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One of the Reasons

April 22nd, 2019 at 05:43 pm

Let me preface this by saying that I am not looking for atta girl or other accolades. I simply want to share something that made me happy today.

It had been kind of a rough day. My sinus headache/nausea had reared itself in the afternoon. I got called a liar when I made a mistake based on what I thought I had heard. Someone else got all persnickety when I told them that no, we did not have the thing they had left on the bus.

I hadn't gone grocery shopping due to not feeling well this past weekend. So that's how I ended up in the line at Aldi this afternoon.

There was a lady two customers ahead of me who was having issues with getting her card to work. They had her go off to the side finally while she tried calling her husband. Her little girl was standing beside her, clearly tired.

My DH called me about then, and I told him I'd call him back in a few minutes. (I don't talk in line - especially when it's nearly my turn. So rude!)

So it's finally my turn. This whole time I've been watching this woman and her daughter. I come to a decision (after a quick look at YNAB) and as quietly as possible tell the cashier that I want to pay for the woman's groceries without her knowing I did it.

The cashier looked surprised at first but then took it in stride. I explained to her that I have funds set aside just for things like this. She asked me if it was a kind of "pay it forward" thing.

Yep. Definitely. So many times in my life I've had people reach out and help me when I needed it. Now, even though I don't have lots of extra dollars, I have more than enough to meet my needs. So setting aside a few dollars every month is pretty painless.

But the rewards are priceless. Even if I don't see the reaction.

Doing this pretty much wiped out my giving category, but it will rebuild. And I'll find another such opportunity.

This is one of the reasons I manage my money.

Another One?? Sigh

April 13th, 2019 at 02:14 pm

So ... we aren't even done dealing with the aftermath of DH's accident in August? and he's done it again.

Our insurance rates already nearly doubled and he had to find a new insurer.

He got impatient waiting to turn left out of a parking lot, so backed up to turn around and go a different way. Unfortunately, he backed into a light pole and broke it in half. Fortunately, no people were injured this time.

Just in this most recent budget meeting, I showed him how we needed to increase the inflow to meet all our goals. Electricity had gone up, water and car gas had gone up, along with other bills increasing. More than one month we've had to put way less than the ideal in our rainy day funds - i.e. pet fund, medical fund, etc.

So we both agreed to find a way to add $200 extra each. He can do this simply by working 4 extra hours each week (which will also increase his spending money potentially.) I plan on trying to do some door dash each week, plus my normal methods of earning spending money.

Of course now with yet another accident on our records, I'm a little leery of doing extra driving ... And who knows how much more the insurance is going to go up.



I'm two weeks into my Business Communications class. It definitely is more work/effort than the last two classes.

I got an email from my advisor with the suggestion I register for two classes in the fall semester. I LOL at that ... I can barely manage the $200 for a textbook for ONE class at a time. Books aren't covered by my employer.

It's so ludicrous how the textbook companies have ensured their longevity - make students buy textbooks with a one time use online code. Make buying the code by itself more expensive than buying the book used plus a new code. So students can't recoup their textbook money by selling them AND they can't save money by buying used.

When I did my graduate degree, my total outlay for textbooks by the end was less than $50! So far for 3 classes, I've spent over $500. None of which I can recoup.

I really hope that doing this degree is going to pay off in the end...


In more positive news ... Our net-worth (minus house value, or car values) hit $325k+ DH has about 8 months income in his ROTH now. (Started from zero a bit less than 2 years ago.) The rest of it is cash savings or my IRAs, etc.

I really hope we can continue to fully fund the IRA's. With DHs late start on it, there's not going to be much by the time he's 62. I don' see him lasting at his job past then. (He's 52 now - 53 in August.)

OK, I'm going to go catch up with ya'll!