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Snowstorm! Well ... not really. :)

December 28th, 2015 at 06:21 pm

After all the hoopla about the 6 - 10 inches and big gusty winds ... Yeah, we maybe got 4 inches? I will say though, it is cold!

I cashed out for another AGC from PerkTv last night - about five minutes before NE came over. Smile So, that adds $25 to my 2015 extra money total. Smile

I somehow managed (I think) to not go into the next data bucket on Ting this month. Which means I had $9 to put in my Remote Starter fund in January. Smile

This is a good thing because ...

I'm probably going to have to WAM from that December category to put into groceries.

I tried to talk NE into just using what we already have on hand (other than for the Martinelli's sparkling juice) for NYE dinner. He was really set on doing the homemade pizza. Sigh.

So I'll be getting a Chef Boyardee kit, cheese, and a Martinelli's. He's picking up the hamburger for himself. (We'll split the cost.) I already have mushrooms and pineapple.

My mini-goal 1 update =
So far, so good! My place was pretty picked up today, so there wasn't much cleaning/picking up to do. So ...I spent about 20 minutes working on my to shred pile. There's still probably about 3 days worth of 20 minute sessions left to go. Smile

At work today I didn't have a book with me and was desperately bored. So ... I decided to try to see if I could possibly get the Kindle app on my computer without having to download/install. It worked! So now I won't be quite so obvious about reading a book ... Smile

I'm in two Bounts challenges this week. One is the 50k steps by Friday, and the other is walk/run a 5k by Friday.

I've got about 17k steps so far, and am hoping that Friday will be decent weather wise so I can go for a 3 mile walk in the local park. That would be a cool 100 bonus points between the two challenges. Smile

It is SO cold in my bedroom/office. If I was planning on staying here another year (in this apartment) I'd invest in some weatherstripping or something. I put a towel at the bottom of the door (one that leads outside) but am not sure what to do about the windows. I think that's where most of the cold is coming from.

I can mostly cover up, but my hands are what bug me the most. I think I had fingerless gloves somewhere ...

12 Responses to “Snowstorm! Well ... not really. :)”

  1. crazyliblady Says:

    Have you ever tried something like this?
    Text is http://tinyurl.com/z46vsom and Link is

  2. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    No, but I do have a large towel situated at the bottom of the door. That seems to have helped at least the door air problem.

  3. Carol Says:

    Have you tried plastic indoor storm windows? I used to use them nd they worked well on drafty Windows.

  4. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    No, I haven't tried that. My bedroom windows face the parking lot of an office building. I'd probably have to check with my property manager to make sure it would be okay. Is the plastic easy to put on / take off? Not look bad from the outside?

  5. alice4now Says:

    My oldest dd has been taking cooking courses at school, and brought home a delicious pizza dough recipe! You would still have to buy yeast, of course, I guess there's no getting around a tiny grocery store trip...

  6. CB in the City Says:

    We don't have much on the ground, either. But it was an ugly day.

    I sympathize with your draft problems. I once lived in an apartment where I had to stuff newspaper in the gaps around the door. It worked. It wasn't pretty, and it was a pain re-do it every time I used the door. But it did make the place warmer.

  7. crazyliblady Says:

    Put aluminum foil on your windows with the shiny side pointing inward. It works.

  8. Carol Says:

    The plastic Windows go on with two sided tape. Then you use a hair dryer to "shrink" them so they are tight and clear. It's a project but not hard. The property manager's concern might be any residue from the two sided tape. It just peels off and I just felt where I used to put it-- I don't feel any residue. (Have new storm Windows now so I don't use it now.)
    I don't think anyone can tell from the outside if you do the hair dryer part. The inside will look messy if you don't trim the edges. If you do a neat job, it's fine. ( always my challenge.)

  9. creditcardfree Says:

    Plastic kits for Windows do work. The tape sticks to window frame and generally comes off just fine. I'd definitely do thatwithout checking without permission because I don't think they would ever know.

  10. Frugaltexan75 Says:

    Thanks all. I will try it. Smile

  11. VS_ozgirl Says:

    Even if you didn't get all the snow, I'm glad to hear it. Good work on your mini-goal of keeping your place tidy! And as for hiding reading at work- I don't care Smile. I read on my lunch break only, so that is my time to recharge, so I just pull out the iPad and eat my lunch while reading.

  12. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    Well VS, the thing is my boss has okay'd me reading whenever I don't have anything to do. Which some days is a lot. Having a physical book on my desk generates comments from some of the people who come to the window to buy passes - even though as soon as I see them I close it. Having it on the computer - they'll never know I'm not doing something for work. Smile

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