO information - not a birthdate, not parent's names, phone numbers, etc.! So, at this point I call Vicki again, only this time on her home number. She basically tells me that I'll have to come back in tomorrow when Bambi is there to see if we can find those two folders. ARGHHH!!! I wanted to be done TODAY!

So, I'm frustrated, and tired, and SO ready to get out of there. But, the room still needs to be dusted and I needed to get my stuff that I was keeping put together. While I was cleaning, my mom calls me. After talking for a few minutes she tells me that I sound crabby. Well, maybe that's because I AM feeling crabby! We'd been emailing each other back and forth during the day trying to figure out a good time for dad to pick up the dolly cart and microwave. For some reason she feels its necessary for her to be present when he comes get the stuff. Annoying. Frustrating. So glad when this is all over!

She's coming tomorrow to help me get started on packing, which is very sweet of her. With her help, maybe I'll actually be able to get this all done in two days. I just hope we don't drive each other crazy tomorrow.

Ok, now to the good part. After I got home I wrote Scott an email telling him that I hope he had done well on his presentation, and that I'd had a LONG day. Well, after 9 (free minutes) he called me and we talked for over an hour. Just as we were about to hang up, I asked him if he'd found anyone to work his hours for him or not. He had!! That means that sometime in the next two days, I need to get a pedicure/manicure (tomorrow it'd be only $25 for both together) and a haircut (hair needs a trim *badly*). It also means that my curiosity will be finally satisfied. Smile

Spending Log:
Post Office: can't remember right now - think it was ~$21 - 8 packages
CVS: paid with gift card - junk food, 24 pk bottled water for moving day -- ~$8

Keeping It Frugal in Texas,

Cleaning, Sorting, Throwing, and Packing Day 1

May 24th, 2005 at 01:19 pm

Yesterday was my last day of school. It went ok. My boys were a bit wild with having so much open floor space, but eventually calmed down a bit. I got a few goodbye gifts which was nice. One gift was a picture of most of my kids and on the mat all of them had signed it.

After the kids left I spent about five hours cleaning out three years of accumulated teacher stuff, giving away as much as I could, and figuring out what I'm going to do with the rest.

When I got home I spent about an hour cleaning my car out. Then, while watching 7th Heaven and Everwood finanles, I got all my Ebay stuff ready to go.

I'm honestly getting a little bit annoyed with Scott right now. Maybe it's everything going on right now, or maybe it's something else, but I sometimes feel like writing him and telling him to not even bother with looking for someone to take his shifts so he can come down here. I'm not going to do that though, because 1) I am curious about why he's coming 2) I would like to see him again for whatever reason and 3) it may work out where he can't even come. So, I'm trying really hard to let whatever God wills to happen, to happen. Easier said than done.

Ok, I better get going. This promises to be a LONG day of more cleaning, sorting, throwing and packing.

Keeping It Frugal in Texas,

1 day left! :) :(

May 23rd, 2005 at 03:05 am

This has been a long four days. I am way too tired right now to recount them. Tomorrow is my last day of teaching at this school, and perhaps, ever. I have such mixed emotions. As much as these kids drive me nuts sometimes, I do really love them. And I think some of them love me too.

I want to share a note M wrote me on Thursday (I think). "Dear Miss N I do not want you to leave. I love you I will miss you a lot I want you to stay. I do not want you to go. I always care about you, always. I don't want you to move because I will get sad, thats why. Don't go. I like you. I always think you look good. You and Monkey." (Monkey is my cat).

This is the little boy whom I've been SO hard on all year, who's driven me to distraction. But, he obviously gets it. He gets that I've been so hard on him because I do care about him.

Tonight seeing the Kindergartners marching, and knowing that I won't be the one teaching them next year, actually made me feel prety sad. Knowing that I'll more than likely never see any of these kids again, or hear about them later, makes me sad. It's the teachers of older students who usually get the kids that return to say thanks.

It's been a long, hard, stressful weekend. Tomorrow will be an emotional day for me I think. Gladness mixed with sadness, and perhaps some disapointment.

The question runninng through my mind is _did I do the right thing????

