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Waffle Iron Help?, etc

April 13th, 2018 at 07:55 pm

I was so excited last week when I was able to order the Dash mini waffle iron (with my Perk Amazon card.) Then I got it and put a sweet potato puree mixture in it - trying something I'd seen somewhere.

Royal mess.

I have managed to get most of it off, but there still is a decent amount left.

I can't remove the plates or run them under water. I used a damp paper towel, a damp dish towel, a pair of silicone mini-tongs .... all helped, but not enough.

Any ideas? I really want to use this thing!

I had my 3rd PT appointment on Thursday. The PT assistant told me she thinks it is my upper trap, not my rotator cuff, due to the pain radiating throughout my arm AND the huge knot in my trap area.

So she's concentrating on working out the knot ... as am I.

My arm was really throbbing Wed pm, and I REALLY did not feel like going out for a run. Did it anyway, and my arm actually felt better? PT said I probably relaxed the right muscles while running.

I did my 3rd run today. Good thing since winter seems to be coming back for a visit the next two days. Yuck.

DH and I had a good discussion last night, although it was almost totally derailed before even getting started with me getting ticked at him when he snapped at me. Schwan's guy came at just the right time to give me a few minutes to cool down (got him to take me off his route list)

DH will be going to see his stepdad on Sunday evening(something he is NOT looking forward to) so I pretty much have the weekend to myself.

I am hoping I met the final requirement for a $200 checking bonus in time. Yesterday I was double checking what was needed for each bonus, and realized I hadn't set up estatements. Oops. Have them set up now.

I finished a Jan Karon book (Father Tim) "Somewhere Safe with Somebody Good" and started another one "Come Rain or Come Shine." It had been awhile since I'd read the series, so I'm not totally sure where I'd left off at.

My eating isn't going well to put it mildly. Sugar sugar sugar ...junk. At least breakfast and lunch are still healthy ....

On Monday I'm going to a customer service training thing. I'm just happy for a day out of the office - paid. Smile

Hopefully all the SBs coupon prints will credit on Monday so I won't have to fiddle too much to reach the daily goal. Smile

Still loving my standing desk. Smile Getting lots of questions about it too.

7 Responses to “Waffle Iron Help?, etc”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    I don't have that waffle iron, but I do have a similar one. I don't ever submerge it in water, but I do run water and soap over it. At a minimum I would pour soapy hot water into one side at time to soak and scrub off.

  2. Laura Says:

    No advice on waffle iron, but I love Mitford!

  3. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    Thanks CCF. I will try that.

    Laura - I love Mitford too - though I hadn’t remembered how disjointed it was - sometimes kind of hard to follow

  4. CB in the City Says:

    Having just been through this with burned stuff on my new pans, I recommend a baking soda paste on the burned areas. Let it sit for a day or so, then carefully scrub it off.

  5. Dido Says:

    Good luck with the waffle iron. No cleaning ideas here. At least you will now remember to put lots of whatever fat you use to prevent sticking on beforehand. I do that and haven't had things stick.

    Another Mitford fan here. I also read Amish romances for a similar feel. Chuckling at myself since most of my current fiction reading is Christian-themed, but I am Jewish. (The All-of-a-Kind Family series is similar from a Jewish urban turn of the century perspective, but I don't know of other Jewish series for adults that are similarly toned.)

  6. snafu Says:

    Waffle iron debris: Suggest dropping a microfibre type cloth in hottest water, tolerable to rubber gloved hands, sueeze out excessive water, drop hot, wet cloth on to griddle, fold sides in to fit and drop the lid. Let cloth cool, perhaps 20 minutes. Use a non metal scraper, perhaps an expired or cancelled CC to scrape out debris between the channels.

    Hope that works. In future adding a tsp of butter to the batter usually keeps ba

  7. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    Thanks CB - am trying the baking soda paste now. Smile
    Dido - I heart Amish romances Smile I also love the books by Jewish author Chaim Potok. I think it's fascinating looking into other worldviews. I will have to look for the All of a Kind Family series. Smile
    Snafu - I will try your idea if the baking soda doesn't work. I don't use butter or oil anymore ...

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