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Look behind you and beside you.

February 3rd, 2007 at 12:58 pm

I have about six pretty nice suits in my closet that I bought about six years ago when I was trying to start my own business.

I didn't have very much opportunity to wear them after I closed my doors, mainly because I started teaching again, but also because I gained weight and couldn't fit into them anymore.

So, a few years ago after having lost over 50 lbs, I was once again able to wear them. I couldn't wear them to work (school) so I wore them to church. Fast forward a bit, and again couldn't wear them due to gaining weight.

A few months ago after having lost a good bit of weight once again, I decided to try on the suits. Most of them fit! I had them dry cleaned and was thinking of adding them into my work wardrobe. But then realized that it may be a bit of overkill for where I work, plus if I wore them more often, then I'd have to get them drycleaned more, which would add up. So they sat in my closet.

Today I decided that I would wear one of them to church. I picked out one of my blue suits, fixed my hair, did my makeup, etc. Looked in the mirror (front view only) and felt like I passed muster.

After first service I decided to step into the ladies room to get a tissue for my nose. Smile While there, for some reason I decided to check out the back view in the mirror. Doh! On one side of my otherwise very nicely fitting jacket, was a two inch rip along the seam! I wish I knew how it happened, although it doesn't really matter I guess. It shouldn't cost too much to get it fixed, since it is along the seam.

But knowing that I'd been walking around church with that big hole in my jacket really made me self-conscious!


Then when I got to my apartment complex there were a bunch of young boys riding around on bikes. I was getting close to my parking spot, when all of a sudden this kid flys out between two parked cars on his bike right in front of me! Thankfully I was going fairly slow, and we saw each other about the same time, otherwise I don't even want to imagine what may have happened!

Needless to say, that sure got my adrenaline pumping!

2 Responses to “Look behind you and beside you.”

  1. Carolina Bound Says:

    I still have a suit I wore on a job interview 10 years ago hanging in my closet. It's too small -- but somehow I just can't seem to give it up.

  2. Sindel Says:

    Yeah I know what you mean.

    But believe me, a rip on the back isn't so bad. I've walked around with my fly open once (apparently my head was elsewhere... sigh..). Hmm anyway just wanted to give you some perspective is all! Smile

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