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Life Ins ?, Updates

August 5th, 2017 at 03:09 pm

So I received one of those promotional mailers from one of the credit unions I have a CC at - essentially offering me a free $1k of accidental death and dismemberment policy.

I usually throw those things away, but this time I looked at it a bit more closely. As I did so, I noticed that it says that your spouse would be covered at half of your coverage (members coverage.)

Hmmm... I am already amply covered through work. So if something were to happen to me, DH would have no financial worries. Not so much if the reverse were true.

I'm able to add $5k/yr to DH's policy thru work, up to $50k. $50k would be a good amount to help me keep the house, and make whatever upgrades I'd need to do in order to rent out the basement (if that's what I decided to do.) That's 8 years out though.

For $7.50/month, I can have a $50k family plan. So, that would give me $25k + whatever I'm up to with my work plan if something happens to DH.

What I'm not sure of is what they consider "accidental death." The only thing mentioned that isn't covered is suicide. So ... would a heart attack be considered accidental death? Or dying of diabetes complications? etc?

It also has a hospitalization benefit - so if you're in the hospital more than 7 consecutive days, it pays up to $1k/month.

My DH would in no way shape or form qualify for normal term life insurance. So something like this appeals to me - I'm just wondering if there is something I'm not thinking about.

(No, we don't have human dependents, but we do have many furbabies. Either one of us would have a difficult time affording this house on our own. Renting would be out of the question w/our "kids." I'd just feel more secure knowing that if something were to happen to DH before we get to the financial place where he can retire, that I'll be taken care of (without having to dip into my own retirement funds.)

If DH started eating more healthfully, then I might not be so concerned about this. As it is, I doubt that is going to happen. So ...

The fence guy did come out and spent about 3 days sporadically working on prepping our yard for the fence. Then he didn't come at all for an entire week.

No communication at all.

We are getting REALLY frustrated.

It looks like the city union contract for my job is finally going to council to be signed! A year later ... So, hopefully on my next paycheck I'll be getting the backpay from a 2.5% cost of living raise, and then on the next paycheck, will be getting an additional 2.5% cost of living raise.

Plus the overtime I'll be getting this month (and some retroactive pay from previous overtime - they took out some language which will make around 6 hours of OT that was paid at straight time, into 1 1/2 time.)

My next two paychecks should be pretty darn sweet. (Good thing, seeing as though we need to squirrel away as much cash as possible for DH's shoulder surgery/time off work!)

DH took care of the small estate affidavit for his sister on Thursday. Got it notarized and took it by her bank. This week he'll be calling the railroad to find out what the money situation is there, and then we can figure out all the finances.

I was proud of him for getting it done so quickly (Thursday was the 31st day from SIL's death - so first day it could be done.)

Thursday was also his birthday. 51 yo! We drove to a town called Marysville and ate at a Wagon Wheel restaurant. I was able to find food I could eat - DH had something called drunken chicken and mashed potatoes. I stole one fry and one fried mushroom ... not on my plan, but a little smudging once in a while won't kill me. Smile

I'm going to be making this recipe tomorrow -

Eggplant parm


with some modifications (no oil)

We have been harvesting eggplants from our garden. We ate the first one on Sunday, and have 3 more to eat now. So, I may do a double batch of this recipe, and freeze some.

Here is my hubby with our very first eggplants:

So far I have redeemed a $25 gift card for Walmart from Swagbucks.

I returned a bunch of books to the library on Friday. I'd put them in a tote with a jug of distilled water (for the cats to drink) and some water must have leaked ... I found this out as I was putting the books in the return bin. Two of them had visible water damage. Frown

So I brought the books into the library and showed them to the person at the desk. She told me one book was old, and not too damaged, so she wouldn't charge me for it. The other book though was brand new, and much more damaged.

She started looking for the barcode, and then realized it wasn't a library book after all!

I guess I had put all the library books on top of this book (all cookbooks) and when gathering the books to take back, just swept them all up. So ... I guess I should be glad it got water damaged!

23 Responses to “Life Ins ?, Updates”

  1. snafu Says:

    Congratulations on getting a new union contract. I hope they give retroactive monies as a separate deposit so it doesn't muddle deductions.

    I believe 'accidental death' is a legal term that must be proven by a set of specific unintentional circumstances. It does not cover any medical conditions.

    Hope you enjoy your home grown eggplants. Can't get much fresher!