Keeping It Frugal in Texas,

2 1/2 days!!!!!! No More Wednesdays!

May 19th, 2005 at 02:46 am

Yesterday my modem was on the blink and I couldn't get on the net except for a few minutes here and there. It was very frustrating because yesterday Ebay was having a $.10 listing sale, and I was only able to get 3 items listed.

Of the now 23 items I have listed, 17 of them are selling!! Woo Hoo! Smile Smile

Yesterday was an okay day. Main thing we did was get ready for Young Author's night. As usual, the worse the practices are, the better the performance is usually. They did a top notch job at the program. Especially since one of my students who defiantally refused to read his story (which of course was a pain and a half to get him to even agree to have me type it for him in the first place!) M was also not there, which was good in a way, because I hadn't had a chance to get a hold of his mom to warn her about his story's subject matter.

I ended up buying $25 worth of food for refreshments because NONE of the parents offered to bring anything!! I was more than a little bit annoyed, but it partly was my fault because I didn't get more notes sent home. The other child who didn't show up in time for the event, did eventually show up - after everyone else was gone, and my former aide and I were getting ready to put the room back together! I still had the karaoke machine set up, so I told her that we would be her audience and to go ahead and read her story to us (about 5 people in the room). She got up there and burst into tears, and wouldn't be comforted.
It turns out that her parents hadn't checked the Otter book (since at least last week!) and the little girl started telling her parents that she had to go to school! They were of course wondering what was up with her, but finally decided to look in her Otter book - and made it to the school over an hour late. It's the old story - parent's who are too busy to take the one or two minutes it *might* take to look in their child's Otter book and see if there's anything they just might need to know. Arghh! One reason I'm glad to be quitting teaching!

After work when I got home, my dad was here getting all of his things out to take to our apartment. Of course he *needed* me to help him do a zillion differernt things, just assuming that I had nothing better to do. Ya know, like get ready for my program!

Tuesday spending: $25.67 Kroger's (groceries for program)

This morning we had our awards Chapel. All the teachers gave out certificates to EVERY child in their class or homeroom. Whoopdi Doo! Gah! I HATE these kinds of things. I feel so strongly that these kinds of things do NOTHING for a child's self esteem and can actually be detrimental. I gave all my kids either high honor roll or honor roll - not even sure what exactly I based it on. Walking back from Chapel, several of my kids asked me what the difference was between the silver(honors) and gold (high) and I really didn't have a good answer - at least not that I could actually say - which would be NONE! - at least for this particular age level. The other thing I hate about these things is that every teacher did a different level than the other teachers -which right away makes things unfair - which is what Vicki was trying to avoid in the first place by having us give EVERY child some kind of a certificate. One example: The pre-k teacher has 5 students. She called up the first student and than began to slather on the praise and 4 different certificates, a ribbon, and a sticker. Then the next child (who so happens to be Tammy's boy Nicholas) was absent, but she listed the certificates he had "earned" which were less enthusiastic than the first boy. The next three children also received 2 or 3 certifciates, a ribbon, and a sticker each. The ony reason I went along with all of this was because it seemed to be what everyone else wanted to do, and I guess I'm really at a point where I don't care that much anymore.

This afternoon I had the kids begin their cleanup of the room. It went okay I guess. They had fun tearing down the bulletin board decorations as well as other decorations. They didn't like the cleaning up of all the trash so much though. Smile I assigned a couple kids to sorting out the books - two of my boys decided to basically dump ALL the books from two of the bookcases onto the floor - creating a HUGE pile of books on the floor. I pretty much spent two hours harrasing the kids to get those books picked up and sorted!! There's still a lot to do tomorrow. I hope we get it all done before leaving for the park.

I IM'd wth my brother tonight!!! He's been dating this wonderful girl for over two years. He was telling me that she's thinking of going to Spain for a few months, and that he's not sure if he's going to wait for her or not, even though she deserves to be waited for. MEN! He also told me that he thinks I shouldn't give Scott the time of day, let alone a second chance, because he thinks that Scott is playing me. Maybe he's right, who knows - guess I'm just gonna have to find out for myself.

