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On Cloud 9 :) (2 of 2)

January 15th, 2016 at 07:58 pm

So yeah. I was just a wee bit giddy at work today. As soon as my boss came in, I showed her my hand and she knew what had happened. Smile Later I was telling the office manager, and as I backed out of her office, I managed to step on the foot of the big boss! Oops. The office manager told him my big news, and he congratulated me.

I *think* I have set the date for May 7 or 8. None of the people we'll be inviting have small children, so I don't think it being on Mother's Day weekend will be too big of an issue.

I told Mr. FT he can be in charge of planning the honeymoon. I gave him some ideas of what sounds interesting/fun to me, but also said I'd be happy doing whatever. Most likely it will be a road trip to somewhere within a reasonable/long day's drive.

Possible places discussed - Branson, Gatlinburg, Florida, CA (not in a day's drive ...)

We have our guest list already pretty well hashed out. His quasi-relative who came out to meet him last year for the first time has said she'd like an invite. That makes me happy because it'll give his "side" a bit more people.

He has someone here he can ask to be his best man. I'm in a bit of a quandary about MOH. The three people I had always kind of thought would be my bridesmaids ... well, although I still consider them friends, they're really more of close acquaintances at this point. So ... I'm thinking of asking his sister. I don't really know her very well either, but I do like her.

One thing I am wondering about is what to do about the people you know won't actually come, but would feel slighted if you didn't send them an invitation. Do I just send them an invitation and wait for the no thanks, or ... send an announcement?

One of my acquaintance/friends definitely couldn't afford to come. But I'd still like to send her an invitation. But I don't want to make her feel bad ..

Oy! Smile

I'm contemplating something like this ...

Saturday evening rehearsal dinner (probably would be just about everyone invited .. except a few locals.) Have haystacks (although beans before the big day might not be such a good idea... maybe spaghetti and french bread ..)

Sunday morning have the ceremony around 10:30 or 11:00 and then either have a brunch buffet (depending on location) or have a catered Chinese buffet (one of the local restaurants.) NE LOVES Chinese buffet food, so that would be good for him.

Although ... I want my wedding cake to be a cheesecake. I don't know how well cheesecake goes with Chinese food. Hmm...

As for the cake(s) - I'm thinking a cheesecake and a small white? cake from one of the local supermarket bakeries. There's a local grocery store's cake that NE loves - the white? kind. Just have one layer of each (separate.)

We're only going to have maybe 20 to max 25 people, so don't want to overkill the cake.

I also want Mexican Wedding Cookies (or whatever other names they go by.) I LOVE those. Smile

As far as place ... am thinking of either my church, and then use the upstairs dining hall (clear plastic plates and plastic ware, etc.)

Or ... a local bed and breakfast place. I'm not sure if we could do a Sunday wedding there or not - they do advertise a Sunday morning brunch.

Or ... some other historical location type thing, and then drive to a restaurant where we reserve a room.

Flowers - keeping very simple. A single rose for MOH, and a small bouquet for me.

Attire - Mr. FT - I think I'm going to have him get a pair of nice black dress pants and a tuxedo shirt.

My dress - My aunt has offered to pay for my dress/veil/shoes etc. At first this made me think - I can get THE DRESS (if it's still there.) But then I started to think, do I really want to spend that much on A dress that I'll never be able to wear again?

So ... I found a dress on Amazon that I like. I ordered two in different sizes (free return shipping.) $39.95. If it works, then I'm going to ask my aunt if instead of the dress, would she be willing to pay part of a photographer costs.

I had been thinking that maybe I'd rent out this one bed and breakfast place where I'd like the ceremony to be. But then I added up the cost of ten rooms x two nights ... and ... nope, that won't work.

So my next idea is to call around to some of the area hotels and see what kind of a discount rate they could give me for booking ten rooms. Then I can tell people the discount code to ask for.

Invitations - maybe use Vista Print, or just print out my own on my printer?

I need to probably send out Save the Date notes or something soon. Since it's mostly family, I could just do it with a phone call?? Smile

Anyway, that's about as far as I've gotten in thinking/scheming right now. Smile
Obviously, January being a no spend month is probably not going to work out too well. I am going to keep it as a January Well Thought Out Spending Only month. Smile

11 Responses to “On Cloud 9 :) (2 of 2)”

  1. scottish girl Says:

    I still sent them to people I knew couldn't make it. We also got invited to a wedding last year and the bride knew we probably wouldn't be able to go because of transport, it was still nice to be invited though.

