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July 4th, 2018 at 10:58 am

It's been awhile...

Passport update - It turned out that the birth certificate I had worked just fine. I had found a bunch of other paperwork to supplement just in case, but it wasn't needed. I should be getting my passport by the end of July.

Brother - Brother is NOT going on cruise. Sigh. He is getting married to French girl tomorrow (July 5) at the courthouse. French Girl cannot go on the cruise due to her applying for green card (or something like that.) Brother doesn't want to leave his newly wedded wife to go on a cruise …

Mom and I are still going.

I have no idea what I should be doing for French Girl who in 24 hours will be my SIL. I feel like I should send them some kind of a congratulations card or something …

I have started a budget line for a trip to France -- a year from now they plan to have a big party/quasi wedding ceremony there. Not even sure how much to save - it would just be me going - DH has no interest, plus I'm not sure we could save enough for both of us to go.

DH sold the Honda without a working transmission! He listed it on Craigslist, and 36 hours later it was sold for $500. So we are now down to 4 vehicles.

*I don't remember if I mentioned this or not, but DH found a new home for the chickens.

*We have fleas... Sigh. DH took in one of his "friends" cats which needed medical attention while said "friend" was away on vacation for 3 weeks. Cat had fleas, but couldn't be treated due to several open wounds (both of which healed while staying with us.) Cat was kept isolated in the workshop (where the chickens were previously) but .. DH found out that Cat definitely had had fleas yesterday after walking around in the workshop. Ugh.

*New job possibility - I think it'd be a super stretch, but there is a possibility of a telecommute federal job which a church friend thinks I'd qualify for. There's supposed to be 26 positions opening up soon. IF I got it … salary STARTS at more than what DH and I currently make together.

That would put us in an entirely new tax bracket.

I told DH that if I got it, I'd want us to continue living with our current budget, but put the extra away in tax advantaged accounts and taxable investments. It would put a big boon to our retirement goals, and give me peace of mind for when/if DH can no longer work.

Plus .. telecommuting! No more traffic or having to deal with office politics. Maybe get a dog … Maybe sell this place and move to the country in a few years ...

This could come at a really good time because I found out recently that my supervisor is going to be leaving for a different position at the end of August. That leaves only one person at work I'd feel semi bad about leaving.

I'd honestly be SHOCKED if I got this job … if was a veteran and/or disabled I'd have a much better chance ….But I'm going to try.


My weight has been holding somewhat steady … I'm up 20lbs from January, but it's been there for over a month now, so am really trying to NOT let it go up further. Sigh.

I'm up over $23 from my Stepbets - just started a new one this week. I decided to not do another Runbet though while the weather is so hot. Maybe in September after the cruise I could do one before it gets too cold.

I found two more bank bonuses that I'm working on. One is an in branch one for Union Bank - $200. The other one is a $100 bonus for another bank (can't remember right now.)


I'm enjoying having today off. I'm also taking tomorrow morning off - personal choice holiday time.

Can't think of anything else terribly interesting … will try to come by more often.

15 Responses to “Updates”

  1. CB in the City Says:

    I feel you should send a card or letter of congratulations. Even if you are not feeling congratulatory, what you do now will set the tone for what may be a lifelong relationship.

  2. My English Castle Says:

    Hi Laura, I agree with CB! It's always nice to be welcomed into a family. Enjoy your time off.

  3. debtfreeme Says:

    WOW a lot going on. France is beautiful - you will enjoy the trip. I hope it is a good choice for your brother.

    Great news on the federal job - benefits are amazing, good retirement, good all around. Good luck!

  4. Dido Says:

    Good luck on the job prospect. France to look forward to! Fun!

  5. creditcardfree Says:

    Enjoy your cruise!! Embrace the sister in law in the way that is right for you. If your brother loves her, you may find that you do as well. Smile Good luck on the job application.

  6. LivingAlmostLarge Says:

    Good luck on the job. Send them a card and $20 to target or starbucks or something. You should be supportive no matter what. That way in case anything happens he knows you are in his corner. Besides it can all work out.

    I ever told you the story of my college roomie I still am FB friends with? Her mom met her dad at age 34 during a summer residency in KY. She was from the phillippines. He proposed after 6 weeks and told her don't ever leave. She didn't. Had my roomie at 35 and brother at 36 and are still happily married 41 year later. Her parents are wildly happy. I see photos of them still together. And i met them after 20 years of marriage and her dad said "you just know." So give it a chance. I'm sure his family thought he was crazy marrying some foreign woman. You never know.

  7. Wink Says:

    On the one hand I am sure you are disappointed that your brother won't be joining you on the cruise. You were looking forward to that time with him. But on the other hand, he is embarking on a new phase of his life that includes his new wife. Welcome her to the family and look forward to an exciting time in France! And fingers crossed for the new job opportunity!

  8. rob62521 Says:

    A card or a letter of congratulations and welcome to the family would be nice for the new family member. Sorry your brother won't be joining you on the cruise, but you will have some time with your mom. Hope the cruise is wonderful.

    Hope the new job opportunity works out. How exciting!

  9. kashi Says:

    Wow, that's fast. I'd definitely send them a card with a gift. I hope you'll be able to meet her soon and that you like her.

    Any chance you'd be willing to share the info about the telecommuting job? If so, I think you have my email address. I've been looking for a telecommuting job so I can spend more time with my parents.

    You motivated me to join a StepBet and I'm a little over halfway through it. It's a lot of walking! I wish I could manage to reduce calories while doing it and maybe I'd lose some weight!

  10. Frugal texan Says:

    Thanks all.

    I sent them a congratulations text, and talked to them on the phone. I also told them that I’m forgiving the cruise Balance as a wedding gift (about $60 after the refund.) She has a lovely French accent. Smile
    Kashi - When the position is open again I’ll send you the link. You have to either have military experience or two years of graduate courses to start qualifying as far as I can tell.

  11. MonkeyMama Says:

    Oh, wow! I totally understand. I have the kind of sister who would totally blow me off and get married instead. (In fact, she has done that, though maybe not both at the same time). Ugh. & who knows. My sister's second wedding wasn't much better (it was very rash) but she actually did about 1,000 times better that time. & he's a really good guy so he totally understands that we weren't thrilled with my sister's second shotgun wedding in like two years. I wish your brother that kind of luck.

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