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Accomplished Something

October 3rd, 2015 at 09:13 pm

Most of today was trying to catch up on sleep, then surfed the net for a bit, and general laziness.

I did see I had some items at the library which had to be picked up today, so I stopped by the library. On my way home I dropped off my rent check.

When I got home I guess I had a second wind or something, because I did an inventory of my pantry, my freezer, my fridge, and the cupboard above my sink!

Then I mapped out a meal plan for the whole month of October, along with listing the items I'd need to buy each week.

I also checked all my grocery apps to see what had rebates right now, and included the ones I would actually use in my meal planning/shopping.

Even after making all the food for my meal plan for the month, I'll still have a fairly good food stock.

I'm hoping that this is going to help me keep my food spending to a minimum this month.

I did include one meal out with NE (my turn this month) and one meal that we'll make together at my place.

Generally ...
M - F - Breakfast - Fruit smoothie, 1/2 English muffin w/ peanut butter

Lunch - Sandwich of some sort / veggies / apple

Dinner - varies

---- spaghetti w/spinach, Morningstar crumbles
----- spaghetti squash w/crumbles (if still good)
---- Cottage Cheese loaf , veggies
---- Corn pudding, veggies
---- Sweet potato w/ baked beans or greek yogurt
---- Quiona w/veggies and tofu
---- Couscous w/ veggies and crumbles
----- Fried "rice" quinoa w/veggies/tofu
---- leftovers
---- last Friday night --- Amy's frozen meal

Snacks (Weekday) - fruit, snack bar

Weekends - Sundays -
-----------Brunch: Greek Yogurt/banana pancakes, egg
-----------Dinner: One of the dinners or eating out, making pizza with NE

Saturdays - Breakfast - Bagel w/cream cheese, egg, banana
----------- Lunch - leftovers
------------Dinner - cereal, egg
------------Dessert - ICE CREAM!

4 Responses to “Accomplished Something”

  1. scottish girl Says:

    Sometimes you just need to rest. Good job meal planning for the entire month, I should take a leaf out of your book.

  2. VS_ozgirl Says:

    WOW that is awesome! I can't do longer than a week!!

  3. starfishy Says:

    woohoo - lots of relaxing and accomplishments - a great combo for the weekend! Smile

  4. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    Thanks SG/VS - It makes it easy when Breakfast and Lunch are pretty much the same thing 5 days a week. Smile
    SF - Yes, it is. Smile

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