  2. Carol Says:

    Doublecheck, but I think accidental death is like in a car accident, not heart attack or diabetes related. See if there is some term insurance that doesn't require a physical. Maybe from an alumni association?
    That is a great, cute picture of hubby!

  3. MonkeyMama Says:

    Cute picture!

  4. ceejay74 Says:

    Wow, nice eggplants! They're a veg I wished I liked more but don't, but they are beautiful. We got some in our CSA though. We're making breaded fried eggplant slices to go with pasta, and will probably sprinkle with parmesan, so I suppose we're having eggplant parmesan of a sort! :P

  5. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    Thanks Snafu. I have no idea how they will do it. It'll be interesting to see.
    That's what I figured for the policy.

    Thanks Carol. He went to a community college, so I doubt there's anything like that. But I'll check.

    Thanks MM

    Thanks CeeJay. It took me a long time to feel confident enough to do anything with them. Now I could eat them all the time! Smile

  6. creditcardfree Says:

    Is your husband uninsurable entirely? Or are you assuming the premium will be very high? It might be, but a high premium in the short term, while you also save cash for your own safety net could be worth the peace of mind. It may be worth looking into.

  7. Carol Says:

    I think CCF makes an excellent point. You probably don't need that much coverage, maybe only enough to pay off the house.

  8. frugaltexan75 Says:

    CCF - I think he may be uninsurable - if not, the premium would be sky high. But I'll check into it (though I hate to do that and him have it confirmed that he's uninsurable .. blow to ego.)

    Carol - Yep, I'm not even looking for enough to pay off the house - more just to either give me some time to decide what to do - or enough to renovate the basement apartment into something rentable.

  9. patientsaver Says:

    How did hubby like that bean tahini salad dressing recipe i gave you? I've concluded that I don't like it and am still searching myself for a few more recipes.

  10. frugaltexan75 Says:

    He didn't care for it unfortunately.

  11. Myfinancekits Says:

    I will suggest you clarify any grey area that you don't understand about the policy from the insurer. No matter advice given as comments here is just a mere suggestion which may not be exactly what the insurer has in mind.

  12. Petunia 100 Says:

    Here is some good info on term life insurance written by an insurance broker, complete with a tool to get some quotes:


  13. rob62521 Says:

    Love that photo of your hubby!

  14. LivingAlmostLarge Says:

    Is anyone uninsurable for life insurance? I thought it just was a high premium? Except if you had cancer or something already diagnosed?

  15. kashi Says:

    Love the photo! I'm so impressed by your lifestyle transition. I'm still working to cut out oil and sugar entirely. It might be good to find out if he can't be insured, and yeah it would be a blow to the ego, but maybe it would be a motivator to take better care of himself?

  16. snafu Says:

    Your basement space has huge potential to pay down your mortgage sometime in the future when you're ready. If you're willing to discuss space and perceived issues, perhaps it will result in a collection of practical ideas. [I acknowledge being overly sensitive by the sum paid in interest on mortgage amotorization] .

  17. Frugaltexan75 Says:

    LAL- I think morbid obesity probably disqualifies. Plus having a pre- diabetes and high blood pressure diagnosis. But it wouldn't hurt to check.

    Thanks Kashi SmileI haven't totally given up oil or salt - but almost totally. I had some slippage last night due to bad day ... but didn't resort to chocolate or soda. - Honestly I'm not sure if there is anything that will motivate him. I thought his sister dying might have done it ...

    Snafu - the basement is chock full of DH's stuff. No way to do anything with it as is.

  18. patientsaver Says:

    Laura, don't forget Dr. Greger is on PBS live tonight! You can watch from the NutritionFactos.org page.

  19. Frugaltexan75 Says:

    I wish I could! But I'm doing a school open house tonight (yay overtime!) from 6:30 to 8:30. Maybe I can catch the tail end.

  20. bullet force Says:

    Congrats! Cute pic Smile

  21. LivingAlmostLarge Says:

    Maybe up life insurance through work so you have something?

  22. frugaltexan75 Says:

    LAl - I do have life insurance on him through work - but can only add $5k/yr to it. (Currently at $10k, in a couple months will be at $15k.)

  23. eric van haaften Says:

    These rates are normally teaser rates to get you started think "Globe Life" or AARP life insurance. Unless you have a pre-exisiting medical condition, we normally would not recommend AARP term life insurance an accidental policy (which only pay if you have an accident).

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