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Good things a happening!

December 2nd, 2006 at 02:28 pm

I'll keep this short. My original post vanished when I accidnetally hit some keys. Frown

1. My Mypoints CC limit was raised by $1500 this week. While paying rent yesterday, I found out that I can use my card. This will be an effortless way to earn a lot of points for money that I have to spend no matter what.

2. Someone posted on my local freecycle that they needed 3,5 lb dumbbells. I so happen to have 2 sets of 3,5,10 lb dumbbells. I met her this afternoon and gave her one set (w/stand).

3. During our conversation, I mentioned Sparkpeople.com . When I got home, I also emailed her the website address and my username (I get referral "credit" of sorts.) She signed up! She's now the 5th person who's signed up there because of me. Smile

4. Before going to give the dumbbells, I decided to see if a pair of jeans that had just *barely* fit a month ago fit any better now. They did! I even wore them to our meeting place. Smile They are still tight, but I was able to zip them up without having to go through Huruclean(sp?) lengths.

5. I booked my dad and I's flight for my grandpa's funeral with my Mypoints card. My grandma is going to be paying me back - so the trip will only cost me whatever food I buy. I used a link to travelocity.com through sparkpeople.com so not only did I earn points for myself, I also earned some money for sparkpeople.com (which is awesome since they are a free site and just an awesome resource.)

The only negative is that I am going to be missing a day of work, and my pay will be docked. My grandma is worth it though.

The flight was amazingly inexpensive too. For both my dad and I together, it cost less than my trip for my brother's wedding!

Spending Log:
Friday: Groceries -$31.35
Saturday: None

1 Responses to “Good things a happening!”

  1. LuxLiving Says:

    Sorry to hear about your Grandfather's passing.

    ...and YEAH YOU on those loose-rrr jeans!! Meow!!!

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