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Work, etc.

November 10th, 2015 at 07:45 pm

So today was one of those days at work.

I had the person who kept interrupting me before I could answer their question ...

I had the person who started taking Jesus's name in vain all because they were going to have a 30 minute wait at the main transfer station ...

I had the person who came to the window on their cell phone and acted very annoyed with every question I asked / every time I spoke to them ...

Then I had someone ask me why we have a sign up about no cell phones at the window --- point to above reason ---

Then I had the person who had no earthly idea of their location and expected me to know where they were by just rattling off some business names (gas station, other places that are multiple locations ...)

So yeah ...

Not to mention that the office is super duper COLD. I think it's colder inside than it is outside! I wore a sweater today which helped, but my hands were still freezing!

Then CW who loaded a time sensitive project on me a few months ago started telling me about a new project she wants me to do. Supposedly NOT a time sensitive one - but to do whenever I have time to fill.

She of course went on and on and on off on different rabbit trails. I told her I'd be happy to do it - I just can't log off the phone very often nor for very long. (Like I had to log off the phone when she came to tell me about this project .. 25 minutes later ...)

Seriously, if she'd stop talking so much to people about how little time she has and how much she is overwhelmed, she might just get done what she needs to get done! I would guess she wastes at least 6+ hours a week talking about this to various people at the office (mostly me or my supervisor.)

She's a nice person, but I try to avoid her if I can just because she can be a time suck.

I think I've decided to NOT do the transmission flush for my car tomorrow. I did some more reading on it, and it looks like it's not recc'd until at least 100k. I am still going to get my tires rotated and my belts looked at (Toyota Yaris's don't have timing belts - the have timing chains, which almost never need to be replaced.)

So .. today was not a no spend day. I gave in to temptation. I stopped at Walgreen's hoping they had the chocolate oranges in.

Nope. But I did still end up buying a couple of candy bars and a Coke. Also bought toilet cleaner. ~$6 total

I was also WAY tempted to stop by BK. But I managed to resist that one. Yay me?

Thinking I'd have a sweet potato for dinner. Nope. Checked them and they'd all gone bad. Argh.

So .. finally opened up a box of Quorn Chic'n Cutlets I bought in September? Microwaved two of them according to directions.

Yuck. Double yuck. SO bland. I had to smother them in ketchup to eat.

I think the only thing to do is to fry them in breading or something. Which kind of negates the whole healthy factor (and since I'll need to use eggs to get the breading to stick ... makes them not vegan. Not that I really care about that.)

I've got around 5 more boxes of Cutlets left. 3 boxes of nuggets (which I *think* are breaded.)

These are definitely NOT going to be a good deterrent to my "stop at BK or eat at home" argument with myself ...

Decided to NOT go to a movie tonight. Just too tired (didn't sleep well last night at all.)

Tomorrow the weather is supposed to be nasty. I'm so glad I won't have to field phone calls on a day like tomorrow will probably be. Doubly glad to have tomorrow off.

Almost forgot - a bus funny -

Guy calls me and tells me he left a horse statue on the bus. I clarify with him until I get the picture that it is a 6 inch wooden statue of a horse. He had it sitting on the seat next to him. Not in a bag or anything - just out on the seat.

Another one - guy calls complaining about a couple who brought on two large dogs on the bus. Says that the bus driver told the couple they had to pay $1 per dog.

Um ... Had my supervisor talk to this guy. She figured out that he had no real idea what time this happened or for sure which bus route. She thinks he was making it all up. (No, we don't charge for animals brought on to the bus.)


4 Responses to “Work, etc.”

  1. pjmama Says:

    The Quorn cutlets really can be bland - when I was a veggie in the past and ate them fairly regularly I found that putting them in dishes was helpful (like maybe a stir fry or a pasta, though I suppose pasta isn't super healthy either. haha).

  2. VS_ozgirl Says:

    Hoping you have a much better day tomorrow!

  3. snafu Says:

    Blah Chicken is an easy peasy fix with any of the sauces you like from an on-line site like All Recipes [Chef John, Sauces]. If you like Chinese or Japanese foods chose Lemon Sauce or Teriyaki. Substitute Yogurt for mayo for Alabama White BBQ Sauce, or use Yogurt to replace egg dip to make bread or cereal crumbs stick. Buy a container of vinegar and make various flavoured vinegars by infusing with tarragon or spices you like. Bring home a couple of Chinese red vinegar packets next time you're at a Chinese restaurant.

    Every ethnicity has a favoured way of preparing chicken. Pick what you like! Use a crockpot for chicken stew with vegetables at hand, your apartment will smell delicious and a divine dinner awaits your return home. That removes the possibility of sweet potatoes going bad as well...you need them for stew, soup or roasting. You can roast chicken pieces/tenders/cutlets, 'paint' them with a light touch of soya sauce.

    What words might spark your interest in meal planning?

  4. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    Thanks Pjmama, glad to know it isn't just me who thinks they're bland. Smile
    VS - thanks Smile
    Snafu - Thanks for the ideas. I know I really need to not just *make* a meal plan (which I've done ...) but need to actually *follow* said meal plan ... I have to keep it *really* simple or I just plain won't do it (unless I'm in one of my rare inspired cooking moods ...)

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