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April 25th, 2015 at 10:19 pm

Today I was voted in officially as a member of the local church I've been attending. I had my membership transferred from the church in Texas (never transferred it to NM.)I had to stand up front with a few other people and receive my membership "packet" (a membership certificate and a packet of info on spiritual gifts.)


I talked to my grandma this afternoon. She was busy packing and getting ready for a flight tomorrow - flying to Florida where she's meeting my aunt and uncle and then getting on a cruise ship! She'll be gone for two weeks. (She turns 94 in September - but still cruising along. Heh heh.)

Guess who FINALLY called tonight?! Yep, that stinkaroo of a brother, that's who. Big Grin We managed to connect with our mom, and it looks like the third weekend of June will be our rendezvous time - they'll both be coming here.

Mom was wanting to do a dude ranch or a 4 day cruise ... I'd love to do a dude ranch if they offered a vegetarian menu, but somehow I don't think that is a possibility ... a 4 day cruise would be fun, but I doubt my brother could take that much time off (and I really don't want to spend that much.) So, they'll be coming here - I'll show them where I work, take them to my church, maybe go to the vegan restaurant in O (they're both meaties, but are used to vegetarian fare.) Maybe take in the zoo, etc. Should be fun. (My mom is into pickleball - I checked and found a place here that has pickleball!)

We decided that they'd each take care of their own plane tickets and then we'd split 3 ways any of the costs here. Mom is going to see if she can amass enough hotel points for a hotel here.

Now it'll be interesting to see if bro actually purchases a plane ticket before June ...

My brother is participating in a 100 mile bike race next Sunday (May 3) supporting Diabetes research. He estimates it'll take him about 6 hours and burn around 15,000 calories. He's going on a 75 mile ride tomorrow ... More power to you bro. More power.

He's pretty stoked about some major companies that have been seeking him out to do their social media advertising.

I stopped at Walgreen's tonight and picked up some Allegra D. My cough which had almost gone away seems to be coming back. Frown In talking with the pharmacist it sounds like I should be able to get a 30 day supply of Allegra D OTC with a prescription so that I wouldn't have to come back every ten days AND I can use my FSA money. Next time I see my doctor I'm going to ask for a prescription and try it again! (tried it years ago and was told I couldn't do it)

$18 for a ten day supply ... Will have to look for coupons, etc, but it's better to spend the money on it than get bronchitis or worse ... (Checked the price for the generic version ... was actually more expensive! and not available in the 24 hour version.)

4 Responses to “Finally!”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    Sounds like a great plan to get together!

  2. MonkeyMama Says:

    My dad does a lot of big rides. His general caloric needs are absurd when it comes to all that biking.

    Yay! Hopefully your family gets their tickets and follows through!

  3. snafu Says:

    Hope your reunion with mom and bro works out as planned.

    There are a lot of discount cruise sites which are terrific deals if you are flexible about destination or travel dates. I've friends who do two cruises every year because they find those to be less expensive than any other vacation worked out as daily rate. While the cruise line requests a specific daily gratuity, passengers an pay the daily rate they feel is appropriate to the service received.


  4. Amber Says:

    Congratulations on your new membership. I'm also happy and excited that you heard from your broths and that you all will be getting together soon

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