  2. snafu Says:

    Best wishes, your happiness jumps off the page and sparks joy. Important to get ceremony venue and officiant confirmed. I agree phoning all to ask they 'save the date,' as it also shares the joy. Perhaps follow up with a cute or pretty e-mail so they have it in written, refer back format. We've had two invitations for wedding in electronic format. Invitation you create yourself will need a budget for envelopes, mail back, respond cards and postage. I hope you'll send invitations to all the people you love and care about and let them decide if they can arrange their affairs to come and celebrate with you.

    Don't wish to be indelicate but spaghetti or one of the pasta entrees is a better choice. Some people react poorly to beans. Chinese buffet sounds unique, how does it compare cost-wise to other choices? Cheese cake is always delicious and easily decorated as Grooms cake,' supporting traditional looking Wedding cake. The topper is ridiculously expensive, can you borrow one

  3. MonkeyMama Says:

    We just got invitation paper at Michaels that we printed ourselves. I LOVED them. But I was wondering if electronic invitations would work in this day and age, as Snafu mentioned. & I like the idea of calling relatives and then sending an e-mail to have it in writing (for the "Save the date").

    We planned our wedding in 4 months and it was no big deal. But we had chosen a Sunday which I think helped with the short time frame. No one was booked up on such short notice. (& I mean if we just started to plan 4 months ahead, lord knows when I actually chose the venue/date and got around to hiring everyone else). May things go as easy and smooth for you!

  4. pjmama Says:

    Congrats!!! Sounds like so much excitement Smile I love the idea of Chinese at the wedding! Yum. And I say if you want cheesecake, go with cheesecake. It's your day Big Grin We did pies and threw out the cake thing altogether. It was delicious.

    I'll also jump on the electronic invitation bandwagon. We didn't do that (mostly because my MIL wouldn't have gone along with it), but it's a great cost (and headache) saver. If not, printing at home can look nice - but it can often be a pain as well. Vistaprint does a nice job, and they have some nice looking templates already built in.

    Good luck and have fun planning!

  5. Ima saver Says:

    I think May is the prettiest of all the months. I got married in may too.

  6. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    SG - I've gotten invitations like that too. People who knew I wouldn't be able to come, but wanted to let me know about it.

    Snafu - Thanks! I know who'd I like to be the officiant - an uncle of mine, but he's still in Cyprus right now. Once he's back in the States I'll be contacting him. Smile
    I like that - call first, and then send an email confirmation. I found a site called Paperless Post where I could send out Save the Date cards for free (and invitations too I think.)

    I haven't started looking at prices yet for food. Haystacks would easily be the cheapest .. but as you said .. Smile My mom might still have her topper - if so, she'll let me use it.

    MM - That's part of why I was thinking of a Sunday morning. Much better liklihood of getting a venue and vendors on short notice, plus possibly for cheaper. Thanks!

    PJmama- I'm really thinking the electronic invitations are the way to go. I don't even have addresses for some of the people I'd want to send one too! (I have their emails or they're on FB.) Thanks!

    Ima - It does seem like a good month to get married in. Smile

  7. VS_ozgirl Says:

    How very exciting. And great work on finding a nice dress at such a good price!!! Another option is you do phone calls and emails for save the date and actual paper invitations for the wedding invitations. Paper is good for keepsakes and also for those relatives that are not particularly computer literate (still happens in this day and age). You can do something nice that is relatively inexpensive. My friend loved scrapbooking so she helped me do the invitations, it was actually lots of fun.

  8. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    Thanks VS Smile It remains to be seen if the dress will work or not though. Smile
    I do see what you're saying. If I do printed ones, I'd want to keep them super simple. I need to see what Vista Print has to offer, and what it would cost for 15 or so invitations..

  9. Buendia Says:

    I am so excited for you! Your plans all sound frugal and LOVELY!!! You know we all want to see photos, right? Like VS_ozgirl, I did my invites with a friend... we still talk about how fun it was.

  10. CB in the City Says:

    I'd say definitely no beans. A lot of people just do not have the enzymes to digest them (I'm one of them!) It's a pretty common problem.

  11. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    Thanks Buendia Smile Oh you know I'll share photos. Big Grin Big Grin
    CB - Yep, I've decided against that. I'm going with pizza and rootbeer floats instead. Smile For non-cheese eaters we can do a cheeseless pizza. Or even a vegan crust pizza. Smile

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