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May 18th, 2018 at 08:15 pm

Well, I don't know that there is really that much financial to write about. Let's see ...

I finished my 6th week of physical therapy for my shoulder today. It finally seems to be making some progress. The PT guy came in and suggested doing a laser treatment - usually costs $249 for 6 treatments if done by itself (insurance doesn't cover) but would be $20/visit on top of my copay.

He gave me one free treatment today.... I gotta say, I think it did help.

He mentioned that he thinks I may have the beginnings of frozen shoulder ... The pain is getting better, but there's still only so far I can lift my arm in various directions without my shoulder protesting. PT guy said it was stiffness from not being used.

He told me to stretch, stretch, stretch - even if it was causing discomfort. That's the only way I'll prevent frozen shoulder.

So ... I'm bullying through the discomfort and stretching!

DH and I were discussing the need to check our gutters again. He has two bad shoulders (and a fear of heights) and with my shoulder situation, I don't think climbing a ladder is a good idea.

It would be far less expensive for us to hire someone to come out and do it, then for me to get up there and fall again!

I mowed our yard on Sunday - between picking up sticks/trash and mowing it took 3 hours. Ugh. Then the next day up pops TONS of dandelions. Double ugh. It almost looked like I hadn't done anything to the yard.

So frustrating.

I have one run left to do to complete my Runbet, and one day to complete my Stepbet. 3 days to complete my Spryfit bet.

I paid our home insurance and my car insurance today. $1347 out the door. Oh well, it was all budgeted for.

My grandma's been having lots of health issues recently. Her pacemaker hasn't been doing it's job as well as it should - she had to have it recalibrated? once, and almost went in a second time. She's now on a low potassium, liquid diet. Hopefully Frosty's are low potassium, because she LOVES her Frosty's. Smile

I have the sad feeling that she probably isn't going to make it to 98. (She turns 97 in September.) We are prepared for the phone call with our Emergency Travel funds. A fund you hope you don't have to use for a long, long time, but are very glad to have when you do need it.

I still am not getting my eating back under control. Breakfast and lunch most days are very healthy and on plan ... it's just what I eat at night isn't very good.

I'm hoping this weekend I will actually follow through with my meal prepping plans and have everything ready to go for the week. When I manage to do that, the week seems to go so much better with my managing to eat healthfully. Less wasted food too. (DH is very frustrated with the food waste ... I am too, but I have all these great plans about what I'm going to do with it ... then it becomes a science experiment before I get to it ...)

At least I'm doing good at getting my exercise in ...

Sigh. (Diet is 80-90% of the health battle. Exercise is important, but it can't replace healthy eating.)

8 Responses to “Life”

  1. snafu Says:

    Did you get an MRI? I'm not medically trained but suffered something similar and these were very helpful. I started with 'walking index & middle finger up wall' slowly to eventually to shoulder height. After a 2 weeks of rotating exercises I could do pulley exercises with the inexpensive [drug store] pulley caught at the top of the door & closed. Have you seen these


  2. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    No, I didn’t get an MRI. I was debating on going to an orthopedic doctor so I could be referred for one, but my shoulder seems to be improving. I haven’t seen those stretched - I’m probably going to buy a pulley from my PT for $10. I was able to do a lot of mobility stretches in the shower tonight after lots of directed hot water. I actually feel a little hopeful now ...

  3. creditcardfree Says:

    It's wonderful that your shoulder is improving. Use it or lose it they say! My husband swears by for weed control. He probably sprayed it every eight weeks. I do know that we need dandelions for the bees, so I have mixed feelings about killing them off. Sorry about your grandmother, too. She has lived a long wonderful life it sounds like. At this point let her eat Frosty's if it makes her happy.

  4. CB in the City Says:

    I agree with CCF, Grandma should have all the Frosty's she wants!

  5. Single Guy Says:

    I had frozen shoulder. Not fun, I can tell you. Did lots of therapy, and I still stretch it a lot and thankfully hasn't come back.

  6. rob62521 Says:

    Sorry about the frozen shoulder. Ouch!

    You are so right...eating right is so important. Wish I knew this years and years ago...

  7. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    Thanks everyone.

    CCF - We're talking about just letting it go to dandelions and clover ... my only worry is how it would affect our resale value - or our neighbors.

    CB - Yep. Smile
    SG - Yeah, as soon as he said that, I was like - let me stretch!!

    Rob - the frustrating thing is I know it, but I don't always DO it!

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