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Cemtaries have those left behind over a barrel!

June 22nd, 2012 at 08:31 pm

Argh! My dad's ashes are going to be interred in the same cemtary/gravesite where his father is buried. In fact, there are many relations in the same area of the cemetary. So, we thought it would simply be a matter of digging a hole in the same gravesite as his father's, and redoing the headstone. Ha! Not quite.

This cemetary says that it is *mandatory*since there will be more than three people there to have: a canopy, a car to drive the remains to the gravesite, a funeral director, and ten chairs set up and something else I don't remember right now. It doesn't matter whether we want any of those things or not - we have no choice. (Well, our choice would be to not do it there ... but then it wouldn't be the same ...)

Oh well, I guess I just have to chalk it up to being what it is, and not worry about it.

I'm still waiting on the death certificates in order to start closing out accounts. I found out about something called "small estates" claim here in CA, so you can avoid probate if the estate is under $150k. You just have to wait 40 days from death to claim it. So for some things I may have to just wait til I can make that claim.

Just a note to everyone ... please, if you haven't done so recently, update your will and your list of accounts and anything else that might possibly be relevant to those you leave behind. It also would be a wonderful gesture to leave information behind about what kind of service you might like, whether or not you want to be cremated, and if you have any wishes as to where you'll be interred. All of that would just make things so much easier.

Once I'm back home in NM, I plan on starting on that process and checking into what it would cost to do a living trust - even though I have few assets, I think that still might be a good easy way to go. (I already told my brother I want to donate my body to science, be cremated, and don't care what happens to my ashes - whatevers least expensive. Also if I happen to have a lot of money in my estate it's to go to caring for whatever animals I have, then to a school library, and finally to a no-kill animal shelter.)

Anyway, enough with the morbidity.

I was able to get a library card yesterday. This way I will be able to read through some of the children's books which my library and their library share in common. I didn't bring a list of books with me yesterday, so will have to wait til Sunday to go back and get some.

I also signed up for the local fitness center. I went to my first class on Wednesday. A 1 hr torture... er ... Pilates class. When it was finished, I seriously was worried whether or not I'd be able to walk out of the building without triping over my own two feet. I was going to do another class last night, but decided to wait til next week to do another one.

Today was day 10 of being back into jogging. I did 2 miles at a 15:43min pace. Not great, but still pretty good considering how long it's been since I've done any real exercise. If I keep this up, I might just run a few 5ks when I get back to NM (if I can find any.) My brother right now would be all over my backside for using the word "if." Big Grin He wants us to do a half-marathon in honor of our dad. I told him maybe in another year or two ... Big Grin (he runs an average 9:40 - 10 minute mile ... on *hills* - the fastest time I got to when running regularly was a little over 12min/mi - and that was only doing one mile!)

I'm not spending hardly any money while I am here, which is good since I .ah hem.. spent a goodly sum on books, etc. before leaving NM (under the notion that I'd be getting summer school pay ...)

I have one more paycheck at what I had gotten used to this past year, and then the first paycheck in July will be the new amount (spread over 26 payperiods instead of 24 + a 1% raise.) So I'm not going to even think about my budget until I get back home in August. Then I'll figure it out again. Too many variables to think about right now.

2 Responses to “Cemtaries have those left behind over a barrel!”

  1. patientsaver Says:

    I would like to add that if you have mutual fund with named beneficiaries, people should know (and they often don't) that this bypasses whatever your stated wishes are in your will.

    I need to clean this up myself, in fact, because I have said one thing in my will and named other beneficiaries in my mutual fund accounts. I'm not too worried becus I know the mutual fund accts override the will, but it's best to minimize possible confusion anyway.

    So, say if you rent or don't own real estate but do have mutual funds...if all your assets are in mutual funds, you could probably dispense with the will becus you get to name beneficiaries when you open up the mutual fund accounts. Although you'd probably want to specify some other things, like a do not resusitate thing.

    And on driver's licenses, most states specify whether you're an organ donor or not, so that also covers that aspect.

  2. Jerry Says:

    I'm really sorry about those headaches that this already trying time leads to for you. That's a shame about the funeral people being so inflexible, I can't imagine a good reason for it other than money. My dad has put something in his will and also some insurance policy to assist with the costs when the time comes, thank goodness. Good luck with everything...

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