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Today's Mail!

March 3rd, 2018 at 01:44 pm

So remember how I was perplexed on how I got rejections from both Chase AND US Bank for new cards?

Well, I guess I assumed wrong when I got the message "you'll hear about our decision in 7 - 10 days via mail"

Because guess what I got in the mail today? My new US Bank card! With a ridiculous (good) credit limit.

I've got my rewards categories all set up. Now I just have to get my electric, gas, trash and cell bills all transferred over. Smile5% here we come! (Not to mention the sign on bonus Smile ) I wonder if the one I signed my DH up for went through too (with his go ahead). That'd be sweet.

I got my first interest from my new 4% CD (at the Christian Community CU). That'll be nice having $2500 earning 4% for the next 18 months. I need to get direct deposit set up soon though for the checking bonus.

I did a Pinecone survey, and nudged Karen about the shopping Amazon thing. Hey, it's an easy $3, and I need to find the $'s wherever I can. Smile

I can't remember if I mentioned this here or not - but I signed up for a Stepbet starting tomorrow. My previous six week returns were all between $9 - $20. I should be able to complete two, or possibly three between now and the cruise.

I bought some sticky socks to use in the barre class. I may try it on Monday or Wednesday. (They were $2 after my Amazon gift card from Bing.)

I was supposed to go to a small group potluck this afternoon. I even made a big pot of veggie/bean soup to take. But then I realized that it was being held at an assisted living home, so was worried about how many people might be there ... and chickened out. Sigh.

Sometimes I can get myself out to events, but more often than not, I decide to stay home instead. I wish that wasn't so. Sigh.

3 Responses to “Today's Mail!”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    Oh, I had that happen before. "We'll let you know in 7-10 days" at the time of application, but then nothing until the card comes in the mail. It may have even been the US Bank card. Enjoy those savings!!

    4% on CD is fantastic! I expect we'll be seeing rates continue to rise.

  2. rob62521 Says:

    I often talk myself out of going to things then look back and wish I were more brave. I really am pretty shy and things with lots of people overwhelm me.

  3. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    CCF - I have too, but after the rejection letter from Chase (too many inquiries/cards) when I got that message it made me assume ...

    I hope rates continue to rise! Smile
    Rob - Me too. I don't want to be that way, and *usually* when I make myself go I'm glad later ...

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