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Egged! Surprise Gift Card

March 25th, 2017 at 11:26 pm

A few months ago my DH noticed that someone had thrown an egg at our house. We weren't sure how ong it had been there, so we guessed maybe it was some kid upset that we hadn't done anything for Halloween. (though our lights weren't on,and either of us were home.)

But this afternoon I was sitting in the office by my computer when I heard a very loud noise. ll the cas turned towards the window. I got up to look to see if I could find out what had made that noise. It sounded like an explosion.

Someone had egged our house again!

When DH got up I told him about it, and he decided to look around to see any other mischief. He found a third egg on the same wall - dried.

Apparently some kid is using our house for target practice.

A few days ago I noticed tissues all over the yard. I picked up all of them. Glad I did since i rained today! I also found a ruined smartphone and a good bit of other trash. I just don't walk in the yard much I guess.

I guess this is what you expect living ac from a middle school?

After church today I dropped off two prescriptions at a local grocery store to get $50 in gift cards for transferring.

As I walked out, a young man asked me if I'd do a survey for a research paper he was writing - for a $10 gift card. So I did the survey (on GMO) and got a gift card!

Now I have $60 in gift cards for this store. Good thing too, since we've overspent the grocery budget already!

Snowflakes and Shocking Death

March 25th, 2017 at 02:10 am

I thought I'd mention a few of the things I'm doing for my spending money. Some are things most of you do already, but some may be new.

Swagbucks - cashed out for a $25 AGC today, have 1800 left

Inbox Dollars - cashed out for $40.xx today (mostly running video app)

Mypoints - I have enough for a $25 paypal, plus close to a second one

Perktv - 13k points (need 24,400 to get $25 AC)

Survey Sites that don't disqualify you:
Pinecone - cashed out $23 a week ago

YouGov - within two surveys of cashing out for my 2nd $100 AGC (referral link in sidebar)

Passive computer video sites:
Earnhoney - earned $23 in last 3 weeks
---kind of a frustrating site -might be better with a newer computer

Koinme - for next 6 days as $5 signup bonus - earned $16 in less than two weeks (if interested, I can give some pointers, my referral code is: We both get $5.)

Passive mobile only video apps:
Youlotto - earned $5.38 in two weeks

Checkpoints - almost enough for a $10 AGC

Just remembered two more!

IQ - an app that sends you questions to answer and pays immo. Mad 2.25 so far.

Oops, forgot the other one. Smile
Hmmm.. I think thats it other than health apps/bets

DH found out on Tuesday that a coworker - 40 yo father of two - had died that morning. I'd met this person once - he was one of the few DH got along with/liked to talk to. There'll be a service tomorrow afternoon.

He either died of a stroke, heart attack or diabetic coma. He didn't take very good care of himself.

He was so young - such a preventable death. Frown

We got our renewal papers for home insurance -$718.I think that' close to what we paid before. It's not due til May - so maybe I could chance signing up for another rewards card ... put this and property tax on it .... Hmmm...

I should be getting my car insurance renewal soon too I think.

I read a really good Nicholas Sparks book this week - Two by Two. Highly recommend it.

My diet isn't going so well.. At least I have a few weeks before the next weigh in. (I won $24 in round 2.)

I'm thinking of joining something Stepbet has started called Membership. It's $25 for one year, but it makes the game a bit easier and varied. Plus it eliminates their take of the winnings.

Hmm not much else I can think of right now. I have decided to NOT build a computer, but am still debating what I'm going to get. I also am planning on getting the 64 GB iPhone SE. That'll save me from having to buy a new protective case. Not sure when I'll get it - but it'll be after the computer for sure!

Dietbet Round 2, Work, Green

March 18th, 2017 at 12:57 am

I did my weigh in this am and came under by 1.5 lbs. I'll know how much I won by Monday. This next round is where it is going to get hard - the weight loss has SLOWED. But I'm going to keep trying.

I wish I had a job where I didn't handle cash. Again today I was short. I really try to be careful. UGH! I'm just glad the camera is there to prove I did nothing shady if they decide to look.

I wish I ha a different job.

Oh yeah, good example of government waste today. Thanks to a persistently annoying "concerned citizen." Squeaky wheel gets their way, even if it's ridiculous.

It was funny today seeing so many people wearing. Smile

How much longer til we can elect someone different??? Way too long .

Any suggestions on where to have a custom built computer made? I tried a few but they all got out of my price range PDQ ($500 or less - no monitor.)


March 14th, 2017 at 01:41 am

So as was pointed out to me recently, I haven't posted in awhile. Partly due to my frstting keyboard. It taks me forever to type a sentence, let alone a pst.See all the errors? That's with me fixing some of them.

I'v also let mylf inge watch Call the Miwife, and been reading actual physical books. Smile

I'm reseching for a new computerThis ones 6+ years old an reformatted 2x.

Not too muh to report really.

DH is getting excited about our CA roadtrip - I just hope he can get his shifts covered. I'm happy to go see my grandma and maybe my brother. Plus ten days away from work don't hurt either. Big Grin

I have been doing some new paid to watch sites which are pretty easy money - earnhoney and koinme. I also have been using the inbox dollars app - won $1 yesterday. (trying for $40 by end of march.) I am SO close to another $100 giftcard with yougov!

DH has sold 3 magazines to somebody in Australia. $20 each! He still has lots of magazines to list.

I fished another Stepbet yestdy. Probably a $9 profit. I'm almost to Round 2 on my dietbet, and I think I'll make it! Weigh in is Saturday. I'm right there - so just need to watch the salt! Chocolate is still an issue ... but not TOO bad.

Ok, I fixed about 50%o typos in this post. So ... can see why I haven't been posting much. Smile (and why my comments are mostly short!