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February 17th, 2007 at 09:44 am

Feb 13:
* Woo Hoo! Lost another 0.4 lbs.
Also, my Spark team had a NO GAINER week - which is pretty amazing for 20 people. It is the second time this has happened for my team since I started leading back in July of 06.

* I got an email from Coach Jen (who is the Spark person in charge of the Community Team Members - kinda like Jeffrey/Nate). One of the things she mentioned was that for the first New Member sparkteam there were over 12,000 members! Wow! I'm really curious how many people will be on my team when my turn comes. (Each New Member Sparkteam has 3 co-leaders and stays together for a month. Community Team leaders have signed up to lead these teams - essentially help new people with whatever questions/concerns they may have.)

* I now have 8 people signed up for Sparkpeople thru me for February! I just need two more people to get a bumper sticker. Woo hoo! I'm so happy people are getting to enjoy the wonders of Spark because of my obsessive ramblings about it. Smile Smile
Valentine's Day:

* Pulled over by cop for making illegal left turn. I thought the sign said no U-turn. Received a warning for that, but did not have my current insurance card with me. So, I did receive a ticket for that. Frown

* One of the people at the delivery place I walk by everyday on the way to work held up a special sign for me, "Happy Valentine's Day." Smile

* Spoke to our Landman and to our Communications Director about my being interested in completing whatever training would be necessary to become our Landman's assistant. They both seemed happy to know that I was interested.

Feb 15:
* Celebrated my one-year anniversary at work.

* Received an email from Treasure Trooper saying that my check has been printed and I should receive it soon. It was $40 less than I was expecting. The $40 is from one deal where the company was giving me problems and I canceled early. I am SO done and over Treasure Trooper. (Much more to it.)

Feb 16:
* Received my Fed Tax Refund. Smile Have thought of a million ways/places it could be spent/used, but for now it is sitting in my ING checking account.

* Had my first session with my mom's Personal Trainer (gift certificate for Christmas -2 sessions). I throughly enjoyed it and felt I could gain so much from it if I could do it regularly. But throughly DID NOT enjoy the drive to get there. Too bad he's not 20 miles closer to me.

* Ate supper at my mom and stepdads. My mom had made me this super sweet mini-booklet card talking about how I was when I was younger and how I am now. It was essentially celebrating my one-year at my company. Then we played a game of Scrabble and unbelievably I LOST! That doesn't happen very often. I blame it on the fact that we were missing about 12 - 15 letter tiles. Smile

3 Responses to “Happenings”

  1. boomeyers Says:

    Right - missing pieces to the game... thats it!
    Congrats on more weight loss, I signed up ,but haven't really done anything in there yet. Will check it out at work tomorrow.

  2. Carrie Says:

    Where did you complete your landman training?

  3. frugaltexan75 Says:

    I didn't. Someone else got the position.

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