M wrote me a really sweet note today. Essentially he said that he didn't want me to leave and that he didn't want me to move and that he loved me. Sometimes its the kids that drive you the most nuts that pull at your heartstrings the hardest. I guess he knows that even though I'm hard on him, it's only because I want the best for him.

My dad ordered something from overstock that was supposed to be delivered here yesterday. He missed the Fed Ex guy by five minutes. He called the headquarters and asked that it be sent to my school, and was told to leave a note with the same information on it. When I got home today there was a second notice of attempted delivery. He wasn't too happy when he heard that. Well, a few hours later (about 6:15) after I'd ummm, gotten comfortable on a *very* muggy day in TX, somebody knocked on my door. It was the Fed Ex guy! He had come back after his other runs were done I guess, because he figured that since I was a teacher, I'd be home by then. I was very impressed. Smile

Spending Log: $3.47 Taco Bell (supper tonight, lunch tomorrow)
$1.40!! gas station (*1* 20 oz Coke! -- highway robbery!)

Exercise: 15-minute tape on Tuesday, none on Wed.
Water: 2 - liters on Tuesday, barely 1 L on Wednesday
Food: blah! late night eating both nights due to busyness and phone calls

Keeping It Frugal in Texas,

4 1/2 days -Got the Apartment!!

May 17th, 2005 at 02:47 am

Ok, I have to start out with the best news! We qualified for the apartment!!! Woo Hoo!!! We almost didn't qualify because I had foolishly sent in a letter written by a previous landlord of mine which had slightly different dates than I had written on the application (bad memory sometimes - go figure.) Dad is going to go pick up the keys tomorrow and start moving his things in, and maybe some of my things too. Smile Smile Smile I'm so happy and here's the reason why ...I've got a place to live! Smile

Well, on to not such exciting things. I told my kids this morning about my not coming back next year. It started out horribly because my boys were just COMPLETELY misbehaving and I was having to discipline and fuss at them A LOT. Once I finally got them settled down enough to listen, there wasn't much of a reaction. A few of them had questions, but none of them seemed overly sad about it, or overjoyed either. Later during the day one of my girls made me a really sweet good by card. I think maybe more than a few of them already knew about it. Well, at least it's out in the open now.

Vicki was there today. I talked to her for a short while, but I don't know if she believed me. I think she still just feels so hurt that there's really nothing I can say. It just makes me feel so horrible that she feels like this. I wish there was something I could do to help her, but I'm not sure that she'd welcome much of anything from me right now. This whole thing just kills me.

The kids are mostly ready for Young Author's night tomorrow night. Tomorrow we're mostly going to be practicing for it. I have no idea how it's going to go. Some of the stories are really different. Three of my boys are going to be reading stories that were mostly written by just one of them -- the SuperBaby series (5 books in it so far!). I tried to get the other two boys to do something of their own, but they just were insistent on doing it this way. Quite honestly, I don't have the energy to dissuade them, so I let them. I honestly wanted to cancel the whole shebang, but the kids have been looking forward to it ever since we had the one in December.

My Ebay stuff is doing okay. Last time I checked (an hour or so ago) I had 6 items out of 20 selling, with 7 bids. I hope that all the buyers send their payments quickly so I can get those books mailed out before my move.

Daily Goals:
1. Exercise: 15 minute walk video (had to go into classroom early, got up late)
2. Water: ~2 liters
3. Food: none after 7:30
4. Soda: had one pepsi vanailia

Spending Log:
Kroger's: $8.80 (oj - on sale 2/$4, got two!, bananas, etc)

Keeping It Frugal in Texas,

My weekend

May 16th, 2005 at 03:35 am

It's been a busy couple of days.

School was okay. J apologized to us during worship for his outburst on Thursday. One of the teachers left early, so I lost my aide. The kids were ok, not great, but not terrible.

