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Lazy Weekend

May 26th, 2013 at 07:37 pm

Haven't done much this weekend. Yesterday I went to church in the morning, but was so tired that I went straight home (didn't stay for potluck.) I slept pretty hard for a few hours, and then gave J a call (the lady I lived with for a few months two years ago.) She's a month out from her second knee surgery and is recovering pretty well from it. She was happy to hear about NE and I. Smile Then it was time for my weekly call to grandma. Pretty much same conversation per usual. Big Grin

I slept a bit more, then got up and caught up on about frugal forums (hadn't read in over a month!) Did some laundry too.

** Oh, I had to fill up before heading to church. I was on fumes again. Last tank was 34.4 mpg, even with the fast driving. $37.39 for 10.489 gallons

This morning I was supposed to go walking, but both people wimped out on me. I was going to make ableskebers for my two sometimes walking partners this morning, but shortly before heading over to Ns place to make them, I realized I didn't have buttermilk, good butter (all my tubs were dried out ...), salt or sugar!! So I had to go to the expensive mom and pop store and pick that stuff up (no buttermilk, but did get lemon juice --- didn't quite achieve the right results using rice milk ...)About $10. Ouch.

The first two batches didn't turn out great, but luckily by the third batch they were working out better. The ladies told me that it was my practice run for making them for NE. Smile (I hadn't made them in practically 3 years .. so was a little rusty.)

I redeemed swagbucks for a $15 AGC yesterday. Now have enough for my June 5 $5's.

Tomorrow I have a babysitting gig. The mom wrote me to let me know that her dh won't be going on the trip he was thinking about doing, but they'd like to spend some quality time together tomorrow. Smile

I can't seem to shake this tiredness, no matter how much I'm sleeping/lazing. I will be seeing my doctor again on Friday for retesting bloodwork (thyroid.) I'm hoping she can offer me some ideas on what is going on. Tired of being tired.

Almost forgot - got a call this pm from one of my walking partners about the loose neighborhood dog who always comes with us on our walks. She (the dog) has been accused of biting a child. Witnesses (all kids under ten ..) say that it was actually the child's dog that bit her after being sat on by the child ... but the child claims it was neighborhood dog. Frown Only consequence right now is that nd is going to have to be tied up all the time (which her owners have tried to do, but she constantly gets off the tie out.) The owner asked if we'd write a note to animal control stating that nd is NOT aggressive. She isn't - so I will be doing that.

7 Responses to “Lazy Weekend”

  1. Kristina Says:

    Laura-How do you earn so many points from Swagbucks? It has taken me months to earn 1000.

    Are the videos and such safe to do? I am always afraid I am going to get a virus. Would love if you would share some secrets.

  2. FrugalTexan75 Says:


    I do the daily points - poll, NOSO, toolbar. Then I also do the SBTV mobile (50pts) and sometimes the games if I need the points (10 pts). The videos on the site are safe. I sometimes go for surveys, but not all that often (since I rarely qualify.) Most offers are pretty safe, just stay away from anything that requires a download. (Be sure to get a number from Google Voice or k7.net to use on offers which require a phone number.)

    I also check in on the FB page to be alerted to any codes or good crediting special offers.

  3. creditcardfree Says:

    Glad you were able to rest this weekend, and also do something you haven't done in awhile. We did some sugar cooking baking yesterday and used a 'frosting gun' my daughter received for Christmas. It was fun!

    @Kristina, agreed that SBTV videos are safe as are other two & one point videos that come up. You can generally get two to three search wins per day. If you have a virus protection program on your computer it will alert you to anything that may be unsafe.

  4. snafu Says:

    When DSs first got their driver licenses we shared a car and instigated a rule that fill ups were to be done before reaching home if the gauge read below the 1/4 line. Really works well to avoid fills when under time constraints. Do you use Gas Buddy, coupons or discount days for fill ups? What is/are ableskebers?

  5. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    CCF - that does sound like fun!

    Snafu - I know I'm playing with fire, especially here with so many miles between gas stations, letting myself go to fumes. I usually don't do that, I just have done it two times in a row now though!

    Ableskebers (spelled many different ways) are Danish pancake balls. Here's the recipe I've developed over the years (to make it slightly healthier)

  6. Kristina Says:

    Laura and CCF-Thanks for the swagbucks advice.

    I fill up my car every Sunday regardless of what the tanks says. In my old car (2002 Elantra) I allowed myself one tank of gas a week, regardless of what was going on. In the new Prius it takes me two to three weeks to use a full tank but I still fill up every Sunday. After almost 20 years it is a hard habit to break. It started when I went to college in San Francisco. I wanted to know that I always had enough gas in the old car to get home if there was an earthquake and no place to fill up.

    I was also told by my mechanic (from whom I bought my first car when I was 16) to never get below a quarter of a tank as it can stir up sediment and potentially damage the engine. Not sure if it was true 22 years ago but that has stayed in mind.

  7. rob62521 Says:

    Sorry about your weariness...hope the doctor can give some suggestions.

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