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Inexpensive Good Nights Sleep

March 22nd, 2013 at 08:35 pm

Tuesday night I slept well, still from the after effects of the cough syrup with coedine. Wednesday night ... not so well. Partly I think due to the Mucinex I took around 6 p.m.

So Thursday I decided to stop at the dollar store and pick up something someone had suggested to me. Vicks vapor rub - although I picked up the two dollar generic version. Guess what? I got nearly a full six hours of sleep uninterrupted by coughing! Yay! Of course, as soon as I woke up and started moving a bit, my chest/lungs felt full/heavy and the coughing fits began again in earnest. But ... I got a good nights sleep!


I'm still waiting for the reimbursement check for my book seminar that I went on the first week of March. My statement with the hotel charge on it is due in two weeks ... Of course I can pay it no problem, just would rather have the reimbursement money first to pay it with. Oh well.

Had some strange weather here this afternoon. Phone weather app said it was in the mid-50's when my colleague and I went for our walk. It was really windy, and the wind got colder and colder as we walked. As we were nearing back home, both of us saw little white pellets bouncing off her dogs body. It was sleeting! For all of maybe a minute .. then it turned to rain, and then it was gone .. all about three minutes or so. No mention of rain or precipitation in the forecast.


I finally got my Person of Interest season 1 DVD set mailed off to Second Spin yesterday. I bought it from Amazon for about $24, and sold it to SS for $11. I'd missed 8 episodes of the first season thanks to CBS stopping showing full episodes after episode 13 (I think.)


Yesterday was payday. I haven't updated my budget files in awhile. I'd been doing so well at keeping up with that, but I may have to do another fresh start. Oh well.

Wednesday night when I was having trouble sleeping, I watched a newish B-flick disaster movie on Netflix -- SuperCyclone. Hoo boy! This is one I'd love to have the Mystery Science Theater crowd "view". I've seen some poorly acted films with bad writing, but this one .. takes the cake! It was fun though. Smile

Only 4 more school days til Spring Break - all ten days of it! We ALL are so ready for it! Most of the kids this week have been really sweet though I have to say.

Yesterday afternoon I had my second graders and was showing them some new books. One of them said, "Miss N why does your voice sound so strange?" I told them that I'd been really sick and coughing a lot. One of them then piped up, "Oh yeah, that was you coughing during Mass. It was really loud." Hah! Smile

My 4 year olds really surprised me. Every time we start with the song "Hello Everybody" and then sing a variety of mostly action verses. They usually sing with me pretty well, but Thursday I didn't have much of a voice to sing too loudly .. so they picked up the volume quite well. Smile

3 Responses to “Inexpensive Good Nights Sleep”

  1. Wino Says:

    I'm the worst when it comes to doing my expenses. Right now, I bet I haven't done an expense report since December. Maybe I have my weekend work cut out for me.

  2. MonkeyMama Says:

    I am glad you got some sleep!!

  3. rob62521 Says:

    Glad you got some sleep...that helps you to start getting healthy again.

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