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September 6th, 2015 at 08:33 am

SBs awarded the monthly bonuses early and my SB cc points also came through - so I now have about 5500 SBs. There are two Swagups (rebates) going live on the 14th though, so I'll be waiting til then. I could easily redeem $75 - $100 from Swagbucks this month. Wow.

I took a break from Pact for a few weeks in August, but started back with it this past week. Just on a smaller scale. The break was nice, but it will be good to have another avenue of earning money again.

I have been using two new apps the last few weeks. Both connect to my Fitbit and to Runkeeper.

Bounts is a UK based company which rewards you for every day you go over 7000steps or do a 20 minute+ GPS tracked walk/run/etc - if you upgrade (pay pound 9.99/yr) you can also earn more points by checking in at approved gyms.

The rewards available for US residents are limited, but still worth going for. A $5 Walmart card is 700bounts/points. I have 260 bounts already.

It's a nice easy addition to all the other things which I earn money with just by using my Fitbit and connecting the various apps. (If you're interested in this - we both can get 100 bonus points if you use my referral code - I don't want to post it here because it uses part of my last name. I will email the link to you though if interested.)

The second new app I just used for the first time yesterday is called CharityMiles.

You connect your fitbit (or other tracker) and something similar to Runkeeper. Then whenever you are getting ready to do a fitness activity you open it up and choose a charity from their list. Then start your activity. When you are finished, go back to the app and stop it.

Yesterday by walking 2.2 miles I earned $.56 for a charity which helps kids get books.

I do wish it was a little bit less involved (you have to choose a charity from the list each time. There isn't a way to save favorites.) But still, it's nice to know that at the same time I'm doing something for myself, I'm also doing a little something for someone else. Smile

I did another shopping run last night - Walgreen's, Family Dollar, SuperSaver and Target.

Walgreen's - toothpaste and deodorant

Family Dollar - cereal (3 for 6, $1 off SavingStar app, $.20 off iBotta), new $10 Android phone

SuperSaver - tatertots, cream of mushroom soup, canned cat food (20 cans - two coupons used), can of Vegeburger, Morningstar corndogs (on sale!), misc.

Target - soda, Quaker granola bars ($1.50 iBotta, 10% Target app), Kellogs Nutri grain bars ($1 Checkout 51), Quorn ($2 iBotta), Amy's, misc.

**I discovered a new Amy's meal. Noodles w/cashew sauce and veggies. It is SO good. Target has it for 3.99. I bought that rather than getting something from Taco Bell. So much better!

I stumbled across the canned cat food at SuperSaver by accident. I'd planned on getting it at Target for $1.07 a can - coupons - but SuperSaver had them for $.98/can! They also have much cheaper frozen veggies than Walmart.

I have a ton of food and household products now in my pantry/fridge/freezer. Other than fresh fruit and veggies, I hopefully will not be spending much more on groceries / household this month.

*NE and I are doing dinner again tonight - tater tot casserole - which is why bought some of what I bought. Smile

NEs laptop died on him yesterday. So I erased my iPad and reset it up so that he can use it until he gets a new laptop. I'm thinking about just letting him have it. All I ever use it for is to run paid video apps. I can accomplish the same thing on a $10 smartphone (like the one I bought at Family Dollar.) I'll have to see how much he likes it first though.

If he ends up not liking it, then I may just go ahead and sell it. It may fetch $50 or so possibly.

I plan on hitting the gym today. We'll see though ... didn't go to bed til after 2, and then Kari woke me up about 7 ... Thanks Kari. (Thankfully it is a 3 day weekend!)

10 Responses to “Updates”

  1. bluesfemme Says:

    Laura, I'd be interested, as long as I don't need a fitbit but can just use my android phone (I walk home from work each day, so fits with your getting paid to do stuff you're doing anyway :-) ). I downloaded the app but haven't signed up yet - can't make out whether the phone alone is fine and whether it applies in Aust. Do you know? Cheers.

  2. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    Bluesfemme - I think it will connect to the Moves app (which counts steps). I'm not sure about Aus. though. I can send them an email to find out - they have pretty good customer service.

  3. creditcardfree Says:

    Can you remind me what SwagUps are? I've been using Swagbucks so minimally this year that I don't what that is! I'm getting back to it since I have a few things I want to buy and don't want to use regular income for. Smile

  4. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    Sure - Swagups are a new type of "reward" that they have created. For example in the latest team challenge, everyone who contribuited at least 200 points to their team will get a 50SB swagup. They are limited time rebates which apply only when you purchase a reward. So for example - on the 14th I will have two Swagup rebates avaialbe. I will purchase a $25 Paypal for 2500 SBs and get a 50 SB rebate. Then I'll purchase my second $25 Paypal and get another 50SB rebate.

    There was a Survey Soiree challenge a few weeks ago where some people were able to earn a 1000SB Swagup (by completing 20 surveys in 7 days. I attempted 10 and then gave up on it.)

    They are limited in time and start well after you've earned it. For example, one of the two Swagups I earned 3 weeks ago, but won't be available til the 14th. It expires so far within about a month. So far they haven't been stackable - but a recent blog post sounds like they might be having a "special" one which will be stackable.

    I don't really like it much, because I'd rather just get the SBs straight up and not have to time my reward purchases. It is what it is though.

  5. creditcardfree Says:

    Thanks, I'll keep my eye out. I'm not sure if I contributed 200 points, but it's possible since I've been at it again.

  6. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    The 200 points was pretty easy to earn if you joined a team. I was on the Corvette team I think (came in 2nd) and contributed around 3k points - mostly thanks to the SBTV mobile app doing a million bonus rounds. Smile

  7. creditcardfree Says:

    I did join a team. I think I was on the Corvette team too.

  8. VS_ozgirl Says:

    The iPad would be a really nice gift for NE if he wants it Smile

  9. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    CCF - cool Smile
    VS - Yes, if he likes it, it would make a nice gift. Considering how he felt about the Android phone I let him borrow, I'm not too hopeful. But time will tell. Smile

  10. Liz Says:

    Laura, I'd love a referral to Bounts. Sounds like an easy way to earn stuff if you're already active. 7k steps is my daily goal. Love my FitBit!

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