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Cost of Laziness & My first outside run

April 6th, 2008 at 06:12 pm

Last weekend I made a crockpot of pinto beans. Unfortunately, I never got around to putting it into serving size portions to freeze. So, today I had to throw out 2lbs (less one serving I ate during the week) of pinto beans. That was enough beans for 33 work lunches -- gone. Frown

Fortunately, I do have several cans of refried beans in my pantry. So, instead of running to the grocery store (which I'm trying to stay out of until Friday) I will use one of those.


I just returned from my first outside trial run. Wow! Running outside is WAY different from running on a treadmill. I'm not sure exactly what distance I accomplished in my 40 minutes - thanks to the nifty little sportwatch/pedometer NOT working, but I have a feeling it wasn't much to speak of. I reverted back to what I did when I first started training on the treadmill - run for a minute, feel like I'm dying, then walk for a minute. Repeat and rinse.

Hopefully next Sunday's run will go better. I am planning on returning the sportwatch and taking my personal trainer up on his offer of a free pedometer.

Last night babysitting went really well. I had SO much fun with the kidlets. We made mud brownies and mud pumpkin pie. We also raked up huge piles of leaves around the backyard (but didn't jump in them because their dad had told them not to.) We also tossed a football around for a bit and played chase. Then we went inside and I was shown all the new toys and dress up outfits. Finally we had evening worship, then watched "Alvin and the Chipmunks." Both kidlets were in bed with teeth brushed by 9 p.m. Then I had the next three hours to read and relax.

I told my friend when they got home that I almost felt like I should be paying them for the privledge of getting to play with their little ones! Smile

3rd place? Not bad.

April 5th, 2008 at 03:04 pm

I found out today how I did in our church's 20 week fitness challenge. Out of the 39 remaining contenders, I placed third. The top 5 individuals were all women, which really surprised me.

I'm not sure why they did this, but they gave cash prizes to the top 3 teams, instead of just the top team. But then they gave a cash prize just to the top individual, and gave *bath sets* to the 2nd and 3rd place people. Um . . not to complain or anything, but I think I'd have preferred whatever cash they spent on the bath set . . .

I was a bit embarrassed though - two reasons. One is that as I was walking up front to accept my "prize" one of my shoes fell off! The other reason is that they had a graph/slide listing the top ten individual weight loss amounts with the names next to the amounts - showing to the whole church!!

I am dissapointed that I didn't win the $200 first place money. But I do know that I had more than one occassion of slacking off during the 20 weeks, so coming in third is still doing pretty well.

Now I'm about to jet off to my babysitting job where I'll be coming home with cash in my pocket - not $200, but still more than I'll be arriving there with. Smile

Babysitting :) & Fitness Training

April 4th, 2008 at 06:15 pm

Wednesday night I called one of my best friends to tell her about the 5k race I'd signed up for. She was very excited for me, etc. Smile Then she told me that she had been about to call me!

A good friend of her and her husband had texted them saying that he was going to be in town this weekend and would like to get together with them and go out. The last time he was here was nearly 3 years ago!

The last time he was here I babysat my best friend's kids. And now, I'll be babysitting them again. Smile Yay!

I'd mentioned to her when we went to the Jim Brickman concert last month that I am looking for babysitting opportunities to help make a bit faster progress on my savings goals. She told me that she'd keep me in mind if she heard of anyone needing a babysitter. Smile

I'm looking forward to being with her kids. They are two of my favorites. I've known both of them since they were less than a week old. I babysat the oldest while my friend was in the hospital having the youngest. He was just a bit over two years old at that time. Now he is in second grade, and his sister is in pre-k!

Tomorrow morning I'll be finding out about the results of the 20 week fitness challenge. I'm kind of nervous and excited about it. It would be so awesome if I won the individual prize. Smile

I spoke with my carpool rider on Wednesday about a bit of a schedule change. I want to go in earlier on Tue and Thurs so I have enough time to run 3 miles on the treadmill. Tuesdays don't affect her because she has a doctor's appt every Tuesday and her daughter brings her to work later. She was okay with leaving 15 minutes earlier on Thursdays.

So, I'll be doing my training runs for the 5k on (treadmill) Tuesdays, Thursdays, and then either Sat or Sun (outside) will do a longer run/walk (60 minutes). Mon and Fri will probably be the recumbent bike, and Wed the elliptical. I also spoke with my personal trainer today about putting together a workout program card for Wednesday's after work - I'm going to start doing a 3rd strength workout each week on my own. So I'll be getting around 240 cardio minutes, plus 3 45 minute strength training sessions in each week.

As of today, I have less than 4 weeks to go till my first 5k! I can hardly wait!

Good things a happening!

December 2nd, 2006 at 02:28 pm

I'll keep this short. My original post vanished when I accidnetally hit some keys. Frown

1. My Mypoints CC limit was raised by $1500 this week. While paying rent yesterday, I found out that I can use my card. This will be an effortless way to earn a lot of points for money that I have to spend no matter what.

2. Someone posted on my local freecycle that they needed 3,5 lb dumbbells. I so happen to have 2 sets of 3,5,10 lb dumbbells. I met her this afternoon and gave her one set (w/stand).

3. During our conversation, I mentioned Sparkpeople.com . When I got home, I also emailed her the website address and my username (I get referral "credit" of sorts.) She signed up! She's now the 5th person who's signed up there because of me. Smile

4. Before going to give the dumbbells, I decided to see if a pair of jeans that had just *barely* fit a month ago fit any better now. They did! I even wore them to our meeting place. Smile They are still tight, but I was able to zip them up without having to go through Huruclean(sp?) lengths.

