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Found a Bump on my Head, etc.

January 7th, 2012 at 07:30 pm

Tonight when I got home and was in the process of putting my purchases away, I went to scratch the back of my head. OUCH!! I put down what I had in my other hand and went to the bathroom to try to see what it was ... no luck (I have a hand mirror somewhere ...). It is either a tick, spider bite, or some other kind of bug bite. I didn't notice it this morning when I was washing my hair, so it must have happened today sometime. Weird.

I've just about given up going to Sabbath School (like Sunday School, only on Saturday i.e. Sabbath.) I don't get anything out of it, and the main teacher frustrates me - he is SO opinionated and legalistic. Today we were discussing the lesson about the Trinity. He asked if anyone had any questions still ... one man raised his hand and asked, "What do they exist on?" Meaning, what do they eat, do they breathe air, etc. I'm not sure whether the question was a serious one or not, but R's reaction to it totally blew it out of proportion and wasted almost ten minutes of class time! If it had been me, I would have simply said, "You know, that is an interesting question and I really don't know the answer. Lets all take a look this week to see if we can find it and share next week what we find." R's response was essentially to call the guy stupid. No, he didn't use that word, but his 6 - 8 minute diatribe could be boiled down to it. His wife even at one point told him to just let it go and move on. (btw - R is a high-school history and shop teacher ...)

I did stay for potluck today and had a chance to talk with someone who's been pretty friendly to me, but we haven't had much time to talk. It was nice, though kind of stilted.

We found out today that the man who plays the organ was in a bad car accident last night. His car was totaled and he cracked one of his vertebrae. I seriously thought about going over to visit him ... but ... he is single (maybe late 40's??) ... so I was afraid it would look strange or something. He is a nice man, and we have talked some, but otherwise I have no interest -- but me going over to see him ... I also thought about asking if I could go with someone else who was going to see him .. but again, perceptions ... I don't know, maybe I overthink this. But as a single woman who still appears fairly young (and even though I am quite heavyset), I have quite often gotten the feeling from women married to men within a 5 - 15 year range of me, that they'd rather I stay 100 feet away from their husbands. So ... I try to be very, very, very careful. My friendliness/smile sometimes I think (in fact, I know for a fact it has at least twice) is misconstrued as flirting -- when in truth, all I'm doing is being myself and trying to make friends/have a conversation/be polite. (His injuries aren't serious enough to cause paralysis, etc. I'm not sure if he is at home or in the hospital.)

In other events today...

I went to the library and got a card. I found a couple Lori Wick books I hadn't read, and a book on Psalms 23 which looks interesting. Then I went over to the children's library and found two books on a subject one of my 6th grade boys whispered in my ear on Friday. Our catalog said we had one on the subject, but when we went to the shelf to look, it was nowhere to be found. He's pretty good about getting books back, so I think I can trust him with a book on my card (I'm going to have him choose one of the books.) I just felt so honored that he trusted me enough to ask me for help finding it, that I felt I *had* to come through for him. He's one of those kids who is a 40 year old in a 12 year old's body, and doesn't get along well with the other kids at all.

After the library, I talked to my dad for a while, and then went to Walmart. I bought some of the generic brand 3 in one dishwashing tablets as well as Lemon Shine (highly recommended by my dad as well as one of the teachers here.) I plan on getting my dishwasher set up tonight and run my first load. Yay!

I also picked up a pair of sunglasses for $5 (my last pair were over ten years old and had finally fallen apart a few months ago), as well as yet another watch (somehow lost the last one) for $4.88 - le sigh. I also picked up some moisturizer with sunblock -- something else I did over Christmas was get my first facial ever (gift from an aunt). The technician told me I needed to use moisturizer with sunblock because my skin was really dry in spots and getting the beginnings of sun spots. The moisturizer she recommended cost $59 for 2 oz. The one I bought tonight cost $10.48 for 4 oz.

In all, I spent $51.xx at Wal-mart ... but I forgot to deposit my cash and checks at the ATM. I can do it next Saturday though - not in a rush.

When I got back to my town, I stopped at Family Dollar and picked up 8 cans of 9 Lives for $.33/can (regularly $.40/can), as well as flavored carbonated water (better than soda ... sorta), and a few other things. In all, I spent $6.50.

Oh, while I was at Family Dollar I ran into three of my students. Big Grin They were so cute --- Hi!!! Miss N!!!!!
Tonight I was able to cash out for another Swagbucks AGC! Smile only 445 to go to the next one. Big Grin

I'm almost to 4900 points in Beezag. Only 3100 to go to cash out!
I have the feeling tomorrow is going to be a LONG work day. I need to finish grading the tests, grade the projects, get the grades recorded, and then most likely add all the electives to the grading program (and then of course enter grades for journalisim class) ... and then I have about 20 books that need to be cataloged .. then I need to do lesson plans ... and hopefully if I have time, I can work on getting the shelves straightened. Oh wait, I also need to find time somewhere in there to watch the intro video on the yearbook (how to use their program) and open the box which has been sitting unopened for a month or more from Lifetouch (yearbook company) ...then I need to figure out how to set up each of my journalism students with their own accounts so they can work on the yearbook. Oy!

I'm really glad next weekend is a long weekend. I'm gonna need the break! Smile

5 Responses to “Found a Bump on my Head, etc.”

  1. LuckyRobin Says:

    I think you should go visit the man who was hurt, and bring him something to eat. I imagine the most mundane tasks are difficult for him right now. I certainly wouldn't want to stand at the stove cooking with a cracked vertabra. People are going to think what they are going to think no matter what, and that says more about their character than yours, but that should not stop you from being kind to someone who was injured. And maybe there is no interest on your part in this man romantically, but who knows? He could become a wonderful friend to you, and you've been talking about wanting to make friends. At the very least, approach one of the others and say, "I was thinking so and so might need some help right now, but I don't know him very well. Would you mind coming with me to bring him some dinner?"

  2. Thrifty Ray Says:

    I agree with LR. Dont hold back from doing a kindness-Keep an eye on that bump. Probably just an ingrown hair or something, but you never know! Hugs sweets...you have such a big heart.

  3. frugaltexan75 Says:

    Thanks LuckyRobin and Thrifty Ray,

    I think that is a good idea. I could make my corn casserole (I have all the ingredients here already) and then take it to him next Saturday after church. I doubt he'll be back at church by then ... I'll need to figure out a way to contact the person who knows him best to make sure he can even eat corn. Smile I can also ask her when she plans to visit him and if I could go with her.

  4. DeniseNTexas Says:

    I agree with the others that you should visit the injured man. Don't let the opportunity to make someone else smile pass you up! Going with another person is a fine idea. Smile

  5. patientsaver Says:

    Yes, I have to chime in here and urge you to visit the church organist. I guess the story caught my attention becus my 1st stepfather was a musician and church organist (that's how he met my mother, who sang in the choir) and was later killed in a bad car accident.

    Anyway, it would be a shame to allow your concern about what others may think override a genuinely caring and altruistic visit to take place.

    Being single all my life, I perfectly understand what you mean about other married women misconstruing your intent. the last thing i would ever do is try to attract a man who's already attached/involved with someone. It's kind of sad that's the way most women think.

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