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This and That

April 7th, 2015 at 07:01 pm

On Sunday I decided to not do a Sam's/Walmart run and instead just filled in with what I needed from the grocery store I could walk to. This was partly because I didn't feel like driving all the way out there, and partly because I thought they'd have my large rewards card ready.* (they didn't)

*I got two rewards cards from this grocery store - a keytag and a large card. I've misplaced the large card - which you have to have in order to use for gas savings. I went to customer service a week ago to ask for a large card (with my points) - they told me it'd be ready by Sunday. So I waited to fill up my car, and of course it wasn't ready. The lady I spoke with said something about them being months behind ... ugh!

I have 11cents/gallon savings currently on my card which I can't use. Frown

Monday I had a recheck on my Vitamin D levels. Got the call Monday afternoon letting me know my levels were in the normal range.

I don't know if it is because of this or not, but somehow I'm all of a sudden being able to actually lose weight! Even with eating fairly normally. And low activity level.

I'm down 14lbs from my high in January, and almost 2lbs down from my low when I was so sick a few weeks ago. Whatever the reason, I'm NOT complaining! Smile

I filled up at the gas station for $2.31/gallon (would've been $2.20/gallon if I could've used my card!) I don't forsee any major driving this month, so hopefully that will be it for April's gas.

After work today I went to the gym for the first time in over 2 weeks. I walked on the track for 30 minutes. I need to figure out a way to keep track of laps or distance - 1 lap is 1/16th of a mile. I didn't push myself too hard, but still felt like I got a good workout in.

Afterwards I stopped at Walgreen's and picked up my Vitamin D and some Easter candy (on sale.)

I have just over 1000 points to get my $50 cashback at Walgreen's. That's just two prescriptions, or a prescription plus a month's worth of walking/logging weight. So I'm starting to ponder what I'll get with my $50 ... Smile

Tomorrow I get to be away from the office most of the day. Smile My boss and I will be manning a booth at an event at the local university. It would be better if it wasn't going to be rainy and cold ... but still, it's a day away. Smile Plus I get to wear jeans. Smile

I wonder how much free junk ..er...stuff I'll walk away with from the event .. all the vendors give free stuff out - pens, notepads, cups, food, etc.

10 Responses to “This and That”

  1. chloe Says:

    When I used to run ling distances at an indoor track (1/9 of a mile loop), keeping track of laps used to drive me crazy. So I bought a sports watch with a lap function. You can get them with a 50 lap memory! (You can even get them with a 100 lap memory, but that might be overkill...) Something like this:


    Then, every time I hit the start of a new lap, I just hit the lap button and kept going. This way it counted the laps for me! Plus, I got to see if my time per lap was pretty consistent during my workout. It might be worth getting something like that if you'll be walking/running on the track regularly. You can get one for not too much money, especially if you're not particular about the color.

  2. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    Thanks Chloe - I think I have an app on my phone that does laps - it's just hitting a new lap every 1/16 ... I don't really care so much about timing the laps, but more about counting how many I completed.

  3. creditcardfree Says:

    How much vitamin D were you taking and for how long to get to normal levels?

  4. Looking Forward Says:

    Hmmm... if the vitamin D does help with weight loss then sign me up! Smile

  5. PatientSaver Says:

    My PCP says they routinely check Vit D levels now when they do the bloodwork for a physical. The range is fairly wide, at 30 to 100 ng/mL, and my level was at 46 and yes i do supplement. My physical was in January, in the dead of winter (no sunlight) so I would expect my levels would rise a bit as I spend more time outdoors.

    Just an added note: While it's good to take D supplements, you don't want to overdo it as too much D can lead to too much calcium absorption, which can lead to unwanted calcification of the heart, kidneys and blood vessels.

    The upper tolerability limit of Vit D is 4,000; i play it safe by taking 2,000 a day from a supplement and if you consume fortified milk or cereal products you may get some that way anyway.

    You should always take calcium with Vit D becus they work better together. Also, unless you're taking the calcium citrate form of calcium (RDA: 5oo to 1200 mg daily), take the calcium/Vit D between meals or it will hinder iron/zinc absorption. Finally, two smaller doses of calcium/D will be absorbed better than a single large dose.

  6. VS_ozgirl Says:

    Congratulations with suddenly being able to lose weight! It's an awesome feeling. Keep up the gym work & you should be able to keep it off too!

  7. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    CCF - I'm sorry but I don't remember the dosage amt - threw away the bottle when I finished them - but I was taking one pill once a week for 8 weeks. Now I have one pill once a day (I think it's 1000mg)

    LF - I don't know for sure if it is what is helping, but it sure seems possible!

    PS - My level when they took it about 9 weeks ago was about 17. Monday it was 37. I've been taking it with my other multi-vitamins at night before bed, so definitely not with meals. Smile

  8. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    VS - Thanks Smile I really hope it does keep up.

  9. ceejay74 Says:

    AS just found out her Vit D levels were dangerously low. She is on 5000 per day for a bit, and then she has to go on 2000 permanently. I'm already on 2000 permanently. I assumed it was because I'm vegan, but AS eats dairy, so it's kind of weird. I guess she doesn't eat the fortified types.

  10. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    Ceejay - I drink Rice Dream which is Vitamin D fortified, but probably not enough. I also eat eggs sometimes (though a lot less lately) ... I'm not really sure what the rhyme or reason is for low levels of Vitamin D, but from what I've heard, there are lots of people who are low on it - meat eaters and non-meat eaters alike.

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