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COVID Caught Me in TX

August 30th, 2022 at 12:45 am

I traveled to TX a couple weeks ago to see my mom, and get a bunch of errands taken care of for her. I flew out on Friday, then on Saturday my brother and I spent the day together, partly at the local mall. Sunday we picked mom up and did a trip down memory lane ... By Monday night I was feeling very off. By Tuesday morning I was utterly miserable - but bro had to do meetings in the morning, so it was up to me to take mom to appointments.

Let's just say, I found out very fast how heavy a wheelchair is AND how unfriendly the world is to people in wheelchairs.

Bro took her to afternoon appointments so I could sleep, and then he went to see a friend by himself. Wednesday, he had to do more stuff in the morning. By this time I was not just feeling miserable, but was coughing as well. So ... I started masking. (Up to this point I really thought it was just another sinus infection making me miserable. I've tested multiple times while feeling not quite that bad, and been negative.)

I got added on to mom's accounts Wednesday afternoon - all of us were at our limits of good behavior I think . . . so it was a good thing it was our last day there.

Thursday I flew back. I took a Sudafed just as I got on the plane ... not such a good idea when you'll be driving for an hour two hours later .... I got home and decided quickly that it was time to get some meds for the sinus infection because I was beyond miserable.

Lo and behold ... it wasn't just a sinus infection - it was COVID! Luckily neither bro nor mom got it from me.

I'm about 13? days out from Day 0 and have a lingering cough, am sleeping 9+ hours a night, and still feeling tired. But otherwise I think I'm okay.


DH got a $1.50 raise per hour, plus the delivery fees were raised by $1! The first raise any of the driver's have had in 18 years!!! Of course, just as we are celebrating this, then --- oh, the restaraunt is closed for cleaning for inspection Tuesday night, and we're still closing early Monday night. OY!

I should be getting an approximately $.60/hr raise this paycheck (annual COLA) and another raise probably the 2nd paycheck of September (end of 6 months in new posiiton.)


We had our first cantaloupe from our garden last night for desert! It was so good. Smile DH made pizza too - on mine, he put eggplant and red peppers from the garden; on his he put hamburger and also the garden red peppers.

Our garden didn't produce a lot this year, but I'm happiest about the eggplants and the cantaloupe! It's too bad our tomatoes weren't as prolific as the first time DH did a garden, with all this talk about tomato product shortages. (I think the heat got to them, or he overwatered?)


Mom told me today that my aunt (her sister)'s two children and husband all of some form of stomach cancer. Cousin B is in the hospital, but Cousin A and Uncle D aren't. I need to call Aunt D to find out the real story, because this sounds pretty far fetched ... I don't have the energy for it tonight though. I seriously hate talking on the phone any more.

4 Responses to “COVID Caught Me in TX”

  1. Petunia 100 Says:

    Oh no! So sorry to hear that you had Covid.

  2. CB in the City Says:

    So sorry to hear this, glad you are on the mend!

  3. rob62521 Says:

    I'm sorry you got Covid. Hopefully you continue to get stronger as the days go by.

    So far we've been blessed as far as tomatoes. We don't have as many since DH didn't plant as many (15 compared to 21 the last 2 years), but some of our friends have not had success with their tomatoes.

  4. terri77 Says:

    I'm sorry to hear about the COVID-19. I hope you continue to recover.

    My sister came home the other week. My dad & her went over to visit my aunt since my sister only comes into town once or twice a year. Later my aunt tested positive for COVID-19. My cousin and her young daughter had tested positive. My aunt provides a lot of the daughter's care as her mom is single & a probation officer, working a lot odd hours. Thankfully, my family: sister and parents, have continued to test negative.

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