After school I mailed off a couple of items for Ebay. Then I made a Green Bean Casserole for potluck. I also went to a Bible Study at J's house. It was kind of weird because it probably was the last one I'll attend there. When I got home I called Scott and we talked for three hours. Smile

Spending Log:
Kroger's: $5.57 (green beans, mushroom soup, etc)
Post Office: $5.01 (2 packages)

While waiting for the kids to show up for the performance, I sat in our lunchroom watching people go back and forth. Mr. B went back and forth several times. Every time I saw him I'd get this terrible feeling in the pit of my stomach. It's been like this ever since the beginning of the year when he went to the school board and told them he thought I was a terrible teacher. This man is the father of two of my former students. His son I had my first year here. A sweet, loving boy with some major academic problems, whom I tutored daily after school for the majority of the year. His daughter I had the next year. A nice enough child when behaving, but had major anger control issues, as well as attention issues, as well as academic issues. I had absolutely no energy left after dealing with her all day. So I decided that it was well past time for me to let my hurt and anger towards this man go. It wasn't hurting him any, it was only hurting me. I thought about confronting him face to face, but I think that instead I'll write him a letter. He really needs to know that what he did had a profound effect on me, in a negative way.

The program itself went well, except that a lot of kids were missing. I had a huge headache, and so as soon as the children's part was finished I went home. Then I went to J's house for the potluck. That went ok. I think my casserole went over well, there was very little left. Smile I don't really care for potlucks that much. Mainly I think its because I have a hard time talking very much in a large group of people. Also, its difficult for me at least, to know exactly when it's polite to leave - especially if the potluck is at someone's home.

Today was National Stamp Out Hunger. Before I left for the potluck, I put out three large grocery bags of food by the mailboxes. It was a good way to get rid of some of my stockpile before moving, as well as to help out people less fortunate than I. The bags were gone when I got back, so I assume they went to the right place. Smile

After I got home I listed 20 auctions on Ebay. Most of the things I listed aren't very high-demand items, but they are useful resources for a a primary teacher. So far (as of Sunday) 5 of them have bids. Yay!

Scott and I talked on the phone again for a couple hours. Smile I asked him what he'd meant in his email when he said that my moving on Friday would work out better for him. At first he kind of joked around, but then he told me that it would work out better because it would give him more time ---depending on how things went!! I have very little doubt in my mind right now that he is coming down here for at the very least another chance.

After we got off the phone, I called Tammy. It had been awhile since she and I had really had a chance to talk. We talked for a couple hours. One of the things we talked about was what happened on Thursday. I found out that Vicki has more than likely quit - walked out. Apparantally J told her that the "staff" thought she was difficult to work with, and when she asked him to be more specific, he named *my* name as well as a number of other teachers! This obviously hurt her very deeply. I just feel horrible that this happened. I *know* I have *never* said that I thought she was difficult to work with - and I also DON'T feel that she is difficult to work with! I think she is a wonderful person, and a wonderful principal. While I haven't agreed with everything she's done, or how she's gone about some things, it's always just been a matter of personal opinon. She was an awesome support to me two years ago when Todd and I broke up. I remember so vividly walking towards the church the morning after he and I had had our "talk" and Vicki took one look at my face and asked me if I needed to talk. She took me into her office and listened as I poured my heart out to her, and she in return told me some private, personal stuff.

I'm not sure what I'm going to do just yet. I'm not sure whether a phone call or a card would be better. Somehow I want to let her know that I'm so sorry that I was a part of this, even though unintentionally.

Spending Log: None

This morning I went over to the school. When I got there the VBS group was going through a training, so I was able to borrow Heidi's keys to get into my room. I guess the SS team was also meeting, because I saw Mr. B in the computer lab (he teaches Primary SS -- in my classroom!). I spent about two hours cleaning, throwing out, organizing, and giving away things to Tammy. I told her that what I gave her today was just the tip of the iceberg. Smile

I met my dad at the Olive Garden by Hulen Mall at 1, and then we went to the first apartment complex on our list. It was a very nice place, but unfortunately they didn't have anything available till after June 7. Frown The leasing manager suggested we look at this place across the street that hadn't been on the list. We had just pulled into their parking lot, when my dad got a call from his brother Jim. Half-way into that 30 minute phone convo, Cathy, the lady who made the apartment list for me called. I told her that we were about to look at this particular apartment building. She had me read in between the lines of her words, and basically told me that that wasn't one of the places she had reccomended for a reason, but she couldn't say why. I told her I understood exactly what she was trying to tell me. When my dad finally got off the phone, I told him that we should skip this place and go on to the next one. Which is what we did. Smile

