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Checkin' In

September 16th, 2007 at 04:23 am

Hi all,

Just a quick update on life, love and happiness. Smile

At work this past week one of the main people I do work for pulled me aside and said that he realized he wasn't the easiest person to work for (no kidding Sherlock!) but that he wanted to take the time to tell me how well I've been doing the past few months (with the various projects I do for him.) -- Hmm . .. that was nice of him. I wonder though if a little birdie mentioned that I have very real plans of turning in my resignation papers by August 08??

Oh something else work related ... Some of you may remember how I applied for an assistant's position to our Landman ... then found out the position had been offered to a coworker? Well I found out Friday (from the coworker) that she had decided that the position wasn't really for her. Great for her to have figured that out. As for me . . I had to go into my head and play the chorus of this little ditty "Get Over It!" There's little to no chance that they'll ask me if I want it, and even if they did I don't think I would take it -- ya know, second choice and all that!

Cool unexpected freebie! In today's mail I got a card from my cable company -- and in that card was a voucher for one free ticket for Six Flags!! Now I just have to find someone else to go with me -- and figure out when to go. It's only good through December -- I wonder how much longer it will be open? Mmmm mmm I LOVE amusement parks -- give me some rollercoasters - the higher and the faster and the more loop de loops the better!

Love life .. or should I say dating life? LOL! I'm still seeing Mr. Elevator guy. He's a real gentleman - opens car doors, carries my green bean casserole dish into church for potluck, stands up whenever a woman enters/leaves a room, etc. He sure was raised right -- I'm just having to get used to having my door opened for me -- I'm no feminist, but have been on my own so long that it feels almost unnatural sometimes to sit and wait that extra few seconds or stand to the side while the door is being opened. I think I'll get used to it though. Smile

I can see though that if anything long term develops out of this that I will have to be super bug killing woman - he's very creeped out by creepy crawlies. I live in an apartment in a pretty old building with lots of places for the creepy crawlies to get into. This afternoon we were at my place chit chatting after getting back from church when his attention was diverted by some small creepy crawlie meandering across my ceiling. It kept going back and forth. I finally got up on top of a stand with a tissue and killed the little fella. Discussion then was able to resume. LOL!

Finances - Doing okay. Took my mom and stepdad out for mom's birthday on Friday. They had a coupon for the place she picked out, so that was good - still was a good bit of money, especially since the only thing I could eat there was a baked potato. Smile I've spent a lot of money on gas the past few weeks. Between a little less than half a tank a week for commuting, plus a number of trips to my mom and stepdad's, plus a trip to my dad's, plus a trip to where Mr. Elevator lives -- gas has been guzzled at an alarming rate -- even though my car gets 300+ miles on one tank (~10 gallons).

Been awhile - some news :)

September 8th, 2007 at 01:14 pm

Hi all,

It's been awhile since I last posted an update on my spending/budget. I've actually been doing okay with it. I ended up deciding to NOT get the fluidity bar, but instead I found a local Calanetic's class which I have been taking once a week for the past few weeks. It's really been quite enjoyable.

I'm finding my commute back and forth to work to not be too terrible. I guess it's all what you get used to, right? Work is going okay - although I am still actively working on a plan to be able to leave it by next August (possibly earlier).

Somewhat exciting news -- A few of you may remember the guy at my old office building who asked me if I wanted to get lunch with him about a year or so ago, and I put my foot in my mouth? Then a short while before my office moved, he asked me for my number. Well, I'm not quite sure just what to call our relationship yet . . . but we have been seeing quite a bit of each other the last few weeks. Smile So . . I've broken my two-year non-dating streak. Yay! Smile

So . . just wanted to drop by and let y'all know that I'm still alive and kicking. I'm really going to try to get back to writing here more regularly.