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RSVPs! Fired Realtor! health coaching!

February 26th, 2016 at 07:52 pm

I'd made a new email account for dealing with all the wedding related stuff /websites so that once it's all done and over with, I won't have residual "email subscriptions" to deal with. Smile

Of course, I forgot my password for the account. So, I had to reset it.

When I finally got in, I found out that 4 people have used the website to RSVP! Sweet! My first responses. Smile

So ... on Monday? I called C and told him that we were interested in looking at other houses. Told him we had two or three we were thinking of.

C tells me = great! Find another 2 or 3 and email me the list so I can get it set up for Sunday.


Ok ... so Mr FT and I scour some more, and find another 5 or 6 possibilities. Mr FT drives by them and ... we're down to 2 possibilities.

I email C Tuesday night to let him know that Mr FT would be emailing him the list soon. Crickets.

Mr FT emailed C the list (of two) on Thursday morning. Crickets.

I emailed C today to find out where to meet him on Sunday. Crickets.

Mr FT and I have decided to take this Sunday off from wedding and house hunting. C will be replaced by a Realtor recommended by my boss next week.

I had one of *those* calls today. Multiple calls where same person is cursing. Multiple calls where said person gets hung up on. Send caller to boss at one point - boss hangs up on person. Person calls back yet again - much calmer at first. Gets a 2 ride ticket freebie. Starts cursing again. Gets hung up on.

I didn't deal with it well (at the time I did, but later ...) Made a Wal-mart run. Junk food ensued.

On Wednesday we had our annual county/city employee health fair. Lots of freebies. One of the booths was our health insurance provider. They're starting a new program this year where they are providing a health coach for free.

I signed up for it.

Got an email from the coach today because she couldn't find me in the system. I explained that the health insurance place had changed my name prematurely.

I also told her kind of what I was hoping she could help me with - namely figuring out how to make healthy and tasty meals which work for both Mr FT and I - especially ones where I can make something good without needing to taste test it (i.e. meat dishes.)

She told me she could help me with that.

I'm supposed to call her sometime next week to chat for 30 minutes - to kind of lay out the beginning framework. Not sure when to do it, since the only 30 minute time frame I have during her hours is my lunch break. Maybe I can take something to eat that I can eat in small bites at my desk between phone calls ...

Once Mr FT is on my plan (for real) he could also use her services if he wants to.

ETA - Well, nevermind then. Mr FT just called me to tell me that he got an email from C asking him to call him tonight. So, we may be going ahead with Sunday househunting plans after all. I'm leaving it up to Mr FT to decide.

6 Responses to “RSVPs! Fired Realtor! health coaching!”

  1. VS_ozgirl Says:

    I hope you guys can go house hunting and the realtor gets their act together!

  2. creditcardfree Says:

    Realtors can be pretty busy with many clients, but more than 24 hours without a simple response isn't good. I would definitely let C know that would be reason in the future to end relationship.

  3. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    t looks like we will be going house hunting tomorrow after all. 2 possibly 3 houses on the agenda. The funny thing is, I found a review site for Realtors and found C on there - ALL of the 15 reviews stated he was Mr Johnny on the Spot at getting back to them. Hmm... Wonder what makes him not Johnny on the Spot with us? We're pre-approved for more than the price range we're looking in, so he knows we're not tire kicking.

    Maybe it was an off week. (I apologize for typos, Kari is sitting directly in front of the monitor.

  4. debt-free by thir-ty Says:

    House hunting and a wedding...so much at once! We did traditional paper RSVPs. I've only gotten one back so far, but I'm hoping they're going to start trickling in. We also talked to a realtor, but we're not buying. She's going to help us find a new place to rent when our lease is up, but we don't have to seriously look until mid-June.

    That health coaching seems awesome. Sounds like you have a lot happening, but you're managing it well!

  5. alice4now Says:

    So many important things going on, try to enjoy the experience as well!

  6. creditcardfree Says:

    How did the Sunday house hunting go?

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