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Doctor Visit and a Close Call

July 11th, 2016 at 07:37 pm

So today I took off of work early to go to my doctor's appointment. My boss came out to help someone at the window who'd come just as I was getting ready to go.

Before heading out, I stopped at the restroom. Then I had to pass near the window on my way out. Guess who was at the window being helped by my boss? Let's see if you can guess, "My problem is that I don't agree with the policy about lost passes ..."

As soon as I saw/heard this, I scooted out of there ASAP. Seriously, that lady is back already? Did she lose her pass already? I am SO glad I didn't have to deal with her before leaving, or my blood pressure would have been sky high!

As it was, I left with plenty of time to get there. You never know how long it'll take ... I got to the turn off about 30 minutes early, but then missed the turn off.... So, got there about 20 minutes early. Smile

They still had me in their system by my maiden name, so got that all updated. Then gave them the bill from the lab with my maiden name (got a call later from their coding department telling me I'll have to get back in contact with the original place. This may be fun ...)

Anyway, when my doctor finally came in to the room she told me that my platelets have always ran kind of high ... really? But that they don't usually get concerned til its in the 600's (mine was 580.) But still combined with the lymphocytes, it was worth looking into. So she's scheduled me for a repeat CBC and a blood smear (where a person looks at the individual cells?) That'll happen on Wednesday morning.

She also is referring me to an allergist. She said that I could possibly take allergy shots for a couple of years, and then be DONE with allergies! Oh joy! If that is truly possible... I'll deal with getting shot up every month for a few years!

She thinks that my tiredness, moodiness, nauseousness, lack of energy etc etc etc can all be attributed to my allergies (and insomnia due to allergies/taking Allegra D.)

All I know is I'd really like to stop putting all these chemicals into my body (especially when they don't seem to be helping all that much) and get my energy back!

We'll see I guess.

On Sunday I made a recipe from the Stuffed at the Gills blog for Chow Mein noodles. It reminded me sort of of my favorite Amy's meal - Chinese Noodles with Cashew sauce. It was a bit of work ... but oh so good! Even DH approved. (We had a bit of a tiff because he was tired of my "trying" out recipes that weren't turning out that great ... we compromised that I'd limit my "trying out recipes" to 2 x a month. Otherwise we'll stick with ones we know we like already. Whatever. )

I've started putting FSA eligible expenses on my credit card. I also downloaded the app for the FSA place - already have submitted two claims and been reimbursed for one. Pretty nifty! (Now if I can just find the receipt for the copay DH had back in May ... getting his 1 1/2 year checkup on his shoulder, that'd be another $25 back in the budget ... gotta be around here somewhere.)

Our associate pastor preached this week. While I'm not too sure what I think of him overall, I did really like the story he focused on and how he related it to today.

He talked about the story of Jesus and the Samaritan Woman at the Well. His focus was on how Jesus gave a great example of breaking down walls and barriers. Jews and Samaritans were very close cousins, but hated each other. The Jews thought they were better than the Samaritans. Sound familiar?

What I wonder is how can I / we go about breaking down the walls / barriers today? How can we make everyone feel equally worthy of love, equally worthy of a good place in the world, equally worthy of respect, equally worthy of dignity? All of us bleed the same color ... no matter race, religion or sexual orientation. All of us are equal in God's eyes.

How can we get the blinders off of peoples eyes so they can really see this? If we could do this, the world would be so much better off.


On an unrelated note - I got the iPad working again without having to take it in anywhere. Smile It is now mine. Ha ha ha. Big Grin (DH is quite happy with his Chromebook.)

6 Responses to “Doctor Visit and a Close Call”

  1. LuckyRobin Says:

    I had allergy shots for a couple of years when I was a young teenager. Every time I got an allergy shot I felt so miserable with a sore throat, stuffed head, and achiness I missed a day or two of school (until we switched the shots to Fridays, then I missed church and any weekend fun) and ran a fever for several days. We all thought it would be worth it because I'd come out the other side better off, but it wasn't and I didn't. I'm still allergic to everything I was before the shots and my parents were out a lot of money. If anything I think it made my allergies worse and I think it actually damaged my immune system and is one of the reasons why I get sick so often ever since. Maybe it works for some people, but I've never met anyone that it has worked for. Don't expect it to be a magic panacea.

  2. VS_ozgirl Says:

    I hope that the allergy shots help you out!

  3. creditcardfree Says:

    If we treat everyone we meet with a genuine smile and love, then they will feel it. It really isn't that hard, we just aren't doing it fully in my opinion. Maybe you can practice on your buss pass lady friend. Smile

  4. Frugaltexan75 Says:

    LR - that doesn't sound good. I'm not sure how much more miserable I could be - other than being in non headache pain. Maybe they're better now?

    Thanks VS.

    CCF - Good point. I need to preach to myself.

  5. Joan.of.the.Arch Says:

    Ask what percentage of shot recipients report they get significant relief. It used to be said to be 50%, high enough for the desperate to give it a try. But if you see an allergist they may have some other ideas to help you anyway.

  6. rob62521 Says:

    DH had allergy shots for a number of years because his hay fever was so bad. It worked! He still takes a Zyrtec, but he is so much better than he used to be.

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