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Albertson's, Ebay, My Space

July 17th, 2006 at 04:41 pm

An Albertson's near me is closing. A co-worker mentioned on Friday that the general merchandise had gone to 60% off, and food to 25 % off. So, I decided it was time to go see what I could find.

I spent close to two hours shopping. One place I stopped was the candy bins (I know, I know - not such a good idea for a chocoholic like me). As I was rooting through the bins I found this kind of clacking toy. Another woman saw me find it and asked if there were more. I told her I had just found it mixed in with the candy. I spent probably the next 5 or 6 minutes helping her find another one - we ended up finding 10 more.

I ended up getting ~$100 worth of items for $28.56. Some of what I got: 2 clacker toys, Spiderman tumbler and crazy straw, Strawberry Shortcake tumbler and crazy straw, 35 sheets of stickers, ~12 other candy related toys, a set of dishtowels, a fish-themed welcome mat (to match my shower curtain), 2 bags of Quaker Quakes, a pair of sweatshorts, etc.

The tumblers/straws/stickers/candy toys are for my bestfriend's two children. Her little boy is turning six this week and is having his party on Sunday. Guess what his gift will be? Guess what the little girls gift will be when she turns 4 in October? Smile I may give my friend the majority of the stickers/candy toys on Sunday though, not as part of N's gift - becuase she may want to use them in her classroom treasure chest.

So, anyway, I enjoyed myself. Smile

Why do people put bidding as an option on items when they have a RESERVE price that is practically the same as their "Buy It Now"???? Yesterday I was bidding on this bellydancing dvd. I put in my max bid, about 10$ less than the BIN price - and was promptly told that even though I was the highest bidder, I wouldn't get it because the reserve hadn't been met. So, I put in a bid about $5 more - Reserve still wasn't met. By that point I decided to forget it. I could buy it off of Amazon for less than the BIN price +shipping.

I think this seller probably put her BIN price and reserve price exactly the same. Really, what is the point?? People don't go on Ebay to pay full price for things - they go to find bargains.

I opened a myspace account back in April, but hadn't really done anything with it till this past week. I've been trying to add some people I know on there as friends, but for some reason my browzer freezes whenever I click on all but one of them. Rolleyes

Anyway, I've got a couple posts up and some pictures, so if ya wanta check it out . . . http://www.myspace.com/laann Smile


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