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Thursday (a little late)

November 4th, 2005 at 06:33 am

Work was fairly slow. I had LONG periods of time with nothing to do but surf the net and read the book I brought along, then Poof! I have three surveyors descend on me within five minutes. I was happy to see them though, since it gave me something to do that was work related. Smile I picked up my check after work, although Lynn (from the employment agency) asked me to not say anything about it to anyone else - I guess they don't want others to know the checks are actually ready on Thursday afternoon.

When I got home I helped dad unload the Sams Club purchases, as well as his other shopping. He had stopped by Half-Price bookstore so I had asked him to look for a couple books for me. He found the book "Pilates Body" ($4.99) and Weight Training for Dummies ($7.98). Those were both books I had looked at in Border's a few weeks ago, and really wanted, but couldn't justify the expense. The library didn't have either one of them, so I told him that if they were under $8, to go ahead and pick them up for me (both new are $20++).

After that we went on a 20 mintue walk - by the time we got back, it was fairly dark (around 6 pm). It's so weird having it get dark so early. I wish we didn't have to have daylight savings time and that it could continue to be light out till 8pm. Oh well, nothing I can do about it.

Looks like I've finally gotten a bid on one of my Ebay items. The phone card has a couple of watchers, so maybe that will sell too. Is $2 a good price for a 120 minute phone card, or am I overpricing it?

I have to go to an 50th wedding anniversary party on Sunday. Really don't want to go - I was wanting to go to the Pathways graduation - several family members of my classmates are graduating. But I can't go to both. Also, by going to this anniversary thing, I'm going to have to buy a gift. I'm either going to go in halves with my mom on a gift, or get an Olive Garden gift card. Either way it will be $25. Frown I guess I would have spent about half that on gas money to go to the Pathways graduation, but still ... Ok, done with my bellyaching.

Spending Log:
$13.00 -- Dad for two books

Keeping It Frugal in Texas,

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