5. I booked my dad and I's flight for my grandpa's funeral with my Mypoints card. My grandma is going to be paying me back - so the trip will only cost me whatever food I buy. I used a link to travelocity.com through sparkpeople.com so not only did I earn points for myself, I also earned some money for sparkpeople.com (which is awesome since they are a free site and just an awesome resource.)

The only negative is that I am going to be missing a day of work, and my pay will be docked. My grandma is worth it though.

The flight was amazingly inexpensive too. For both my dad and I together, it cost less than my trip for my brother's wedding!

Spending Log:
Friday: Groceries -$31.35
Saturday: None

Wedding Pictures

November 5th, 2006 at 03:55 pm

I finally have some wedding pictures from my brother's wedding that I can share. The wedding was beautiful and went really well. I am so happy for my brother. Smile He just called me after getting back from his honeymoon. He sounded so happy. Smile

Pictured: My brother and his wife - Reception

Wedding Pictures - Part Two

November 5th, 2006 at 03:54 pm

For some reason I couldn't post more than one picture. So . .

I had two other pictures I was going to post, but I can't for some reason. I loaded the filename in the picture box, but it's not uploading it (or giving me a button to add it.) Oh well.

Pictured: My brother and I - Rehearsal Dinner

Monday Update

May 8th, 2006 at 08:19 pm

My focus today was on my bedroom. There really wasn't much to do, because I had picked up quite a bit of stuff yesterday. Hmmm. .. neat concept - picking up stuff and putting it away as you go makes less work later. Smile

I also sifted out that cat litter.

Dad stopped by and we went out to supper at Jason's Deli. He and I took the trash out (there were a number of empty boxes.) Then he took my vcr/dvd combo so he can record Scrubs for me tomorrow night (I'm Tivo'ing the "Bird Flu" movie) and the Survivor finale on Sunday (West Wing finale and Desperate Housewives will be Tivo'd.)

Tomorrow I am going back to the Map Library with Sh. I'll be spending the whole day there. Smile One of the company's owner's daughters is on vacation from college (maybe summer break?) and she's going to take care of the phones. I was kept pretty busy today trying to get anything done that might come up tomorrow, today. Smile

Watched the Series finale of 7th Heaven tonight. Wow. Words can hardly describe how bad it was. Ya know, "it was so bad, it was almost good" kind of thing? Everwood was really, really good too. I *hope* that it gets renewed so I get to enjoy more Ephram and Bright and Patch and Rose and Treat next year. Too many of my shows are leaving me. Frown Ok, /tvaholic.

Got another $10 today from an ING referral. Mmmm .. . I love free money. Smile

Did my weight training today. Tomorrow I *will* do Pilates.

No spending today. Smile

Dad brought me the coupon inserts from Sunday's paper. Our Smart Source didn't have the Morningstar coupon in it, so I am very glad I didn't go out and buy a paper just for that. There are a couple other good ones (the Red Barron pizza and the Eggbeater ones) but tomorrow night at the Coupon Club I should be able to get more than enough of those.



1st Sunday update

May 7th, 2006 at 05:16 pm

Today I did Laundry. While the first load was in the washer, I went to Kroger and did my grocery shopping. I also stopped by Ace Hardware to find out what I needed to do to get my Pur Water Filter working. A very nice gentleman there helped me, and it ended up that I didn't need to buy anything. Yay!

I got back and finished up my laundry and read a little while waiting. Smile

Between yesterday and today, I have spent approximately 60 minutes working on decluttering and organizing my office area.

Before I go to bed tonight, I plan on setting out what I need for breakfast.


Organization - My Challenge for May

May 6th, 2006 at 07:10 pm

I've been thinking about this for awhile. I really need to get a better system to keep my apartment picked up and organized. There are many reasons, but two of them are so I could feel comfortable inviting someone over to my place at the drop of a hat, and two, so that I won't spend money and time buying something that I already own, but just can't find.

I've tried using the flylady technique before, but was completely overwhelmed by the amount of emails. Plus, I hate wearing shoes when I'm home - much prefer going barefoot as much as possible. Smile

But I decided today that I would take her concept and fit it into something that I think would work for me. I made a chart for me where each weekday has a FOCUS area. Then, each weekend has a FOCUS Declutter and Organize area.

This is something similar to what the pioneers did. I remember in the Little House books that Ma (Caroline) had a specefic chore for each day of the week.

So anyway, I have decided that I am going to use my blog here as an accountability factor.

Monday - Sift Kitty Litter/Replace; Straighten bedroom/Office.
Tuesday - Living Room
Wednesday - Kitchen/Dining Room
Thursday - Bathroom/ Empty Kitty Litter/Replace
Friday - General pick up/Vacuum/Trash run
Saturday -- Check food/HABA supplies; Check TaylorTownCouponPreview; Check GG and CutOutHunger for grocery deals; Make shopping List; Organize and Order Coupons.
Sunday - Grocery Shopping and Laundry
Declutter Focuses (approx. 60 min)
1st Sunday of Month - Office area
2nd Sunday of Month - Bedroom
3rd Sunday of Month - Office
4th Sunday of Month - Kitchen
5th Sunday of Month - Clothes

I also am going to start putting out as much as possible on the table for breakfast the night before. Also, as I'm making supper each night, I'm going to make sure I have my lunch planned for the next day. I only have about 18 -20 minutes for lunch, which doesn't leave very much time for making something and eating at a good, non-hurried pace.
I must complete my Focus each day after work before I can get on the internet, or sit to watch tv or read, etc.