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Back in NE

November 28th, 2015 at 09:48 pm

I got back to NE mid-afternoon on Friday. Been mostly resting and relaxing since then.

The trip went pretty well. As expected, my brother didn't come. So I ended up going through the shed with all of dad's things by myself on Tuesday. Tuesday night I FaceTimed with my brother so he could pick out what he wanted to send up with our Aunt.

I left everything out on the back porch - most of it was under a roof (one of the last projects my dad finished with a lifetime buddy of his.) Guess what? That night around 3:30 a.m. I woke up to the sound of RAIN!

I ran out to the porch and got everything under cover that hadn't been. A box of books got ruined, but that was the worst of it.

I spent a lot of time on Wednesday going through my dad's slides and trying to repackage them into smaller packages.

Part of Wednesday also was spent taking my grandma and Aunt out for a mani/pedi and out to eat (my treat.)

Thursday we had one guest for dinner. We had WAY too much food for 4 people. There was even a "turkey" - I think they got it at the Village Market (Loma Linda) - it looked like a real turkey - even had a hole where you put stuffing in! Weird.

I took home a LOT of slides and a few other things of my dad's. I had brought my biggest suitcase with the bare minimum of stuff in it. I ended up filling it completely, plus a large backpack of dad's AND a reusable grocery bag my aunt gave me.

Even so ... my suitcase weighed in at 55lb! Which meant a $75!!!!! overweight fee. Ugh!

My aunt lent me a machine to feed the slides into my computer.

I bought something on Amazon for a Christmas gift which apparently gave me a year's unlimited storage space on Amazon Drive. ???? I'll take it! I'm going to have a lot of photos and video's to upload.

That's the other thing I took - numerous home videos in two different formats, and a bunch of recorded sermons on cassette tape. I'm going to have to figure out how to get the videos into a watchable format.

My plan is to get everything onto DVDs and then give them as gifts to Mom, brother, aunt, grandma next year. Hopefully I can get it all done by then.

Tomorrow I plan on doing some shopping.

I have $21 in Walmart gift card money. I also have about $31 left in grocery money. I also have around $50 in the Medical category (allergy meds!)If I get everything I'm planning on, I'll get back somewhere between $10 - 15 from iBotta, and $5 or so from MobiSave, and a $3-4 from the other apps.

I went through iBotta, Saving Star, MobiSave, SavingStar, etc., and also printed out a bunch of coupons. Tomorrow I'm going to double check the Target app because there were a lot of things expiring today.

I have a printed out list of everything I have a rebate and/or coupon for (that I want/can use.)

I'm looking forward to shopping. Smile

I redeemed a $25 AGC from PerkTv on Friday.

I completed my 5 months of spending $500 on Discover - so in a week or so I should get my $75 cashback bonus.

I'm glad to be back, although I was glad I made the trip out to CA!

6 Responses to “Back in NE”

  1. Laura S. Says:

    Wow, that is a steep luggage fee. I am glad you had a good time!

  2. PatientSaver Says:

    I bought one of those gadgets to transfer slide images to computer...i think it was $99 on Amazon. Very manual, time-consuming process, and I have yet to transfer the actual images to computer after loading them since the darn cord on the gadget is so short, it's not long enough to stick in back of my computer. (I have a wireless keyboard with no port.) So for now, that particular project is back-burnered. Maybe this winter.....nice idea about giving the video on DVD as gifts to family. I did that once with old family video when i put on VCR tapes, which of course now need transferring onto DVD. Can't keep up with the technology!

  3. snafu Says:

    I hope you had a good time visiting with grandmother and aunt.

    Our family uses FedEx or USPO in bubble envelopes, often less expensive than than overweight luggage fees with a mere 4 day delay.

  4. VS_ozgirl Says:

    Glad you had a nice time, sorry to hear about the hefty excess luggage fee!! That will be a really lovely present idea Smile

  5. creditcardfree Says:

    Was it warmer on your visit to CA? We were freezing at the game despite being bundled! Warmer now that we are back home! Sounds like a pretty good trip.

  6. Thrifty Ray Says:

    So glad you had a great trip and got home safely. Your DVD gifts sound priceless...a memento to be treasured for sure!

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