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About getting ready to head out

December 22nd, 2011 at 07:04 pm

I went to the doctor today and got my blood work done - it was a $25 copay. Not too bad I guess.

I also got my mom's Christmas gift mailed off (late I know!!) - only $5 postage - should get there by Tuesday. Oops.

Yesterday afternoon one of my coworkers came by and asked if I wanted to go into town with her and another teacher for dinner. I couldn't resist. Dinner - $8.65, and then we went to Walmart. I needed to pickup a bat of cat food because I was nearly out, but ended up buying a couple of CDs from the $5 bin. One of them will make a good addition to my dad's Christmas gift ... but I really should've skipped the others -- $23.36 (I also got a Terry's Chocolate Orange).

Guess what started again while I was at the doctors? Snow!! We've had probably another inch fall this morning. I plan on taking it slow on the way in to ABQ because around here the roads were getting kind of slick.

I stopped over at the school library and picked up a few books to read. Although I have plenty of books on my phone, there are times where you can't use electronic devices on the planes, so I like to have a hard copy book -- the last few times I ended up buying a book in the airport -- highway robbery. So this time I am prepared!! Plus I'll be able to book talk these books when I get back. Big Grin

After I got back from dinner last night, I preceded to spend the $200 donation. Big Grin I bought about $70 worth of graphic novels, $60 worth of mid-school specific books, and the rest were more primary level books. I actually ended up spending an extra $15. In all, I got 47 books - from Ebay and Amazon. Only 6 of them were full price (the newer, more popular ones.)

I used my Beezag money that was in Paypal for the books from Ebay.

They should mostly be here by Jan 7. The kids are going to be so excited. Big Grin

I'm 15 points away from redeeming my next AGC from Swagbucks. Yay!

I could redeem points for a $25 AGC from Mypoints right now, but I'm only 3,000 away from a $50 AGC. I'll wait - it'll save 400 points that way. Big Grin

Ok, I better go pack. It's gonna be hard getting up though cuz Kari is sound asleep on my lap. Big Grin

3 Responses to “About getting ready to head out”

  1. CB in the City Says:

    $8.65 for dinner isn't bad at all.

    I love Terry's Chocolate oranges, too!

  2. My English Castle Says:

    Have a safe drive and a delightful holiday! Great job on the books--and thanks for your recommendation for the free Kindle books.

  3. MonkeyMama Says:

    Merry Christmas! Enjoy your travels!

    The weather has been GORGEOUS here, so good timing. (I am sure it is gorgeous down south too, BUT hopefully no fires. We've been having a lot of fires up here - very dry).

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