The next place we visited, was also our last place. My dad agreed to go for a 2nd floor apartment, which made this place possible. The grounds are quite beautiful. There is a very lovely pool and jacuzzi spa, a fitness room with an eliptical trainer +some other equipment, a very nice playground for children, etc. The apartment itself is a 2br/2ba, 950sq ft, washer/dryer connections on outside balcony. The master bedroom has a very nice sized walk-in closet. The first price she quoted us was $680/mo which I thought was pretty good - then she told us there was a special of one month's rent free, either up front or pro-rated, I said, let's do the prorated - then because I am a teacher (well, currently at least) she gave me another discount --- which put the grand total at $608/mo!!! That's $200 less than the high end I was wanting!!!! We filled out a credit application before we left, and will hopefully know by Thursday if we were approved or not. If we're approved, then my dad can start moving his things in this coming weekend!!!

One thing the lady mentioned was that it is now common for leases to ask for a 60-day notice instead of just a 30-day notice. I couldn't remember what my last lease had said. I really didn't pay much attention to it when I signed it. Tonight I looked for it, but could not find it anywhere! I'm really hoping that it still was a 30-day notice, cuz if it's not, well, I messed up then. Frown

Scott called a little while ago (while I was starting to type this). We talked for about 40 minutes or so. In my last email I had said something about letting him know about how my apartment hunt had gone. He had thought I was going to call him or email him. Oops. Blush He did something very interesting tonight. He told me that if his class got out early on Tuesday, that he would give me a call. That's the first time he's made an indication before hand that he's going to call me on a certain day/time since this whole thing started back up. Smile

I have nothing at all prepared for tomorrow. I have a general idea of what we're going to do, but nothing prepared. One thing that I know I'm going to have to do tomorrow is to tell my kids that I am leaving. The last few school days some of my kids have been asking questions, and one little girl already knows, and then at the program they announced from up front that one of the teachers is going to be leaving as well as the principal. My kids are pretty smart. If they haven't put two and two together yet, I'd be pretty surprised. So, I'm a little anxious as to how that will go.

I better be off to bed. I wonder how Survivor turned out - I taped it instead of watching it tonight so I could get some other things done (also so I could watch Desperate Housewives -hee!). Smile

Spending Log:
Application Fee x2:$70
Refundable Deposit: $100

Exercise: Friday - yes; Saturday/Sunday, none
Water: Did pretty good all weekend
Food: not too good

Keeping It Frugal In Texas,

6 1/2 days!!

May 13th, 2005 at 04:33 am

Well.... today was an okay day. It started with a bit of drama at staff worship. After prayer Jermey reminded Vicki that he would be taking his class on a field trip, and she didn't remember about it, but said she'd figure something out. Then she left the room before I could ask her what time I could bring my boys down for her to talk to them. I guess Jermey misinteruppeted her leaving as leaving in a huff, and he became upset and slammed his fist on the table. Everybody in the room just about jumped out of their skin.

Later, Vicki came by my room and asked me if I still needed her to talk to my boys. I told her that she didn't, because for worship I had laid into the whole class about treating each other right, and showing God's love, etc etc. Then she asked me if I had a problem with her that I hadn't told her about. I was very surprised, and told her that I didn't know what she was talking about. She told me that Jermey had mentioned that I had said something to him about her. I told her that I had explained to the Bible study group about some of the reasons/frustrations which led me to my decision, but had tried to make it clear that it had nothing whatsoever to do with her. If I had a problem with her, which was fixable, I would go directly to her and try to resolve it! I really hope she believed me.I saw her talking to Susie later - a pretty deep conversation. I hope everything's alright, because after school was over and I was awalking out to my car, I saw our vice principal sitting in the van of one of our superintendants talking with him - and there wasn't a board meeting.

got a lot of grading done after school today. Everything since the last time I graded, up till today's is now graded, sorted, and ready to be stuffed into the folders. Tomorrow we're going to have Choir Practice in the morning, so that will in effect make tomorrow a half day. Smile

