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2 NSD's in a row :), Cool Library budget news/ramblings! $vacation ramblings

January 5th, 2012 at 09:15 pm

Today made two non spend days in a row. I picked up the last of the book packages from the PO. It was kind of funny - the guy remarked, "You order a lot of stuff." I told him that I'm the librarian at SB and that most of the books I order for the library I have sent there. Smile

Today also made two days in a row that I kept to NoS (mainly in the realm of not eating chocolate.) Smile

Now if I could just get myself to actually do the exercise I said I was going to do ....

Today I got a call from Scholastic to confirm the dates of our book-fair (Mar 16 - 23 - books arrive on the 16th, so I have the weekend to set up. Oh joy.) While talking with the representative, I was ecstatic to find out that we have $475 in Scholastic dollars left from last year's book-fair. We made a total of over $2k, so I'm not sure where that went (maybe to pay for Destiny??? our cataloging system?) In looking at Scholastic's site, I'm not sure how I'm going to use the money.

*warning - librarian ramblings ahead -- financially related though Smile *
I really think before I spend any more large sums, that I need to finish going through *all* the donated books and catalog them. Then I can upload our library catalog into this free program which will tell me what my weak areas are (I have a strong feeling it will be in non-fiction, but I'm not exactly sure in which areas.) Probably 75% of the books I have been getting this year are fiction. I'm not totally thrilled about Scholastic's selection of non-fiction titles -- I did some extensive searching via the Dewey numbers on topics which I thought *might* be weak in our library.

Maybe what I should do is give the students and teachers a survey of what types of books they'd most like to see added (as in topic areas.) I also think I may keep the money to use next year, and then divide up what we make at this years book fair +475 between the school year and the grade levels -- perhaps minus $200 to be used the next year ...

I'm also kind of leery about getting too many more books in the library this year. The kids are almost coming to expect hearing about new books. There's no way I'll be continuing the same volume of purchases next year ... I need to see if there is a way I can catalog all the donated books, but keep them unsearchable by the kids ... then just put them out a few at a time once a month ... stretch it out. Although I don't know if I could stand it. Big Grin

I also need to find out who decided how the book fair proceeds would be spent/divided. If I can put half of it into cash and *not* have it absorbed into the general school funds, then I could possibly participate in the Junior Library Guild selections .. which I would seriously love. Smile (They send out several selections each month - you can send them back for an exchange or no charge as long as they have not been processed -- you can also change out the selection they'll send you before they send it ... plus if you buy a certain amount of books, you then get a certain number free ... highly recommended by librarians on the listserve I participate on.)

*end librarian ramblings* Smile

I forgot to tell you all about an interesting experience I had over Christmas. My dad, grandma and I were invited to eat at the Loma Linda mayor's house! (before you get too impressed - my dad was his minister when he was a young teenager ... they found each other again at the tree lighting ceremony this year) It was a really nice meal and a very friendly family. They are vegetarian, so the whole meal was vegetarian. Yum Smile

I learned about a tradition I hadn't known about previously -- English Crackers. They are not something to eat. Smile I think I may have seen them before in stores, but not known what they were for. Basically, they are rolled up papers tied on each end -- inside is a paper with a joke, a small toy and a paper crown. When you pull it apart it makes a cracking sound. Hence it's name. Smile

When we were at the farmer's market in LA, we found a set of 8 crackers for $9 (50% sale) so we got them and then used 3 of them for New Year's Eve. Perhaps a new tradition for us. Big Grin

I'm seriously considering telling my parents that I will make one visit of 8 days to each of them once a year. I also am thinking that I am going to hold off on my Spring Break trip until 2013.

I have the feeling that I will be dealing with some intense pressure and hurt feelings from both of them. The reasons I think this is the way to go is because:

1. I don't know of very many mid-30-year-olds (single or married) that see their parents *every* year, let alone several times a year.

2. It seems to me that it is not very financially smart for someone on my income level to be taking 4 or more vacations a year -- whether or not part of the expenses are paid for by someone else. 2 vacations a year probably is excessive -- especially before getting my EF and car funds in place.

3. I'd like to take a vacation (a real one) sans family (or even with ....) to someplace other than CA or TX.

4. I'd really really like to go on a cruise for my 40th birthday (or at least sometime that year...) and in order to do that, I need to get my basic savings funded so I can work on that long term dream (less than 4 years now!!) Before I was laid off, I had just begun working on this dream fund ... (only it was supposed to be for my 35th birthday ...) I'd really like to do a European cruise ...

5. (won't mention this one to them) I appreciate being treated and everything ... however, if I had fewer vacations, then I'd have more time to save for them so that *I* could do more of the treating (I treated to a cheap $20 meal at a pizza restaurant.) I hate to think how much money my dad and grandma spent while I was there ... especially when I would have been just as happy with home cooked meals and not *going* somewhere everyday ... Really, just going for a visit is enough for me -- I don't need to be entertained. My brother put it really well - it's draining to be "entertained." *and yes, I have tried to tell my dad something along these lines, but he always comes back with "I want to treat you, etc..."

