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Lazy day

December 21st, 2008 at 03:29 pm

Didn't really do much today so far. Guess you could say I'm catching up on rest?

Got a call from E asking me to open G2 tomorrow morning. Said I would. An extra $13 before going away for 2 weeks doesn't hurt. Smile

Finally about 4:15 I made myself get dressed all nice and warm (27 degrees) to go pay my rent and check the mail. All there was was junk mail. Oh well.

When I got back I made myself a cup of hot chocolate with the second packet of specialty mint chocolate mix. Yummy!

There's still a good number of hours left in the day - somewhere here I'll get motivated to actually do something productive. Smile

Tomorrow after work I'm going to stop by Half-Price books, see what they'll give me for my Spanish language materials, and see if they have any train calendars. My mom says stepdad would like something like that.

(I give my mom and stepdad the turkey that I get from my company for Christmas, and a gift card for an expensive steak and crab place that one of the three honcho's gives us (they used it the last two years for their anniversary dinner.) Then I give them something I actually bought for each of them. Smile

--I could use the gift card for myself - just buy 3 or 4 of their desserts and take it home. Big Grin But that would kind of defeat the whole thing of trying to live healthy. Smile

ETA: Yay me! I did manage to get busy (sort of) and got all the clothes picked up and put away from around my apartment. Smile Also got all the dirty dishes from various places to the kitchen. Progress!

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