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DD 32/33 - This and That

October 7th, 2016 at 07:22 pm

I think I'm getting into a pretty good routine now. Most days 70-80% of my food consumption is whole grain/fruit/veggie/nuts/low-processed. Now at over a month without soda.

I saw something on the YNAB forum today called a My Soda Pop (or something like that.) For $75 you could get this reusable kit to make your own carbonated water/juice/soda. Same idea as the soda stream machine, but more environmentally sound. I was interested in it til I saw the price ...

Step Bet - Week 1 (ends Tuesday)
1/2 stretch days, 2/4 active days

I went and looked at my American Express card offers after seeing what CCF posted. I had the Boxed offer a cable/internet offer. These will help me get to the $25 cash out (currently sitting at $16.)

At boxed I bought toilet paper and Madras lentils.

Our poor kitty Baby, the oldest of the brood, doesn't seem to be feeling too well. Thursday night he lost his lunch, and then wasn't interested in the wet food dinner. This never happens. He's a true chow hound.

I made a vet appointment for Saturday morning. I hope it doesn't take too long, because I'm supposed to be doing an announcement for my Sabbath School group at the beginning of service. (Not looking forward to ... but am not going to have to say a word - just be moral support to my teammate.)

I'm wondering if we are saving enough towards the vet category ...

DH and I both had dentist appointments this week. DH didn't think he'd have any issues since he's not had a cavity in 50 years ..... So, when it came time to renew dental insurance this year, I dropped it for both of us.

Wishing I hadn't now.

I had a clean bill of teeth health. My DH on the other hand has a receding gum line. He'd mentioned this to me, but I hadn't realized that was the same as gingivitis.

So ... at his appointment they wanted to do what is called a "deep cleaning." Something which would take at least 2 2 hour appointments and cost $150 after insurance. And this is only AFTER he gets clearance from his family doctor (blood pressure) and his orthopedic doctor (shoulder replacement.)

He feels it would be way too stressful to accomplish this before October 31 (end of plan year.) So ... we are going to hold off on it til next plan year. Hopefully he'll have his blood pressure better under control by then too. Sigh.

DH and I had a long discussion Thursday night. It ended with me saying that IF he found a vehicle that just absolutely SINGS to him, then I would be willing to move a certain amount of money out of the fence fund. (Also, IF he'd commit to keeping the vehicle meticulous so good resale value later.) I did also make sure he realized that it *could* mean that the fence wouldn't happen right away next spring - unless he sells some of his electronics.

This coming week we are going to be going on a short excursion for car hunting / short get-away. Either to Chicago or Denver depending on which area has the most possible cars to look at.

It'll be nice to get away even if just for a short bit. (2 days) Hopefully we'll come back with two cars so the car search will be over for a few years... (This is why I prefer to buy newer models, so that I can buy once and not have to deal with the search again for a LONG time.)

On Sunday we are going to be signing our wills! Also, our DNR statements. It will be good to have that all done. And for free too. Smile (My church's larger organization, called a Conference, has a trust and wills department that does this for church members - all they ask is that the church is remembered in some small way in the will.)

I've borrowed a bunch of books on DIY foods, "easy" vegan cooking, etc from the library. So far 3 books into it, and I'm not terribly impressed ... I am thinking of getting a nut milk bag to make my own milk and butter. DH may roll his eyes a bit ... we'll see though. Smile

I went shopping at HyVee tonight - picked up bananas, apples, brussel sprouts (at Dh's request!), chia seeds, and a couple other things I don't remember. $22.xx

Oh! DH gave me a nice surprise Thursday. When I got home, I found out that after his dentist appointment he had stopped at the local ABC (Adventist Book Center) to see if they had my fave Wham. Big Grin They didn't, but he brought home some other TVP product for us to try.

I was really surprised because I wasn't sure he'd really heard me when I'd asked him if he'd stop by there sometime if he was awake and out during their hours .. because I was really craving me some Wham. He heard and he remembered. Big Grin

6 Responses to “DD 32/33 - This and That”

  1. alice4now Says:

    That soda machine sounds like a lot of expense and work! $75 could buy a load of carbonated water, and just add your own juice for flavor. My kids don't do carbonation, which worked to my advantage because it meant they never drank soda growing up. However, when we are out at restaurants ordering sweet tea is their "sometimes" treat, (their dad is from Texas so he must have rubbed off on them!)

  2. creditcardfree Says:

    I'd say if you have gone off soda, it would be best to keep it that way and not get the soda stream. I love brussel sprouts! I often roast them with other root veggies seasoned with a little olive oil, salt, pepper, rosemary and thyme.

  3. snafu Says:

    I too love brussel sprouts but no one here will eat them and insist they make the house smell bad. My mom made a warm salad, brussel sprouts, maple syrup, cranberries, grated white cheese.

  4. Dido Says:

    I actually like the Soda Stream. I drink a lot more water because of it. Since 8/1 I have been intermittent fasting for at least 15 hours a day, confining all eating to a 9 or less hour window. Drinking a lot of water with lemon helps me get through the mornings without breakfast. During the summer, ice water was fine. But now that it is colder, I am drinking room temperature carbonated water. For some reason, I don't like hot water with lemon. Anyways, I just figure that the first three months of using the SkdaStream covered the device cost. The replacement cartridges end up costing about $6 a month, and I do drink a lot more water, which is healthy. So I put the expense in my "health investment" category, rather than fully an expense.

  5. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    Alice/CCF - I love flavored carbonated water - specifically the Wild Cherry from Family Dollar. If I got something like this, it'd be to do the carbonated water - not soda.

    Snafu - I've been putting them in our roasted veggie dishes as a shredded veggie. It'll be interesting to see how they are by themselves.

    Dido - I drink lots of water already, but do miss the flavored water. I also was thinking if I could get it flavored similar to mountain dew, DH would be willing to drink it instead of the soda.

  6. kashi Says:

    Which vegan cookbooks did you get from the library? I have many and could give you suggestions. If you're interested, msg me on FB!

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