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Small World, etc.

January 21st, 2019 at 05:41 pm

I was playing SwagIQ tonight and not really listening to the guy rambling about the winners, when all of the sudden I heard "creditcardfree!"

Was that you CCF?!

I stayed home and vegged all weekend. Finished Season 2 of Handmaid's Tale. Got myself a week and a half ahead in my online class. (You're allowed to work ahead.) Not much else really.

DH and I went out to eat Sunday night at Hacienda Rael. I got the veggie fajitas. I ate 1/3 Sunday night, and then had some for breakfast and dinner today. Yummy!

I'm 8 days out with no added sugar! (Partly why I holed myself up this weekend - my sweet tooth was saying go out and get something …)

Tonight I made something that might be very dangerous. I soaked 8 mejoodl dates, and then pitted them. Put them in my small food processor, added a Tbsp of cacoa powder (the non-sugar kind), about 1/4 cup of almond milk, and 2 Tbsp of natural pb. OH MY YUM!!! I could have eaten the whole thing right then and there.

But I put it in the freezer to set (after scoring it into 6 pieces.) I'm going to try to restrain myself to one a day.

I cashed out for another $50 SBs PayPal. It was a payout from a focus group I did a bit over a month ago. I'm glad I was patient - was getting ready to email to find out what the delay was about.

I made over $500 in spending money this month! $200 from signing up for Doordash via Swagbucks, and then a couple other offers credited, plus CC cash rewards, etc. If only I could do that every month!

My plane ticket for France is fully funded, and now I'm working on funding lodging/travel expenses.

I'm starting my 4th book of 2019 - Atomic Habits by James Clear. It has to be back to the library by Thursday - it has holds on it. So, I'll have to read quickly. Smile My first non-fiction book of the year. (I'm going to try to do 1 non-fiction per month. Not counting cookbooks …)

I won another Stepbet - it looks like a $10.50 payout ($50.50 altogether.) If we get a treadmill, then I'm going to do the Runbet again.

Right now we have spent the least on groceries in nearly a year! There's still 9 days left of course … but I don't need anything for this week, and won't need much for next week.

7 Responses to “Small World, etc.”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    Ha, ha! Yes, I wondered if anyone would hear that! I've never won before and rarely play...won 372 SB. I did miss one question, but used my rejoin. He even commented on my 'name', said something like 'good idea'.

    You are really raking in the Swagbucks. Smile

  2. frugaltexan75 Says:

    Cool! I won once - something like $.81. LOL I play 2 or 3x a week usually, but avg maybe 5 or 6 correct per game. Lots of guessing.

  3. Creditcardfree Says:

    Yes, lots of guessing! The stars aligned for my win tonight.

  4. Lucky Robin Says:

    You've mentioned Doordash a couple of times. What is it?

  5. Laura S. Says:

    I am off sugar too. It gets easier. I do eat fruit, but I limit it to two pieces of day. I also do one square of dark chocolate per day (85% cacao) which has benefits at that percentage and helps curb the sweet tooth. The hardest part is finding items with no sugar! I have lost 11 pounds since the first of the year. Good luck on your venture!

  6. frugaltexan75 Says:

    LR - Doordash is a food delivery service. SBs has had a deal where if you sign up, you get a bonus after completing your first delivery.

    Laura S - I managed once to go 4 months … I don't count fruit (unless it has added sugar). WTG on the weight loss!

  7. kashi Says:

    Ooooo, that date mixture sounds delicious!!

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