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Saved Some, Spent Some

November 3rd, 2013 at 01:28 pm

On Friday I printed off 5 coupons from Swagbucks - 2 for $2 off Lindt chocolate, 2 for $1 off Rice Dream and a $.50 Crest coupon. I didn't get into town until Saturday.

So after church I stopped by the library to pick up some additional books on spiders (2nd and 3rd are doing spider research.) Then I stopped at Albertson's (usually shop at Walmart, but Albertson's is right next to Walgreen's, which was my final stop.) Albertson's had Rice Dream on sale 2 for $5, and Lindt bars 2 for $5. Crest was also on sale. Sweet! Going in I had no idea of the sales - I just lucked out. Smile The $1 (after coupons) isn't really saved money, because I didn't *need* Lindt ... but it sure was nice. Smile The other coupons though were for things I needed/use, so are a definite savings.

Oh, I did stop at Taco Bell, so broke my streak of no fast food. I think it's my last time stopping there though. So frustrating. First, they raised the price of the 7 layer burrito to $2.99. Second, what happens too many times happened again -- I asked for NO guacomole or tomatoes. Guess what my burrito had? Ugh.

I spent $16 at the grocery store, $6.37 at Taco Bell, and $24.xx at Walgreen's (prescription.)

I was down to my last bar of gas on Friday, so I filled up in T for $3.23. ($32.47). I was really annoyed when I got into G on Saturday because I saw gas as low as $2.94!! I really should have just gotten a gallon in T - enough to get me into G and around. Will do that if it happens again.

So if you remember, I started a diet **bet about a month ago - betting that I'd lose 4% of my starting weight. Well, that didn't happen, but I did lose about 3%. I also saved a bunch of money on not buying as much junk as I had been starting to do, AND am almost ready to cashout again on GymPact, and am *really* close to cashing out on Achievemint. So, even though I'm out the $20 of the bet, I think I more than made up for it in other savings.

Well, I'm about to start another diet***bet - this one though lasts for six months. The goal is to lose 10% of your starting weight by month five, and then maintain it for a month. You can either do $25/month * 6, or pay $125 up front and get one month free. I went ahead and did the $125 up front, plus paid $20 for "weigh-in tokens" which makes it so you can compete for weekly/monthly prizes. I think I'm much more likely to be successful at a more long-term bet than trying to lose 4% in one month.

As of now, I'm back on NOT eating at fast food places, and limiting junk food purchases to one item a week. This will both save me money, and save me calories. I downloaded two apps which I think will also be helpful - My Fitness Pal (free), and a Couch to 5k program ($.99.) I'm probably going to repeat each week of the the 5k program 3 times to really take it slowly.

We are supposed to get a snowstorm here on Tuesday - no idea if it's going to be enough to cause a snow day. That would be nice if it did though. Smile Then we'd have two 4 day weeks in a row. (Veteran's Day)

I signed up for Bing Rewards - mainly because I wanted to earn free months of Hulu+ so I could watch Once Upon a Time. But then I've since figured out that you can already watch OUAT for free on Hulu. Then today I discovered that you can redeem your Bing points for Amazon cards! If you're not already a Bing Rewards member and would like to do it, please consider letting using my referral link (check sidebar links) - I get 50 credits once you reach Silver level. I use the AGCs to buy books and other supplies for the school library I work at. (In fact, I am probably going to need to purchase some headphones for the computer lab very soon - ours are breaking rapidly or going missing - am thinking of getting the kind like you have for iPhones so they'll have a built in microphone.)

Ugh. I was going to cancel Amazon Prime and Netflix. Unfortunately I didn't set reminders to do that, and just remembered I was going to do that ... Checked - and they both already renewed. $79 for Amazon and $8.53 for Netflix. I haven't really been using Netflix much lately, so thought I'd cancel it for awhile. Amazon Prime is nice, but too much at $79 (I had a Student Prime account the past 4 years, but since I'm not taking classes this year ...)

7 Responses to “Saved Some, Spent Some”

  1. snafu Says:

    It's so telling to spend $ 16. on groceries and [nearly 40%] $ 6.37 for a Taco Bell treat that disappointed. Is it still possible to cancel Amazon Prime pro rated for a less than 100% refund? Alternatively, make a note in your electronic calendar for two weeks pre renewal date. It so much easier to leave tracking and due dates to electronic reminders.

  2. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    I know, believe me. Rolleyes That same meal four weeks ago (last time I had it) cost $5.07. It definitely felt like a huge waste of money since I was only able to eat about half of the burrito (the guac was all towards the bottom.)

    I usually do set electronic reminders for these kinds of things - for some reason I didn't this go around. I have set a reminder for Netflix to cancel on Dec 2. I will have to check to see if Amazon does any kind of refund on their Prime membership - that would be great if they did!

  3. MonkeyMama Says:


  4. MonkeyMama Says:

    Sorry, I was having comment problems earlier. Big Grin

  5. Looking Forward Says:

    Good luck on your weight loss!
    The Couch to 5k app sounds interesting... maybe good for me and DH.
    I would cancel Prime right now. Not worth it IMHO. I think they'd cancel it for you. Smile How are you feeling? Better?

  6. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    Thanks LF Smile
    Am I feeling better? Not really, no. Some days are better than others, but overall I haven't really felt "normal" since at least March ( when I had bronchitis). This latest thing I'm dealing with is on top of other stuff, and probably will require some tests to figure it out. I'm beyond frustrated but all I can do is keep going one day at a time...

  7. SicilyYoder Says:

    I stopped doing Swagbucks. I may start back up. I could never get many points.

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