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NEs Kitty Troubles

April 28th, 2015 at 05:49 pm

I feel really bad for NE right now. His oldest cat, Riddles, is 18ish and he picked him out as a kitten. The last two years or so Ridds had gotten pretty thin (total opposite of all NEs other cats) and the past six months or so NEs had to do more to tempt Ridds into eating.

A couple days ago Riddles had a seizure. Then he had another one yesterday. NE took him into the vet and they did bloodwork. His kidney's are functioning at 15%. Frown NE is preparing himself for possibly having to make a hard decision.

The stress of everything got to him last night at work, and he lost his temper. I really hope he doesn't get fired ... (my assistant teacher was fired for less one year, of course, he's not working around kids.)

Riddles is a pretty special cat. I'll be pretty sad too if the hard decision has to be made. Frown

My brother placed 76th out of 507 people in a 75 mile bike race this past Sunday. He was pretty stoked.

I finally got enough points on Perk to cash in for a $25 AGC. It was really slow going this time around.

I got the medical bill for my Urgent Care visit - $51.xx.

I also got my American Express card - I've never seen a credit card like it - kind of a clear plastic? I won't be running it - just using it to pay the medical stuff and maybe one months tithe/offering to make the $1k spending, so I guess it doesn't really matter too much what it looks like.

I texted my IT friend from NM tonight (the one with lung cancer.) She texted me back (thankfully!) and told me that her health has been touch and go, but she's still kicking. She also told me that some local yahoos burned down the Family Dollar store this morning!

What serious morons! That town has two places to buy general merchandise/food at - the local mom and pop store (small!) and Family Dollar. Otherwise you have to drive at least 30 miles to get to either big G town.

I have to wonder if they got the idea from the intelligent rioters (sarcasm) ruining Baltimore right now ... Ugh.

A position opened up at the local bus company. They had interviews last week and again today. Of the 7 people who were slotted for interviews ... only 4 actually showed up! None of the 3 no shows called or emailed or anything to let us know they weren't coming. All I can say is .. Wow. Must be a pretty hot job market out there to blow off an interview.

4 Responses to “NEs Kitty Troubles”

  1. ceejay74 Says:

    Sorry to hear about his cat! Not a good month for cats on the SA blogs. One of mine is missing. Frown

  2. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    Oh no Ceejay! I hope you find your kitty soon. Frown

  3. CB in the City Says:

    Sorry to hear about Riddles. My oldest cat is getting thin, too. I expect I will be making hard decisions up the road.

    My Amex card is clear plastic, too! Odd looking.

  4. My English Castle Says:

    This is a tough month for cats--our neighbor cat has disappeared too. And around here, I suspect the coyotes.

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