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Found Watch!

January 9th, 2012 at 07:58 pm

I personally hate watches. Until this past September, I hadn't worn a watch since June 2005. That was when I quit teaching. Unfortunately, using my phone for time doesn't work that well when you don't generally have "normal" pockets. So, a watch it is.

Saturday night I bought my third watch this year. The first one got washed. I thought I had lost the second one ( I hid it before I left for vacation so Karii wouldn't mess with it. I forgot where I hid it.)

Last night before going to bed I decided to cut my nails. Guess what else was in my bag with my clippers? Smile

So now I can take the third watch back and put $4.88 back into my budget. Big Grin

Oh! The maintenance guys from the mobile park came by the library today. I guess I'd squeaky wheeled enough - finally. My shower is fixed (replaced knobs) so I can use my nice shower head again!! The problem with the washer was just that whoever fixed my water heater never turned the hot water back on for the washer!! Only took 4 months to get this done. :roll eyes:

No spenders Jan - 4

1 Responses to “Found Watch!”

  1. LuckyRobin Says:

    I don't like watches on my wrist, either. For years I wore a gorgeous heart-shaped locket watch around my neck instead (until I put it through the washing machine and ruined it). Nowadays I have a watch strapped to my purse strap because I still can't stand one around my wrist for long.

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