Near the end of ER Scott called me. **I WANT TIVO!!!*** We talked for a little over an hour, and then he had to go into work. During our conversation I got a major leg cramp and pretty much shouted into the phone. Frown He asked me what I was doing when he called, and I told him I was watching ER. He asked me if it was a re-run, and I told him that no, it was a new one. He offered to call me back Smile and I gritted my teeth and told him that there are more important things in life than a tv show. *Wail!* There's also such a thing as closed captioning. Smile Smile

I got an email from my hs friend Charity today. She told me a couple of things that really surprised me. We first met my jr year. I was moving to NJ ahead of my parents so I could start school, and on registration day my family was sitting in the cafeteria eating lunch, and this girl stops by our table and asks if she could sit with us. That's where our friendship began - the three muskateers. Smile Anyway, she told me in today's email that the year before we met, she had been 40 pounds heavier, and that the students had really been quite mean to her. And that her senior year (when we met) most of them were just superficially nice to her, except for me and Alex (the other part of our muskateers) and a few others. She'd never said anything about that before -at least not that I remember. I also don't remember her not having very many friends, I thought of her as fairly popular. But maybe my perception was skewed because I hung around with her and Alex and Ella, etc all the time we werent' in class or at work.
She also gave me some more insights into why our alma mater is actually closing, which were quite interesting, because they prove my dad was right.

Ok, it's really way too late, especially if I'm going to get up to do exercise in the morning. Smile

Daily Goals:
Exercise: Nope - Day off today Smile
Water: 1 liter
Food/Soda: Fudged a little bit over 7;no soda

Spending Log: None Smile

Keeping It Frugal in Texas,

7 1/2 days!!!

May 12th, 2005 at 01:34 am

ARGHHHH!!!!! Beating head on wall!!!!!!!!! Am I going to survive til May 23rd??? HORRIBLE rotten, terrible, no good, very bad day! I don't know what I'm going to do if those boys don't knock it off and start behaving. To top everything off, my boys have been ganging up on my newest student - being quite rude to him. I told Vicki about it this afternoon, and she told me to have the offending boys join her in her office in the morning and have my aide watch the rest of the class. We'll see if she's actually available, and whether or not I actually have my aide's full attention.

This morning I decided to do my Chicometrics video. For some reason I thought it was only 45 minutes long, but I soon found out that it is actually ONE hour! Yikes! My abs were hurting later - there was a LOT of ab work in the video. I think I'm going to take tomorrow as an off day from exercise. I don't know if I'm imagining it or not, but I do think I am already starting to see a little bit of a difference in my body shape from a week and a half ago.

Dad called in the middle of Lost!! I WANT TIVO!!! So, anyway, I asked him if he'd be willing to put his motorcycle in the same storage place as his other stuff, seeing as how all the apartments with garages were asking an extra $100/mo for having a garage. He agreed, thankfully. Also, if he's able to, we're going to meet around 2 pm on Sunday to look at a few places. That way I can get a few hours in at school, and we'll be hitting the places when most of them are actually open! Smile

I got a packet in the mail from the bed and breakfast place I'm going to. It was a nice little packet with some tourist type information. I think one of the days I'll probably go to Enchanted Rock for a few hours - it's 18 miles from where I'll be staying, so not a terrible drive. Smile It did show that it's about 250 miles from DFW to Fredricksburg. I hadn't realized it was that far.

The only saving grace for tomorrow is that it is Musical Afternoon Thursday, so I only have to survive the whole bunch for the morning. Then on Friday we're probably going to have a Musical Performance Practice which usually lasts a good hour and a half or more. Smile So, the next two days I'll have a lot of my teaching time filled with fairly easy activity.

I had three people leave me feedback on Ebay. I also finally got the money order for the last auction item that hadn't been paid for yet. So tomorrow I have two items that I need to ship. I also really need to get some more stuff up for auction.

Daily goals:
Exercise: 1 hour Isometrics video
Water: 2 Liters
Food/Soda: none after 7/no soda

Spending Log: NONE

Keeping It Frugal in Texas,