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Good and Bad

April 29th, 2015 at 08:07 pm

Let me start off with the good stuff ..

I've mentioned that I had lost the large non-keytag grocery store rewards card and had spoken with the people in the customer service area about getting it replaced. The first time I talked to them was a good while ago. Since then I went back a number of times and each time got told that "they were really behind on the cards"

So Sunday I went again. This time though I think I must have gotten a manager back there. She checked for my card replacement, and then checked for my order. NOTHING! They had lost my order form - never even sent it out!

So she confirmed my contact details and then told me that she personally would take care of it.

I got a phone call on Monday letting me know that she'd be at the store on Wednesday after 2:30 with my card.

So after work today I stopped by. Not only did she have my card, but she had had the person who made it (coded it?) add 41 cents worth of gas savings. That is .. 41 cents PER GaLLON.

I'm going to wait til Thursday to use it - but boy howdy, is that ever going to be some cheap gas!

The bad.

I had finally made enough PerkPoints to redeem for a $25 AGC. I got an email this morning telling me my reward was on its way.

Then this afternoon I got an email telling me my reward had been canceled. That there cheating detector or whatever had detected I was doing something violating TOS!!!!

I sent an email to them stating I HAD NOT done anything to violate TOS!

Kind of doubtful they'll backtrack, because there is no way to prove a negative (that I didn't do something against TOS.)

So very frustrating. I guess my devices won't be getting quite such a workout anymore.

No news from NE about Riddles. He was taking him to the vet again today at 5.

Tomorrow is payday - so that will mean May is totally funded. (My 3rd paycheck or really the second one for April funded my medical expenses category plus some ...)

3 Responses to “Good and Bad”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    Darn on those Perk rewards! And super on the gas rewards. That was really the right thing for them to do.

  2. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    Just after I posted I got an email from Perk saying that they'd detected I was using a VPN. That jogged my memory - I installed VPN software on all my devices for a site that pays you so much (rewards points redeemed for cash) so they can track websites visited, etc. All info is anonymized (hence the VPN) So I sent Perk an email explaining this - they want a copy of my id to prove my identity - asked them where/how to send it. Also asked if I'm going to have to disable the VPN every time I run Perk ... be very very annoying if so.

  3. rob62521 Says:

    Great on grocery tag deal. Hope the Perk deal works out. At least someone is listening.

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