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The S Word

October 16th, 2015 at 07:09 pm

This afternoon as a colleague was heading out the door ... she let slip the S word. No .. not a four letter word. A five letter word. Strep.

As soon as she said it, my radar pinged wildly.

I am someone who catches strep almost at the mere mention of the word.

I have been feeling more and more run down this week - which I thought was due to maybe overdoing it with the walking.

I really, really, really hope I do not have strep. In any case, I plan on taking it very easy this weekend. Which is kind of disappointing because there is a free concert at my church tomorrow night I wanted to go to, plus I've missed 3 weeks now of walking with the church group on Sabbath afternoon.


I redeemed 5k Swagbucks for a $50 PayPal card on the 14th - mistakenly thinking that was the day the swagups went into play. (They don' til the 19th.) I have about 1700 towards the next one, so hopefully will be able to make use of the swagups I earned (I think I earned 200.)

I also redeemed Bounts points for a $5 Walmart gift card which I have already received (ecard.)

I am considering making an extra trip out to CA in December. No, I can't really afford it without missing my savings goals for the year, but ... family is more important than savings goals sometimes. I'm going to call my aunt tonight and see what she thinks.

NE told me he's surprised I'm even thinking of going because his family experience is such that his sister didn't do more than call him when he was in the hospital for shoulder surgery in March (she lives in the same town, but we were in a town an hour away.) But he also said he'd fully support me if I decided to go.

My boss has also told me that she'd make it work if I needed to take a few days off to do this.

Pricing tickets, it looks like somewhere around $375, plus I'll probably have to do a hotel room ... in San Francisco....

If my dad were alive, I know he wouldn't let money keep him away from his kids who needed support.

I just don't know ... Part of my hesitation is that nothing is in stone yet. So dates could change.

All I can say about all this is ... I hate alcohol.

8 Responses to “The S Word”

  1. ceejay74 Says:

    I feel you on the trip. I just spent nearly $1000 out of the blue tonight when my visiting sister told me my mom's not doing well and she thought I should visit soon because she had a feeling things weren't going to get better. I'm heading out to see her next weekend with my kids. Sometimes you have a feeling about family, and if you can make it work, you make it work. I have the money; it just means pushing my goals back yet again (since I already did it with our decor spending spree last week).

  2. Laura S. Says:

    I second Ceejay. Family comes first. I really didn't have the extra money for traveling, but my mother is ill and I went to Michigan last week. It all panned out in my case because my uncle happened to be in town and gassed up my car twice and covered several of my meals. I was also lucky my daughter went and split the rest of the costs. If you feel you need to go, you should do it and have no regrets.

  3. VS_ozgirl Says:

    Definitely go. It's not worth the regret if you feel you should be there. You have done so well saving already, budget tightly if you know you can't afford it and go for the peace of mind. Last year my nana got really sick and she lives in another country and my work got real quiet so I was able to go. I booked the flights a week before going so they were sky high so I stayed at various relatives to make up the difference. You can make it work.

  4. CB in the City Says:

    Suze Orman says "People first, money second." If you feel you should go, go.

  5. creditcardfree Says:

    Yes, go! You DO have the money. It is just in a different category. I have to keep reminding myself of this. I haven't planned for airfare well at all. I reallly need to make a budget category for it.

  6. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    Thanks all. After talking with my aunt last night, I've decided to wait and see whether the event is actually going to take place or not. If it does, I'll have time to get out there still and be there. It won't be in SF, but probably in Napa - so I may be able to share a hotel room with grandma/aunt or stay with them at my uncles in Anqwin. It still will be expensive (especially a short notice flight) but I just can't see NOT doing it if the event happens.

  7. Kiki Says:

    Laura, would you consider staying at the hostel in the Marin headlines? It is just north of SF but usually pretty quiet in December. You may even get your own room (usually there are 6 beds to a room; there are singles but $82/night). It is a bit like being in a dormitory but cleaner. There is also a kitchen where you could cook your own meals.

    The price is about $30 a night. It is 5 miles north of the city in a beautiful park like setting. I have stayed there many times when I feel like I need to escape but can't afford to go far. It is over the hill from Sausalito. It is quiet, peaceful, and an easy commute into the city or north if that is where you need to go.


    If I lived closer the fold out couch would be yours but I think Sacramento is a little long drive for you - but the offer is there. I will be gone house sitting for most of the month anyway.

  8. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    Kiki - Thank you for telling me about the hostel! I didn't know there was any such thing in the area. It looks like I'll be needing to stay closer to Napa than San Francisco though. Thanks also for the offer of the couch Smile If I'm ever in Sacramento I'll keep it in mind. Smile

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