I don't know ... would it be totally selfish and cruel of me to say -- Mom/Dad, you can choose to have me for 8 days in the summer or 8 days during the Christmas break. Then the next year I'll switch - that way each of you will get me every other Christmas and every other summer. If you want to come visit me at my home in the meantime, I'm more than happy to have you -- just don't expect to be entertained constantly.

--- you see, this is one of the areas where it would be so much easier (for me at least) if I was married, or at least in a serious relationship .. then I could use that as a reason --i.e. we're starting our own traditions, or, this year we'll visit his family, then next year we'll visit you ... Whereas with me being single, they somehow have this idea that I'd be terribly bereft if I spent a holiday NOT around family. (for my mom right now I think its more a case of *her* being totally bereft ... )

*and yes, I do know that married people can have just as much problems wrt vacations and family ...***

I have no idea what I'm doing with my classes tomorrow. Our internet was non-functioning until late this afternoon. We found out that one of the snow plows had somehow managed to break a cable ... Which is why we had no internet at the school the first 4 days of the week (Sun - today.)

I've been sleeping really poorly the last few weeks. I think maybe I got kind of used to using the Nyquil equivalent to sleep ... and so without it, I can barely get 4 hours (if that.) Makes for one tired librarian. Frown

I'm less than 50 points away from my next Swagbucks AGC. It sure helps when you are consistent about visiting the site for the easy daily points. Smile Plus their adding the Beezag type videos has helped.

Ok, I think I better sign off here to try to get some sleep, plus this is *way* long ... sorry about that.

10 Responses to “2 NSD's in a row :), Cool Library budget news/ramblings! $vacation ramblings”

  1. Shiela Says:

    That's a tough decision, I hope your parents will understand your dillema. We do something similar wth our parents. We either travel to my DH parents for easter or for christmas. Last year it was for easter holidays, although it doesn't stop MIL keep asking DH if we were going to come up for christmas, she was definitely asking for months before the christmas holidays. But we were firm in saying no, it wouldn't be fair on my mum and plus it cost so much more travelling during christmas season. They also visited us back in July so it is not like we haven't seen them that long. Now that christmas is over she will probably start asking about us visiting for easter. At this stage I'm not sure if we will be going yet. It will depend on DH's job, it will be a very busy time.

    Anyway, good luck.

  2. scottish girl Says:

    Well done on 2 NSDs in a row Smile
    I thought you guys used crackers at Christmas time. The jokes in the crackers aren't that good but I like them.

    Good luck.

  3. Amber Says:

    Good job on those no spends. I have two questions, who is Loma Linda and how come you're not cataloging the donated books?

  4. Frugaltexan75 Says:

    Thanks Sheilia.

    Loma Linda is a town in CA. I am cataloging the donated books (at least the ones that are appropriate for our kids). I had almost 6 full huge boxes of them. I'm now down to 2 1/2 boxes. What I'd like to do is to finish cataloging them so that I know what I have when analyzing our needs, but I don't want to put them on the shelves just yet.

    Scottish Girl,
    You're probably right Smile We just decided that it's be fun to do it on NYE. Big Grin

  5. MonkeyMama Says:

    Good luck with the family. Wait, are you talking about my husband's family??? Wink I can very much relate!

  6. dmontngrey Says:

    Married here and don't I know it!! *sigh*
    I'd love to go on a vacation ANYWHERE other than to see the inlaws. I know it's tough with them 1000 miles away, but they all get to go on vacations and I only get to go see them. That always ends up with me ignored and my hubby visiting his family. I can never convince anyone this is MY "vacation" too.

  7. frugaltexan75 Says:

    Thanks MM and Dmontngrey, I guess the grass is greener, right? Smile

  8. dmontngrey Says:

    "1. I don't know of very many mid-30-year-olds (single or married) that see their parents *every* year, let alone several times a year."

    This only made me think "omg... PLEASE?" Wink
    150 miles from my family and 1000 miles from his. Guess whose family we see more often? (hint: not mine)

  9. Frugaltexan75 Says:

    Hah! With my luck if I ever do get married, he'll also have divorced parents that live in two different states. So then we'd have at least 4 family units thinking we should visit them!

  10. dmontngrey Says:

    Ha ha! Mine are divorced but they live in the same town. His parents have been married over 40 years - wow! Smile
    It's still tough when one of us lives in the real world and the other has a rather idealistic (delusional) view of life. :/ That's why that comment struck me so much. That is certainly NOT how things are viewed by my DH. It surprised me to hear someone say people don't see their parents that often.

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