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Home Warranty and Face Plant

May 13th, 2018 at 09:07 am

So if you recall, we were waiting to be reimbursed for the cost of replacing our water heater. At first the HW company said that the email receipt I forwarded wouldn't work since it didn't give detail. They said they'd been in contact with the place that replaced our water heater.

On Tuesday I remembered to take our paper copy of the receipt to work with me. I scanned it at the darkest resolution. It still was just barely readable. So I made a second copy that I went over in pen, and scanned it. Then emailed both copies to the HW place.

We had our reimbursement check in the mail on Thursday!

So on Friday I called to renew our policy. I wanted to pay up front for a year. I asked about the two free months advertised if you renewed before the expiration date.

That was ONLY for those paying month by month with automatic withdrawals from checking. I expressed how unfair and ridiculous I thought this was - why should I be punished just because I wanted to pay in full??

At first I just paid in full because I prefer to avoid monthly payments. But then I got to thinking about it. By doing this, I'd be paying an extra $100 just to avoid paying monthly. If I were to pay monthly, I'd have the $600 I'd set aside to use elsewhere ...

Was it really worth it?

So .. I called back and canceled my payment. On Monday I'm going to call back with my checking info.

I'm still annoyed, but inexplicably in this case, making monthly payments will work out better financially.

So I've had five weeks of physical therapy for my shoulder. On Friday I finally felt like real progress was finally being made.

Then yesterday I went for my 4th run of the week (Runbet) and ended up tripping over my own two feet. I landed mostly on my right side / knee, but I definitely jarred my left shoulder some too.

I'm really hoping I haven't set back my progress too much. Ugh.

I have one week left on my current runbet and stepbet. I plan on resigning up for both again as soon as my winnings are paid up. I've been doing pretty well with exercise ... wish I could say the same for food ...

Recommendation! The Lizzie Bennett Diaries on youtube! Based on Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice

5 Responses to “Home Warranty and Face Plant”

  1. snafu Says:

    Thank you for the heads up on billing practice quirks. The 1st time I ran head 1st into a similar situation was the discount offered by our city's municipal tax sign up, for their automatic, monthly withdraw system. Nope, no discount at all if you pay the tax in one, lump sum payment when they finally set the rate and send the bill. * Note in a teeny box at the very bottom of the Notice, a statement explains there is a penalty, if any withdrawal is not honored by the financial institution. [I asked at a Town Hall meeting, penalty is huge + the entire, remaining sum is immediately due and you are never allowed monthly payments as long as your name is on the property].

    We pay our auto insurance as a lump sum annually because there is a hidden, surcharge to clients choosing monthly payments. When CC started their 5% 'cash back' promotions, I asked insurer if there was a fee associated with 'charging' annual premiums. Nope, they give me a small discount on both vehicles and home insurance + the 5% on CC. This is beneficial for those of us who pay balances by due date.

    When I noticed cable service joined the fray, we signed up for that small savings; our cheapy phone service requires automatic, CC billing. Each item individually isn't a lot but even my inaccurate tracking has added to to a significant figure.

  2. Wink Says:

    Ouch! Hope your shoulder is ok. I actually managed to trip UP the steps the other day. Luckily I caught myself before injuring anything.

  3. rob62521 Says:

    I truly don't understand why folks want the monthly pay when you wanted to pay in full. Personally, the bird in the hand maxim sounds good, but I guess they think if you pay by the month, you won't remember and it will automatically renew.

    Sorry about your shoulder.

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