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Invitations, Great News, etc.

January 25th, 2016 at 05:41 pm

Yesterday I made the invitations using VistaPrint. I ordered 20 of them, plus a sheet of seals and thank you cards - all for $64.17 (after a processing surcharge.) They should be here by February 1.

I've pretty much got our wedding website all finished. I just need to get a recent photo of MR FT and I. I wanted to do it last night (use a photobooth at the mall) but Mr FT wants to get a haircut first. So .. next Sunday then.

Mr FT made me roll my eyes last night. He said to me, "I know you sometimes miss some details. So I was wondering if you'd thought about the centerpieces for the tables." This was after I showed him the wedding budget where there was a category labeled - Reception - Decorations.

I rolled with it because I want him to have some input on all this planning. Smile

Today I called the courthouse and got us an appointment to get our marriage license a week from Thursday. They stay open late on the first Thursday of each month. A license here is good for one year.

I also emailed my pastor to get started on the pre-marital counseling Mr FT agreed to do with me. It starts out with a 100 question survey we each have to do online. I've already done mine - I can just guess how excited Mr FT is going to be ... Smile

Did you do pre-marital counseling? Was it worthwhile?

I got great news about my brother tonight! His poor choices which led to the possibility of major negative consequences, has been alleviated. It's still definitely had some negative consequences, but I'm hoping it will turn into a positive for his life. This has been stressful for all of us.

Wow, was today interesting at work. A light dusting of snow was predicted for today. Yeah right. Parts of the city had white out conditions at certain points. By early afternoon most of our buses were running 20 - 1:15 minutes behind.

Can you just imagine the phone calls I was getting? They were coming so fast and furious that I couldn't keep up with them, and a couple other people were catching them. About 4 p.m. one of the ladies came out and was like - I can't believe these calls. I'm heading out before having to take any more!

It was like people couldn't get the fact that if the cars near them were traveling at a snails pace, and lots of sirens all around heading to accidents all over the place, that just maybe that might mean the buses might also be having some trouble getting around?

Oy Vey!

6 Responses to “Invitations, Great News, etc.”

  1. alice4now Says:

    Hopefully none of the callers were taking out the frustrations on You, as if you have any control over every late bus!

  2. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    I wish that was the case Alice, but, alas, some were rather rude. Some even starting the call with cussing. Sigh. OH well, right?

  3. laura Says:

    What wording did you chose?

  4. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    FT and Mr FT Request the Honor of Your Presence at their Wedding - decided to keep it very simple.

    Inside the card is info about where the main event will be and the website address where they can get lots more information. Oh also, my phone # and email to RSVP.

  5. snafu Says:

    Sorry work was crazy! I can't understand why your transit public relations officers aren't on every TV newscast and radio news explaining that due to road conditions yadda yadda . Here they run an information 'stream' below the picture with latest accident info from police, EMT, transit delays and road's signal outages.

    Yahoo for invitations underway. When do your expect to open a joint bank/CU account? Electronic or is brick and mortar necessary? What do groom and best man plan to wear? What type of 'alter' set up can be created at B & B? Who will be MC? It is typical to offer toasts to the new couple, what sparkly, non alcoholic beverage seems appropriate? Do you like the idea of table 'favours?' An example is tule circle or square holding a few candied almonds bound with seal or streamer or colored tape with your names imprinted as Mr Mrs FT 'Y.' Do you plan to use FT's surname? It will require you change a long list of legal documents and repeated

  6. debt-free by thir-ty Says:

    I did our invitations this weekend too while we were snowed in! My mom found kits at a store for $6/each containing 50 invites. They don't really match my theme at all, but for how cheap they were, I can't complain.

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